I have this horrible tension headache that started in my shoulders and neck. I want to listen to crank up some tunes, but my head will not allow it. I'm playing things quietly; it's better than nothing, I guess.

This overwhelming need to write Nine/Rose fic is welling up in me. It's probably because I only have one more episode of the first season to watch, and then no more Nine. ::cries:: I don't care about Ten; Nine/Rose always be my Doctor Who OTP. I know I've been whining about this for days, but I'm crushed.

J. Holiday would be a sexy bastard if he'd just cut off the braids hanging down the back of his neck. I want to take a pair of scissors to them.

but he has some lovely songs )

Also, I don't think anyone can write a feel-good song like The Dream. His albums make me want to get up and dance around the apartment, even with this hideous headache. Unfortunately, I cannot 'rock that shit' properly when my head throbs every time I move it.

Actually, it's questionable whether I could rock that shit on a good day...

radio killa killa killa )


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