Poor Ferguson is a bit sick! He's a small dog (about ten pounds), so the three shots he received yesterday were a bit much for him combined with the excitement of coming to work with me. He started showing stress on the way home from work, and by the time we got into the apartment, he was out-of-it. He spent the evening wrapped up in a blanket, sleeping. The shots made his hips rather sore, and he was unable to jump up onto the furniture or walk very well. He even cried and whined when I picked him up a couple times. The shots also made him terribly tired and spacey. I felt like a heel all evening because he looked so damn pathetic. To make up for it, I brought him to work with me today. It's been snowing off and on today, and I didn't want the hassle of going home at lunch to check on him. Thankfully, he's doing much better now.

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