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( Feb. 14th, 2009 06:36 pm)
I love the The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society. They've released the trailer for The Whisperer in Darkness, and I think it looks fantastic. You can watch it right here.

And when I pulled up the HPLHS's website to link it here, I saw their link to this article about a North American Stonehenge under Lake Michigan.

I finally decided to part with $35 and subscribe to Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine. It's wonderful, and anyone who enjoys short stories should give it a whirl. You can find copies on the shelves of any decent bookstore that deals in magazines. I've seen them at Barnes and Noble before. I'm using it to slow my tendency to devour novels. I've already finished five novels and a collection of short stories this month, and we're just now at the half-way point. It's a good thing I buy used or I'd be unable to pay the rent.

Jason and I aren't big Valentine's Day people. We both usually forget about it and don't do anything. However, I was reminded of it today when I went to the grocery to get eggs and saw a mass of frantic men spending far too much money on flowers, candy, and chocolate-covered strawberries. I'm guessing some of them were a bit late since it was nearly 1:00 in the afternoon before they rushed out to purchase the bribery.


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