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( Mar. 16th, 2009 08:12 pm)
After a stifling day in the office, I had to get some fresh air after dinner this evening, so I took Ferguson on a walk to the park. It was all blue skies and sunshine with temperatures in the mid-60s. If you're not enjoying Spring yet, then I send my Spring mojo your way.

other pictures behind the cut, including ferguson attempting to point a rabbit out to me )

I had uploaded several of the Learn Welsh Podcasts to my iPod, and I listened to them while walking Ferguson. I'm sure everyone at the park thought I was nutty, running around calling out random phrases in Welsh.

My laundry is in shambles. I half-assed it last week and ended up leaving a load in the washer and another in the drier. I have two other loads piled in my bathroom floor. I hate laundry.


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