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I've jumped into two swaps at Swap-Bot. The first one should be very easy because it is just a tea exchange. I'll be sending tea to two different people, and I will be receiving tea from two others. The other I am terribly excited about. It is a classic movie bookmark swap. I've already created two double-sided bookmarks in a graphics program, both of which feature one of my favorite movies from the 1940s. I cannot express how anxious I am to see the bookmarks made for me. Yay!

[ profile] scrawled is now accepting artwork commissions from LJ Land. Details are at her journal. She's done two commission for me--one of which was like the ones she's offering now with the index-card-sized artwork. Her art is fantastic, and if you're looking for a little commish action, then you should hit her up.

Ra Ra Riot is fantastic. It's one of those albums I didn't expect much from, but fell in love with immediately. It helps when you're driving home from work, don't catch any red lights, and have the windows rolled down to feel the warm air. "Have I been too discrete? How long am I supposed to wait?"

I'm never going to love the tenth Doctor as much as the Ninth. Never ever. Christopher Eccleston, get your ass back over here.

There was a murder a mile from my apartment this afternoon. o_O A man was shot dead in front of his house by his long-time business associate. Holy crap, the economy sucks, but you don't need to shoot people.

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The song lifted my mood immediately. *deep breath* I think I'll be okay now.

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I would do Swap-Bot, but I'm horrible at actually *making* things for others. If I could sort of buy random stuff I'd be all up on that. What's been your experience with the site/users so far?

Ninth Doctor > Tenth Doctor. I completely agree. David Tennant is adorable, but I don't want The Doctor to be adorable; that's just wrong.


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