I was going to buy Breaking Dawn, the last novel in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, sometime next week or whenever I was next in the book store. Now, I don't know if I can bring myself to do it. Some rumblings of spoilers cropped up earlier this week, but I ignored them. While at work yesterday, I fell into boredom and click on one of the LJ cuts that the spoilers were hiding behind. The spoilers were so ridiculous that I thought they must be fake. Oddly enough, in the intervening hours, they have all but been confirmed as truth with actual PDF files of the first seven chapters. I'm not going to put anything about them here in case someone on the flist wants to go into the book spoiler free. I will say, I'm on the fence as to whether I even want to read it at all anymore. I have never in my life seen something as ridiculous as the shit cropping up as spoilers for this novel. After finishing Eclipse, I should have expected this, but I kept faith. My faith was completely unfounded and misplaced. How disappointing, yeah? If I could dredge up more emotion for this book, then I would be utterly sick to my stomach at the fail of the illogical and disgustingly sappy plot.

In happier news, I did go to the book store to buy the latest Sookie novel. There's a little coffee shop next door, which I've never been in before. I popped in after purchasing the book and got a latte and a blueberry scone. The fellow who made my latte was lovely and extremely nice. He even warmed my scone up for me, despite my telling him it wasn't necessary. The scone was orgasmically good. Most places around here put icing or sugar glaze on their scones, and I refuse to eat a scone like that. So, it was refreshing to find a place that makes tasty scones without the extra sugar.

I've got Jason hooked on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets. Every evening, he asks me to pull it up on my laptop so he can peruse all the secrets. I've posted three secrets on the community, but I'm very open with my fandom likes/dislikes, so most of my commentary isn't exactly secret and, therefore, cannot be posted there. There was one secret I posted months ago that, if connected with me, would cause me so much embarrassment. I'll never tell...
Mentioning the Twilight series seems to elicit strong responses. So many people love and/or hate the novels. So many other fandoms have been overrun with Twilight fans trying to convert unwilling people to the dark side. I went into Twilight with a bad impression, but with a determination to give the books a fair shake. Actually, part of me wanted to like them just so I could tell all the whiners to shove it. You know I like to swim upstream like that.

So, I’ve read all three novels. I’m certainly going to read the fourth in order to tie up the loose ends and put the series to rest in my mind with a conclusion. First and foremost, I want to say that I like the books. I like them a great deal. They aren’t high fantasy literature. They aren’t Frank Herbert or Guy Gavriel Kay or J.R.R. Tolkien. But, then again, they were never aspiring to be that. They’re books for teenage girls, and they certainly hit the mark, if you couldn’t tell by the book sales. I enjoyed reading them, and I might even consider reading a couple of the books a second time in the future. That being said, the books aren’t without weaknesses, and I do have some complaints. Most of those complaints are minor and not worth mentioning here.

But there is one complaint I have that is major. And, I’m going to post about it here even without having read the last novel because I’ve seen several quotes by Stephenie Meyer, and she seems to be closing the door on any hope that my complaint will be resolved and dealt with appropriately.

this is going to be terribly boring if you aren’t familiar with twilight )

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Breaking Dawn will discuss and resolve my concerns. But I really don’t think so. If Bella and Edward aren’t together forever at the end of the series, then all the fans will riot. Borders might be burned to the ground. But then it’d serve them right for charging me an arm and a leg for a paperback book.
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( Jun. 18th, 2008 01:45 pm)
+ This piece of Hellsing fanart by Solid&etc is so gorgeous and wonderful. I drool...

+ The folks at the Mises Institute kick everyone's ass. Why aren't we listening to them when they are so flippin' smart. Everything I read there makes so much sense. This just goes to affirm that politicians (including both presidential candidates) know fuck-all about the economy.

+ The boss may or may not think I'm a devil worshiper in need of a Jesus intervention. I can't seem to keep my mouth shut when the subject of religion comes off. I think I might come off as a bit too dismissive and/or distrusting of the church, which she lives, breaths, and sleeps for.

+ I need a long weekend like no other. July 4th, come soon.

+ I've solved the Twilight fandom mystery. If you're cool, then you like Jacob. If you're a drama queen with a pea-sized brain, then you like Edward. I'm exaggerating, of course. But I've found that Jacob fans tend to be much more mature and thoughtful than the general population of Twilight fans.

+I've ordered some t-shirts with dearly departed, pioneering economists' faces on them. I'll be sure to post nerd-tastic pictures of them once they've arrived.

+ If you :heart: Forgotten Realms novels (which are being published by Wizards of the Coast now), then you should join a new community I've created. A like-minded fan and I have put together a lovely community for fangirling (maturely, of course) over the wonderful characters found within those novels. Jarlaxle, anyone?

+ I only managed to get two chapters of Fearless Fourteen read last night, but I'm enjoying it so far.

+ Lyfe Jennings is just amazing. I got his new album, and I'm in love. This one is a favorite of mine.
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( Jun. 11th, 2008 09:26 am)
First, I'm a huge dork, but I think we already knew that.

So, Twilight... I'm still a bit iffy on some of the bits and pieces in this third novel. It's okay, and some of it I enjoy greatly, but I'm not knocked off my feet. However, I adore, adore Jacob. The angst and tension between he and Bella is absolutely delicious. I'm tempted to start writing fanfic. I've already descended into the depths of fangirl madness by making a fanmix. I've done collaborative fanmixes before (ABVH, anyone?), but this is the first time I've done one all by my lonesome with all of my own choices. I'm quite proud of it. I had a list of about thirty songs I tagged as candidates for the mix, and I could have included more on this particular CD, but I wanted to keep it simple with just twelve tunes that I thought worked well together. I even made pretty artwork for it.

echo: a jacob/bella fanmix )
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( Jun. 8th, 2008 12:39 am)
I have to share this delicious musical cheese. Two of the CDs I ordered a few days ago arrived on Friday afternoon. You know, the Party ones... I squealed like a girly-girl when I checked the mailbox. Why in the world did I get rid of these albums when I had them back in the '90s? I love them. What did I think I was, cool or something? I'm so not cool. If you want to just listen to the cheese, click on the link. It will give you an option to stream the song (play it off the website) or download it to your hard drive.

Spiders and Snakes
I remember when Mary-Lou said, 'You wanna walk me home from school?' Well, I said, 'Yes, I do.' She said, 'I don't have to go right home, and I would kinda like to be alone some if you would.' I said, 'Me too.'
This is a cover of a song originally by Jim Stafford. They de-countrified it and made it even more cheeky. I love this song so much that it's ridiculous. I should be ashamed, but I'm not. All this shit is the definition of a guilty pleasure, but I just can't bring myself to feel guilty.

I Gotcha'
Word is born. You got it goin' on. Hey, didn't mean to turn you on. Just because I want you, don't tease me, please me, hug me squeeze me. Girl, never leave me.
OMG - the bass line, dudes. I had completely forgotten about this song, but when it started playing, I could sing along to every single word. Pathetic or super cool? Wait, don't answer that.

Independent Woman
He suggested that we should go outside. He dazzled me with money and his fancy ride. He said he'd take me away and buy me diamond rings. Thanks, but not thanks. I got my own thing.
As an eleven-year-old girl, I thought this song was the coolest thing in the world. I still think it's pretty awesome.

I Want You
You say you don't like it when a guy comes on strong. Who the hell are you foolin'? You know you're wrong. So, let me kiss ya. I won't forget ya.
Why in the hell didn't have I have a crush on Damon when I was younger? I was all about Chase, but Damon was so frickin' cool. He's the lead vocal on this song.

Out of My Heart
I walk around, walk all through the crowd and look around. Try not to think about how much I want you and how it feels inside. I said no one would ever hold me down but I don't know if you were around.
Okay, for real. I actually don't think of this song as cheese. It's just so damn good. It's always been a favorite of mine. Again, why in the world did I get rid of my original copies of this stuff? I still love all of it.

Oh, and I just want to say that I finally picked up Eclipse, the third book in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series. I'm 200 pages in, and Edward Cullen can kiss my ass. He's a manipulative, passive-aggressive bastard. And here I liked him so much in the first two novels. You fail, Edward. I have faith that my flist will not throw e-shoes at me for offending the fangirl base. Mainly because half of you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, and the other half is chill. Or at least I hope so.

I have to make a birthday cake for Jason's grandmother tomorrow. Boo to baking. It's a double chocolate layer cake. My reward for slaving away in the kitchen and making it from scratch is to have a big, honkin' piece of it.
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( May. 19th, 2008 07:32 pm)
I'm obsessed with Etsy. I bought a beautiful necklace from a woman named Mary on there. I placed the order very early Saturday morning (or late Friday night, depending on how you look at it), and she sent it out to me on Saturday. I got it this afternoon! The USPS must ride like the wind between Phoenix and Albuquerque. It's actually a Twilight-inspired necklace, though it is wonderful without even knowing the symbolism. I stumbled across her stuff through a message board for the novels. I'm itching to by a couple other pieces she's made. Her rings are particularly lovely.

pictures of the necklace and my iorek byrnison shirt )

And, and, and, my Hellsing messenger bag came in the mail on Friday. Look how sexy it is:

omg - can't handle the sexiness. alucard, do me now! )

I lurv The Spill Canvas. I just downloaded all their albums, and I'm obsessing. "Fate is an elegant, cold-hearted whore. She loves salting my wounds."
I'm bored. I shouldn't be bored when I have so many interesting things I want to do, reading being the foremost among them. I've just been lazy the last few evenings. I need to get my routine back in order, and I tried to do that this evening by walking my usual two miles despite the sprinkles of rain. I've been lax about my post-dinner walks this past month, and it has manifested in my feeling irritable and generally shitty. I also slacked off on drinking water for the past three weeks, and that left me feeling horrible. So, I'm back to drinking at least half a gallon a day.

I don't even know why I'm writing about these yawn-inducing details here. My only excuse is boredom. And, also, my need to put the structure back into my days. I dislike coming home and lounging about the apartment, but that's exactly what I've been doing recently. I really should know better; aimless evenings make me unhappy.

Oh! I mentioned a hamster I might have adopted off Craigslist a couple days ago. The girl who was attempting to adopt the little one out called me this morning. I took an early lunch and dashed down to the dorms at UNM to pick the hamster up. Apparently, the girl is moving out of the dorms for the summer and had no place to keep her hamster in the meantime. I dunno. I didn't ask too many questions since the hamster was so frickin' cute. Her name is Molly, and she spent the day with me in my office at work. Everyone thinks she's too adorable and just like a miniature bear. She's currently in the living room running like mad in her wheel.

pictures! )

I promised Molly's previous owner that I'd send her an update with some pictures in an effort to give her closure and assurance that Molly went to a good home.

The tote bag I've been using to drag books/CDs/breakfast/lunch to work in everyday fell apart. I ordered a Hellsing messenger bag that is too hot for words. It shipped out today, so I'll post pictures of sexy Alucard on the front of it as soon as it arrives in the mail.

Work is work. I've managed to gain some sense of control, which is more than I can say about my feelings on Monday. I'm also heavily doped up on Midol, so this optimism might be questionable and is not admissible in court.

I tried to post in a Twilight forum on the lovely internets, but I had nothing to say. The other posters just weren't on my wavelength, probably because they were fifteen and worrying about math class. I'm not going to be disparaging toward them because they all seem like very nice people, but I couldn't find many threads at all that I found interesting enough to post in or even read completely. It's not them, it's me. I've already pondered, discussed, lamented, and embraced my status of black sheep. Baaah.


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