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( Mar. 18th, 2008 07:24 pm)
I am so awesome. After I finished up on the range, I went into the shop to browse through the holsters. I've been making do with the removable holster from my concealed carry purse, but it can't be used for inside-the-pants carry. I managed to find one that fits my Glock perfectly. I love it so much, I took pictures.

the super awesome holster )

Wow, I'm pale. Those are my new capri workout pants. I was worried that the holster would pull them down, but it actually doesn't all that much. I think I could walk with it on those pants without too much trouble. And, you can't even tell that I'm carrying a gun under my t-shirt. So, problem solved. No more fear of meth-heads in the arroyos terrifying me while I'm out on a walk with Ferguson. I will shoot their asses.
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( Jun. 28th, 2007 02:42 pm)
grumblings ahead )

In other news, do Women's One-a-Day vitamins make anyone else sick to their stomach if taken in the morning with breakfast? I swallowed the vitamin sixty seconds before I ate my peanut butter sandwich with yogurt and a peach this morning. It immediatly jacked up my stomach, and I barely managed to eat my breakfast. My gag reflex kicked in each time I swallowed a spoonful of yogurt. I used to take Centrum and never had this problem. What's up with that?
I have this addiction to buying books. I can't stop myself. I'm sick. I need some sort of self-help, support program. Borders took thirty bucks out of my wallet at lunch today. What's up with paperback novels being priced at $7.99? Surely they should be less than that.

I'm still in character-love with Jarlaxle. Why doesn't my copy of Servant of the Shard have a cover that looks like THIS. 'Cause Jarlaxle (left) and Entreri (bottom, center) are looking pretty hot. There is so much potential for slash there. Crazy potential. Entreri's having a mid-life crisis, and Jarlaxle comforts with wild, monkey sex.

The boss gave me over $150 in cash today just because. The company had sold some excess steel, and the money had been sitting in the petty cash box for nearly a year. She divided it up between the three gals in the office. It will pay for my evil! application fee to the Dept. of Public Safety later this week.

Speak of which... I'm still eying the subcompact Glock. It's loverly and small enough to easily conceal. The fellow at the counter was making pouty faces at it because the grip isn't large enough to be comfortable for a man, but I think it would fit my hand nicely. I'm really attracted to their look and feel, plus they are oh-so-easy to break down and clean. And that's to say nothing of the insane quality behind the Glock name. The downside? It's over $500. I can afford it, but still... Sheesh. The Bersa was only $300. I think the fellows at Calibers like to do circle jerks over the Glocks, though. When I ask about one they get this glazed, lusty look in their eyes. Jason and I are going gun shopping on Friday and Saturday so I can narrow it down to two or three. Then I'm going to return to my Glock-lovers at Calibers and ask them to let me shoot the subcompact so I can get a feel for it. I'm definitely leaning that way, but I want to make sure I'm not passing over something I'd like better.

I renewed my drivers license yesterday. My time at the MVD was surprisingly pleasant. They've actually become efficient. I was in and out within thirty minutes.

Jason has been wrangled into going to see The Order of the Phoenix with me in a little over two weeks. I bought our tickets online for the late night showing on Saturday, the 14th. I'm not going to be a total dork and wear something ridiculous, but I do plan on stirring up some controversy with my "I Trust Snape" shirt. Perhaps I should wear the shirt that says, "Free Lucius." ;-)
Guess who qualified to carry concealed!

I was expecting a long day at the shooting range, but it went surprisingly fast. The instructors were amazing and so helpful, never condescending or rude. I don't think we could have picked better people to teach us. Anyway, we had a private "classroom" at the range. Basically, we were surrounded on three sides by burms. The bottom of the U-shaped classroom was were we were shooting. To warm up, we just shot a few rounds together, each of us with our own target. We used nine-inch paper plates for this exercise since they are are smaller than the target we'd have to qualify on.

After the initial exercises, we moved on to shooting with only our dominant hand on the gun, and then shooting with only our weak hand. I thought I'd flop if I tried to shoot with just my left hand, but I actually hit the target both times, even if it was the very edge of the paper plate. Anyway, moving and shooting exercises came next. It was so very cool. They set up a triangle of criminals and hostages. We had to run into the area, shoot a criminal holding a hostage, turn and shoot another criminal with a hostage, then do a one-eighty and shoot the last hostage-taker. Then we had to back up (keeping our weapon pointed at the bad guys)and take cover behind a wall so we could peek out and shoot two additional bad guys. I only killed two of the bad guys because I suck at shooting and moving, but I'll deal. I did better on the speed shooting of the bad guys because they were lined up in a row. I ran down the line and shot the bad guys without shooting the friendly folks' pictures. There were five bad guys and I got all but one of them in the twelve seconds given to us, even if I did shoot one of the bad guys in the ear.

Qualification came last, and it was a breeze compared to some of the moving and shooting exercises. Because most violent confrontations happen within three to seven yards, we had to demonstrate that we could hit a target at those distances. In New Mexico, if you want to carry (concealed) a pistol and a revolver, you need to demonstrate competency with both firearms. So, my first qualification test was with a 9mm Ruger. I passed with just missing two shots at seven yards. You can miss up to seven and still pass. I also qualified with a .38 Special. I know I said I wasn't feeling the one I rented at the indoor shooting range on Friday, but the one I shot today was nice. It was actually a .357, but we used .38 Special ammunition. I hit every single shot at both distances with it, and I had never shot the gun before qualification. Jason, Payroll Girl, and Super Foreman (the other fellow I work with that attended) all qualified as well. Jason qualified with the same handguns as I did.

this proves I can shoot )

We have to jump through a million hoops now to actually get the license itself. The hoops include, but are not limited to:

Read more... )

The Chronicles of Riddick is on television. I'm sad that it wasn't better since I really wanted to love it.
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( Jun. 22nd, 2007 11:15 am)
shooting range fun at lunch )
This day is going to last forever. It isn't even time for lunch yet. Speaking of which, I'm ordering takeout from Hello Deli. Their Greek dressing with the veggie sandwich is begging to be eaten.

I finished Lean Mean Thirteen, and it was most excellent. I would give details, but I know that many people on my flist plan on reading it, and I don't want to spoil them.

Alcoholic Boss is back. He swept into the office this morning after a few weeks at the Betty Ford Clinic. I hid behind my desk so I didn't have to give him a hug. He's a long hugger. I pull away after three seconds; he latches onto me for nearly ten. So not cool. He told me that his wife bought me a present for all of my help while he was away in rehab, and he says I'm going to love it. We'll see. Having a conversation with him while he's sober is very odd. I've never seen him this coherent. There's an office pool on his sobriety occurring on the down-low, so I think most of my co-workers are pretty cynical on whether this will last. Personally, I don't think he'll avoid the vodka for more than two months, but he could prove me wrong. I certainly hope he does for his sake.

It's shaping up to be a busy week. Jason and I have a radio show to do tonight, and we won't get home until well into the wee hours of the morning. The office is celebrating the other boss's birthday tomorrow by having lunch at Trombinos. On Thursday, I have to attend the concealed carry class after work for three hours. Ditto on Friday evening. And Saturday I'll be at the gun range all day with Jason and a couple people from work, hopefully qualifying for my concealed handgun license. I'm looking forward to most, if not all of these things, but it sure is a pain to modify my comfortable routine.


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