I know I bitch quite often about work, but I really do enjoy working for the company I'm with. Why? Because the boss is out of town, and when the boys (I work for a construction company) packed it in at 4:00 today, they came by my office and asked if I needed a chaperon for the remaining hour of the day or if I was "packing." I flipped up the edge of my shirt and showed them my gun, they all gave me a thumbs up, and then piled out the door to head home. I work in a not-so-nice area of town. There is some gang activity and far too many crazy folk that wander the neighborhood. Whenever I'm locking up by myself, I always take my gun out of my purse and put it in a holster inside of my pants waistband. Any other office, I'd probably be tossed out by security if I flashed a gun to my coworkers. Around here, the boys just like to joke about my gun and how they don't want to piss me off.

Meme snagged from [livejournal.com profile] okami_no_yume...

Comment on this post. I will choose seven interests from your LJ profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are interested in them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

i'm interested in things )
My will power is set at zero when it come to shopping. I went out to get running shoes or cross trainers since mine have broken down to the point that they look shabby. I was just going to get shoes. I ended up with shoes, a pair of jeans (which I can *almost* fit into--hey they were on sale), two shirts, and a purse. ::bangs head on desk::

I have trouble finding purses since my requirements for a purse are a bit off kilter from every other woman's requirements. A purse needs to accommodate three things: my wallet, a paperback book of at least 1,000 pages, and my gun. This purse fits the bill, and it's even cute. See! The zippered pocket in the middle is the perfect size for my Glock.

On the subject of guns--Jason and I where browsing the selection at one of the local stores here, and I saw these itty-bitty Kel-Tec 380's. I had my heart set on a Walther PPS, but they didn't have any of them. I really do want something a bit smaller than the Glock 26 to carry on me when I don't have my purse. It isn't too bad most of the time, but if I'm wearing a tight shirt, you can totally see that I'm packing, and I don't want to scare those who are afraid of guns.
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( Mar. 18th, 2008 07:24 pm)
I am so awesome. After I finished up on the range, I went into the shop to browse through the holsters. I've been making do with the removable holster from my concealed carry purse, but it can't be used for inside-the-pants carry. I managed to find one that fits my Glock perfectly. I love it so much, I took pictures.

the super awesome holster )

Wow, I'm pale. Those are my new capri workout pants. I was worried that the holster would pull them down, but it actually doesn't all that much. I think I could walk with it on those pants without too much trouble. And, you can't even tell that I'm carrying a gun under my t-shirt. So, problem solved. No more fear of meth-heads in the arroyos terrifying me while I'm out on a walk with Ferguson. I will shoot their asses.
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( Mar. 18th, 2008 03:35 pm)
I want to start a website, but I shouldn't. Everyone, please smack my hand away from the mouse when I try to register for a domain.

The office will be closed on Friday. I was worried, but it seems the boss hasn't totally lost her marbles and isn't going to make us work on a day we usually have off. Well, she has lost her marbles a little bit. She sent someone out to purchase four new toilets for the office. We don't really need new toilets, but she thinks they will fix the problem we've been having. Really, I think we just need a plumber to clean the calcium buildup out of the pipes, but whatever... I'm staying out of it because we're getting nice, new toilets that will look much better than the ancients ones in there right now.

Jason wants to go to the shooting range after dinner. I'd rather go for a walk, but he's all hot about practicing, so I guess I need to go pick up some rounds before I go home or I'll have to buy the insanely expensive kind at the range.

I've been recruited to bring dessert to Easter Sunday dinner. Have I mentioned how much I hate Easter Sunday dinner? Hate. It's all eggs and pastels and ham and flowers. I get nauseous just thinking about it. Ugg. I wanted to ask if I could just drop off dessert and go home. Apparently, this plan of action would be considered rude and anti-social. Dammit.
I finished Doris Lessing's The Marriages Between Zones Three, Four, and Five today. I don't think I've ever read a stranger love story. Oddly enough, I don't think I've read a better love story. If you have an open mind, then I highly recommend it. It made me laugh on one page, then angry and frustrated on another. And, of course, the true test of any love story: did it make me cry? I'm not going to deny getting teary-eyed at my work while I was covertly reading it instead of dealing with the small stack of paperwork on my desk.

The shooting range was super busy this evening when we went after dinner. I kicked Jason's ass. He took the Rutger 9mm with him since it hasn't been shot in forever. He sucks with the Rutger because he's so used to the .40 Glock. At least I wasn't the worst shot in the room. A girl had come in there with her husband or boyfriend right before we got there. It was pretty obvious she had never shot before because her target had bullet holes all over it in no particular pattern. Usually, I'm stuck up in a room with a bunch of guys who do competition shooting. I don't even know if I could hit anywhere on the target if it was twenty-five yards back.
I'm making Jason watch Cowboy Bebop. We watched the first two episodes tonight. He's also reading The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman. Yay for conversion! I win.

Spring needs to arrive soon. I received a catalog in the mail with pictures of gorgeous plants and flowers of all sorts. I came so close to dropping fifty bucks on bulbs and seeds. I should just wait another month. They don't ship until the spring anyway.

I finally decided to split the two hamsters up. Their fighting hasn't been as bad since I moved them to the larger cage, but every now and then they get into squabbles. Neither one has been very active, and they seem to spend their days worrying about the other. The smaller one (who happens to be the more aggressive one) seems to enjoy smaller, confined spaces. So, I moved her over to a small Habitrail sort of cage. The larger one was moved into the ten-gallon aquarium I was housing the two gerbils in. And the gerbils were moved into the twenty-gallon aquarium both of the hamsters had been in. Musical chairs with rodents. Everyone seems happy. The gerbils are thrilled with their new space, and both hamsters are acting normal and happy. So, mission accomplished, I suppose. I wish someone at the pet store had warned me about the dangers of housing two of those little hamsters together. I had no idea they prefer to be alone and would turn into fighting demons when they hit hamster adolescence.

This news article makes me sick. The area where this poor woman was mugged is just a couple miles from my place. A co-worker of mine used to live on the corner there. It's a nice neighborhood, even slightly better than where I live. I suppose I'm relatively safe when I walk Ferguson because I never bring my purse, but still... It's disconcerting to the max. It makes me want to buy that Walther PPK that I've been lusting over. Despite being a subcompact, my Glock is just too big to carry in an ankle holster or IWB holster. Maybe it is just me being paranoid, but I think it would look super obvious that I was packing.
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( Sep. 29th, 2007 01:32 pm)
After breakfast, Jason and I dropped by Calibers (an indoor shooting range a few blocks from our apartment) to get a little practice in. I like Calibers so much because it is run by young people. I always feel out of place in gun shops and ranges frequented by old men who just like to hunt. Calibers doesn't have the atmosphere at all. Jason and I liked it so much, we bought a couple's membership so we can go anytime we'd like. Anyway, I kick so much ass. Seriously. At one point, I sent five rounds, one after another, into the two-inch diameter circle over the heart of my target. Burglers and muggers beware. Jason insists that I'm a better shot than him. Ha! I'm very happy with the grip extender I had put on one of my magazines. My Glock 26 has this really short grip since it is a subcompact. The extender has upped my accuracy by a significant amount.

I talked Jason into stopping by the yarn store so I could pick up a couple skeins of wool to make Ferguson a new sweater for this upcoming fall and winter.

When we got home, I whipped up a couple homemade dog treats for Ferguson.

uh, yummy? doggie treats )

The bones are tuna biscuits. They have ground oatmeal and cornmeal in them with a can of tuna. The brown patties are Alaskan Salmon cakes. Basically, it is just a can of salmon with a bit of garlic, salt, and wheat flour for texture. I feel super sorry for the two dogs that live with Jason's mom and sister. They never get treats or walks, so I'm going over there after dinner to take them for a walk at the park with Ferg. I'm also going to pack up half the treats I made this morning and leave them at their house.
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( Jul. 30th, 2007 02:56 pm)
I have done absolutely no work today, but I did rearrange some papers on my desk so it looks like I've done something. My lack of work ethic is for a good cause, though. I just finished the first draft of my post-DH fic. I need to go through and clean it up, which will include adding some things in to make the plot flow properly. But, yay! Now I get to bug my lovely betas.

Jason and I went to the gun range on Sunday afternoon, and I hurt my pinky. No, I didn't shoot it off or anything. My gun is a subcompact, which means that the grip is itty bitty. My pinky won't fit properly and keeps flying off with the recoil. I need to get the grip extender to slap on the end of the magazine, but I'm procrastinating. At any rate, I've got a tiny red blister on my pinky now. :-( Feel sorry for me.
minor spoilers (i certainly hope you know by now) and fanficiness )

With all the Harry Potter hubbub going on, I didn't mention that I finally purchased the gun I'll be using for concealed carry once I officially get my license in the mail. I wanted something compact, but with a decent amount of power. I also wanted something reliable and simple that can stand to be placed in an ankle holster or shoved in a purse for days at a time. After shopping around for about a month, I decided on the Glock 26, which matched all of my criteria and then some.

pictures of da gun )

I'm actually very happy with it, even if it did reduce my checking account by nearly six hundred bucks. Jason also bought a Glock when we went to get mine on Friday. His is a Glock 23, a 40 caliber compact model that is larger than mine and slightly more powerful.

So, Friday was a crazy day. I got out of work early and went to the gun range to rent and then buy the gun I wanted. We returned home and had dinner. I twiddled my thumbs for a couple hours and eventually called my mom to spill my guts about how excited I was for DH. Jason made me sit down and watch two movies with him before we went to retrieve DH from the bookstore. And then I inhaled three chapters of the book before Jason made me turn the flippin' light out so he could sleep. Sleep? Sleep?! I have chapters to read! Needless to say, I slept for a few hours before reading more before he woke up. I would call him a bastard, but he was kind enough to close the door and leave me alone when I was sobbing over Chapter 33.

bonus picture of ferguson being awesome )
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( Jul. 1st, 2007 05:43 pm)
The boss decided to be extra generous and close the office on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I am ecstatic for my long weekend. Hopefully, the next two work days won't be filled with ridiculous office antics, and if they are, then I hope they are fun antics instead of frustrating ones.

Jason and I went gun shopping on Saturday afternoon. A nice salesman at one of the stores suggested I take a look at the Springfield XD Subcompact 9mm if I was interested in a Glock. It is slightly larger than the Glock 26, but not overly so. It also comes with several accessories. I took a look at it and got a feel for it, but I'm not sure it has that same magical feel that the Glock 26 had for me. It just doesn't feel as comfortable in my hand. So, I'm still loving the Glock. I promised myself that I wouldn't go out and buy the first gun I fall in love with, so I'm waiting for at least two more weeks before I buy anything. I'm going to make Jason go to Calibers with me this coming Friday so he can shoot the Glock 19. He wants a Glock as well, but the 26 is just too small for his hands. I'm going to ask them if I can try out the 26 myself.

It's that time again. I've added all the books I've read this quarter to the list.

books read so far this year )
I have this addiction to buying books. I can't stop myself. I'm sick. I need some sort of self-help, support program. Borders took thirty bucks out of my wallet at lunch today. What's up with paperback novels being priced at $7.99? Surely they should be less than that.

I'm still in character-love with Jarlaxle. Why doesn't my copy of Servant of the Shard have a cover that looks like THIS. 'Cause Jarlaxle (left) and Entreri (bottom, center) are looking pretty hot. There is so much potential for slash there. Crazy potential. Entreri's having a mid-life crisis, and Jarlaxle comforts with wild, monkey sex.

The boss gave me over $150 in cash today just because. The company had sold some excess steel, and the money had been sitting in the petty cash box for nearly a year. She divided it up between the three gals in the office. It will pay for my evil! application fee to the Dept. of Public Safety later this week.

Speak of which... I'm still eying the subcompact Glock. It's loverly and small enough to easily conceal. The fellow at the counter was making pouty faces at it because the grip isn't large enough to be comfortable for a man, but I think it would fit my hand nicely. I'm really attracted to their look and feel, plus they are oh-so-easy to break down and clean. And that's to say nothing of the insane quality behind the Glock name. The downside? It's over $500. I can afford it, but still... Sheesh. The Bersa was only $300. I think the fellows at Calibers like to do circle jerks over the Glocks, though. When I ask about one they get this glazed, lusty look in their eyes. Jason and I are going gun shopping on Friday and Saturday so I can narrow it down to two or three. Then I'm going to return to my Glock-lovers at Calibers and ask them to let me shoot the subcompact so I can get a feel for it. I'm definitely leaning that way, but I want to make sure I'm not passing over something I'd like better.

I renewed my drivers license yesterday. My time at the MVD was surprisingly pleasant. They've actually become efficient. I was in and out within thirty minutes.

Jason has been wrangled into going to see The Order of the Phoenix with me in a little over two weeks. I bought our tickets online for the late night showing on Saturday, the 14th. I'm not going to be a total dork and wear something ridiculous, but I do plan on stirring up some controversy with my "I Trust Snape" shirt. Perhaps I should wear the shirt that says, "Free Lucius." ;-)
Guess who qualified to carry concealed!

I was expecting a long day at the shooting range, but it went surprisingly fast. The instructors were amazing and so helpful, never condescending or rude. I don't think we could have picked better people to teach us. Anyway, we had a private "classroom" at the range. Basically, we were surrounded on three sides by burms. The bottom of the U-shaped classroom was were we were shooting. To warm up, we just shot a few rounds together, each of us with our own target. We used nine-inch paper plates for this exercise since they are are smaller than the target we'd have to qualify on.

After the initial exercises, we moved on to shooting with only our dominant hand on the gun, and then shooting with only our weak hand. I thought I'd flop if I tried to shoot with just my left hand, but I actually hit the target both times, even if it was the very edge of the paper plate. Anyway, moving and shooting exercises came next. It was so very cool. They set up a triangle of criminals and hostages. We had to run into the area, shoot a criminal holding a hostage, turn and shoot another criminal with a hostage, then do a one-eighty and shoot the last hostage-taker. Then we had to back up (keeping our weapon pointed at the bad guys)and take cover behind a wall so we could peek out and shoot two additional bad guys. I only killed two of the bad guys because I suck at shooting and moving, but I'll deal. I did better on the speed shooting of the bad guys because they were lined up in a row. I ran down the line and shot the bad guys without shooting the friendly folks' pictures. There were five bad guys and I got all but one of them in the twelve seconds given to us, even if I did shoot one of the bad guys in the ear.

Qualification came last, and it was a breeze compared to some of the moving and shooting exercises. Because most violent confrontations happen within three to seven yards, we had to demonstrate that we could hit a target at those distances. In New Mexico, if you want to carry (concealed) a pistol and a revolver, you need to demonstrate competency with both firearms. So, my first qualification test was with a 9mm Ruger. I passed with just missing two shots at seven yards. You can miss up to seven and still pass. I also qualified with a .38 Special. I know I said I wasn't feeling the one I rented at the indoor shooting range on Friday, but the one I shot today was nice. It was actually a .357, but we used .38 Special ammunition. I hit every single shot at both distances with it, and I had never shot the gun before qualification. Jason, Payroll Girl, and Super Foreman (the other fellow I work with that attended) all qualified as well. Jason qualified with the same handguns as I did.

this proves I can shoot )

We have to jump through a million hoops now to actually get the license itself. The hoops include, but are not limited to:

Read more... )

The Chronicles of Riddick is on television. I'm sad that it wasn't better since I really wanted to love it.
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( Jun. 22nd, 2007 11:15 am)
shooting range fun at lunch )
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( Jun. 14th, 2007 09:00 am)
I'm desperately in love with this hat: Chapeau Marnier. I'm going to seek out some fingering weight yarn (which I've never knitted with before) so I can make at attemept at this. Lace scares me, though.

Payroll Girl has a pinched nerve in her neck, so our lunchtime trip to the shooting range has been put on hold until next week.

I'm feeling rather blah today. I have to skip over to Costco for office supplies. I dread it because of the crowds. However, it will allow me to take a long lunch, and I plan on stopping by the bookstore to pick up something.

Jason has been raiding my bookshelf, looking for something to read. The last time I suggested he read something, he told me I liked abstract novels. That's what I get for handing a Gene Wolfe book over to him. He took Issac Asimov this time, though I desperately tried to talk him into reading the R.A. Salvatore books I've finished already. He was reading The Worm Ouroboros by Eddison, but he threw it down in disgust last night, muttering about the high-handed language. I dunno. I've never read it. I suspect he's just burned out from reading a couple heady sci-fi novels written in the 1960's, and he wants something a bit more straight-forward.

It looks like I've been trapped into going to a barbeque in Santa Fe this weekend. Barbeques and I aren't good friends, but I'll deal if I can bring my Boca burgers. As long as no one infects them with particles of meat, that is. Plus, I'm not really a huge fan of Santa Fe. I feel like residents are required to wear floaty skirts and swish about talking of art galleries and crystals. Anne certainly does, and she's the barbeque host. Anne also can't watch "violent" movies because they make her physically ill. My only consolation is that Jason's dad saw Liam Neeson in a bar/coffee house in Santa Fe. This was probably because Seraphim Falls was being filmed there at the time, but I'm going to delude myself into believing that Liam Neeson hangs out in Santa Fe. I would surely make a bumbling fool of myself before falling at his feet if ever in the same room as him. I luff you, Liam. I really do. Let's play a game. You be Qui-Gon, and I'll be the naughty Jedi padawan. Punish me!
What Is Your HP Threesome?
by elschan
You Will ShagCharlie Weasley and Remus Lupin

My real name told me that I'd be stuck with Sirius and Draco, my two least favorite characters. So, I used my LJ name to snag Lupin since he's a hottie.

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