I'm such a little follower. Several people on my flist have participated in this meme, and I felt it might be fun.

Ask me to take a picture of anything in my daily life. I'll take the picture and post in here on my journal. The request can be anything you like--my fridge, bookshelves, office, shoes, whatever.

I found a collection of short sci-fi stories by Gene Wolfe in a used bookstore last week. I wasn't feeling in a mood for a particular book when I finished Desperate Duchess this morning, so I picked it out of my stack. Sometimes a good gathering of short stories is just what you need.

And my icon? So effin' true. My heart is broken, Mr. Martin. I have a mind to drive an hour north to Santa Fe and hunt your ass down.

While we were walking Ferguson at the park, Jason's mother called my cell. Jason answered, and she asked if we wanted to come to her superbowl party today. His response? "Hell, no!" ::huggles Jason:: This is why we get along so well. We're reading sci-fi books in the silence of our apartment instead of at some sort of brash, nacho-cheese-filled superbowl party.


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