A co-worker of mine is investigating a few positions on a potential research team. Apparently, an acquaintance of hers is married to a gentleman who has just begun his own company and is attempting to gain a government contract for some sort of scientific research. She was unable to say what sort of research. At any rate, if he gets the five-year contract, he will need a staff of sixty people--scientists and research assistants to keep material organized. The contract will be awarded at the end of the month. If it is awarded to him (instead of Lockheed Martin), there is a chance I could slip in there as a research assistant to one of the scientists. I've heard the pay is stellar. Which would be so nice. But I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch and all. There are a great deal of ifs involved in this situation.

This makes me laugh each time I see it...

The new guy was not ready for my ire this morning. The daily newspaper had done an article on a popular member of Twitter. As I was pouring my morning liter of water he walked into the room and I said, "I fucking hate Twitter." He asked why, and I responded, "It's just another indication of the waning attention span of this society." He nodded slowly and backed out of the room. No offense to any of you who may use Twitter. I just can't use it myself, and I don't read any 'tweets' because the one sentence thing isn't my favorite method of communication. I'm not big on text messaging either. I was just feeling especially grouchy this morning. And no one reads books any longer.

Also, this is a graph of my happiness during the day:

I start the day off okay, but everything goes to hell around ten o'clock in the morning after sitting at work for two hours. Things improve slightly at lunch time when I can leave the office, but drop to all-time lows in the afternoon. My commute home from work finds me with little angry and distressed squiggles coming off my person. If I were a cartoon, that is. Things only improve after a quiet dinner and my evening walk with Ferguson. I can haz more stable mental outlook? Pease?
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The Acropolis bit gets all the attention, and deservedly so, but what always made me laugh just as hard is about two minutes before this clip starts, where the screens show a triglyph --

-- and Stephen asks, "What's this for?"

And Rob says, "It's not four, it's three."


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