I love buying organic, and I try to use organic products as much as I can. Organic soaps, lotions, shampoos, hair conditioners, household cleaners, fruits, vegetables, food in general, etc. I've learned where to draw the line, though. The line? Organic deodorant. Simply put, it doesn't work. Learned that today. Eww.

My A Song of Ice and Fire calendar had been delivered to the apartment office when I got home yesterday. OMG--I lurv all the pretty pictures. And, and, and, there is one of Sandor! I fangirl Sandor Clegane like whoa. Actually, I also fangirl Sandor/Sansa. It's my M.O. (older--tortured--man/younger woman), so what am I gonna do, you know. Also, Jon Snow, why are you so freakin' hawt?

You know that song by Outkast? Roses? Greg Dulli covered it on the DVD I have of a Twilight Singers concert. I know you like to think your shit don't stick, but lean a little bit closer. See, roses really smell like boo-boo. They jam and Greg charms the audience for a little over a minute before the song proper begins.

Holy crap, will this audit ever end? I want to throw writing implements against the walls of my office. Also, the auditor's assistant came in wearing a plaid cape this morning. Part of me wants to like it, but another part of me is wondering why she's wearing a cape. Jason's mom told me capes are "totally in" right now, but I'm just not seeing it. Really?


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