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( Oct. 12th, 2008 07:43 pm)
I'm a week behind on watching True Blood since I don't have HBO and have to resort to downloading the episode from the lovely internet. But, you guys, I cannot even express to you how much I love Sam. Love. I swear that I melt in my chair every single time he pops up on the screen. I'm a puddle of goo right now because I just spent the last couple hours screen capping the first five episodes.

how am i supposed to resist this?!?! )

The bit when he asked Sookie out was only topped in wonderfulness by their actual date. It was so adorable, and I'm head over heels. I can ignore all the bad stuff in the episodes if they continue to make Sam so perfect.

I made a Sam fansite, but I haven't uploaded it to the internet because no one would look at it but me since everyone is enamored with Eric. I love Eric, too, but Sam is just... guh. My heart goes pitter-patter wildly.
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( Oct. 1st, 2008 11:14 pm)
I have no idea what I've done. Or why I've done it.

I started a website. I don't need a website. I'm done with websites. Well, obviously not completely done with websites, I guess.

It's a fanfiction archive for Sookie Stackhouse fics, of which there are about four. I don't even know why I started it when no one is writing fic in that fandom. I've made the archive all pretty (sorta) and fixed almost all the bugs. Whether I'll give the address out is another matter entirely.

I should go to bed before I do something else that's rash and impulsive.
true blood episode 3 thoughts - spoilers )

Oh, and I finished The Host by Stephenie Meyer. The second half was better than the first, and I ended up reading the majority of it in twenty-four hours. I'm so happy I read it, and I recommend it to anyone else in the market for something new. If a book makes me cry, then I count it as a damn good book, even if there are a quite a few Stephenine Meyer haters out there. Oh, and [ profile] theredzebra1, Team Ian all the way! :-) How could anyone not love him?

I need to make some Sam icons, STAT.
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( Sep. 21st, 2008 12:53 am)
Obviously, I lucked out on this meme since I was reading my flist before going to dinner. Jason's dad (and his dad's girlfriend) were taking us to Japanese Kitchen for yummy food, so I was gussied up. Or at least as gussied up as I get, and we all know that isn't much since eye makeup scares me. I did open the blinds for some natural lighting; I hope that doesn't break the rules. If so, feel free to give me an e-slap on the wrist. The picture sat on my camera until just now when I was able to get online and upload it.

Take a picture of yourself right now
Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair... Just take the picture
Post the picture with no editing
Post these instructions with your picture.

so, i do look decent in natural lighting, despite my previous assumption that i'd look like a vampire )

I ate too much coffee ice cream, and now I have a tummy ache and can't sleep. Boo to that.

EDIT: I am so in love with Sam Merlotte, you guys. I want to write angsty fanfiction about his unrequited love for Sookie. If only I could write more than two sentences before erasing them in disgust.
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( Sep. 18th, 2008 01:18 pm)
First, True Blood has been picked up for a second season already. How exciting is that? I'm very happy for everyone involved in the project, and I'm very happy for myself because... well, Sam and Eric on film. Yay. We'll just pretend they aren't doing weird things to Lafayette's character and turning Jason into more of a sleeze than he was in the novels.

The last week or so, I've felt like crap, and I just couldn't figure out why. My sleep has been constantly interrupted when I wake, and my muscles have been achy for no apparent reason. Beyond that, my energy level is in the gutter. Today, I feel exhausted and vaguely ill, but I think I figured out what my problem has been. Normally, I drink between eighty and one hundred ounces of water each day. This does not count my water intake when I drink other beverages (tea, juice) or eat food; my count just involves plain water. Anyway, with the stress over the move three weeks ago and settling into the new place, I have not been drinking nearly as much water. Some days, I only manage to get down twenty ounces. I know the new rule from the doctors is that eight eight-ounce glasses of water is a myth, but my body and mental state beg to differ. Does anyone else on the flist notice a difference in their mood/body when they cut back on their water intake?
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 12:17 pm)
What's on tonight? True Blood, that's what. For the record: so excited. So excited that I might even start liking Bill. At least until Eric shows up around the third or fourth episode. I don't subscribe to HBO or any of the premium movie channels, but DirecTV is offering a few weekend of HBO at the moment, so I'll be able to watch it tonight. In the future, I'll have to depend on all the tech-savvy fans out there who can upload the episodes to YouTube.

Ferguson has a love/hate relationship with the vertical blinds in the living room. They're easy for him to push aside for peeking out in the yard. However, they block the sun and prevent his favorite past-time: sunbathing. Yesterday, he figured out a way around them. Pictorial proof.

I picked up a copy of I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith this weekend. I've heard some good things about it from a few people, and it seems to be the sort of novel I'm in the mood for at the moment. Has anyone on my flist read it? What did you think?
Oh, wow... a post about something other than moving.

A lovely picture of Eric from Charlaine Harris's Sookie novels has been released. He's being portrayed by Alexander Skarsgard in the television show. Casting folks for True Blood, I effin' love you. Oh, yum.

you can't handle the sexiness )

Can this show start already so I can decided if I love it or hate it? Please let there be delicious camp and tongue-in-cheek jokes. I don't have the HBO, but the nice people on the internet will upload it for my viewing pleasure. Right?
I need to go get the last Sookie Stackhouse book so badly. Maybe I'll swing by the bookstore tonight and pick it up, even if I have to drop the money for it in hard cover. I spent the last several minutes browsing BloodCopy, a site created by the folks working on the HBO television adaptation. They even posted a poster mock-up for Fangtasia.

And, they posted a video of Sam! I'm still completely in love with Sam. And I really like the fellow they cast for him. Look, look, look...

I finished Garth Nix's Sabriel a little over a week ago. After taking a pit stop to finish the next-to-last Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris, I picked up the novel (Lirael) that follows Sabriel. Anyway, this isn't really about that novel or the Charlaine Harris one. Okay, actually, I do have something to say about the Charlaine Harris one, but you might want to quit reading because spoilers are abound. So, I'm peeved that Quinn killed Andre. Completely and irrevocably irritated over that little fact. I really liked Andre. And I used to like Quinn until now. The bastard. Was anyone else sad to see Andre go?

Anyway, back to what I originally intended to post. Near the end of Sabriel, the main character's self-declared protector (and the only person left in the royal blood line) declares his love for Sabriel. How does he do it? By saying this:

"I love you... I hope you don't mind."

I've read a number of reviews of the novel, and a few of them mention this line or the relationship between Sabriel and Touchstone (odd name because he cannot remember his name). One girl said, "And his declaration of love for Sabriel is pretty much one of the funniest I've read this year. Oookay...I doubted that Romeo ever asked Juliet whether she minded at all. And sneaking into a lady's room in the middle of the night, tch tch."

Personally, I found the simple statement quite endearing and sweet, even romantic. Is this just me? Am I a sucker for the moment of insecurity when a character expresses his/her true feelings? As much as I latch on to strong-willed and confident characters, I love that little hint of hesitancy when it comes down to matters of the heart.

I finished the back to my knit v-neck tank. It's gorgeous, but I still have the front to tackle before I can post super awesome pictures of my super awesome cotton tank.

Oh! And there was a nice little write-up on Richard Armitage (my pretend boyfriend when Jason's not around) on Entertainment Weekly's website. The author even included a wonderful clip from Robin Hood, in which Guy (Richard Armitage's character) makes me swoon like no other. Gah. Just gah. His pants are conspiring to distract me from my life.
I finished the fourth Sookie novel by Charlaine Harris. OMG - the amount of love I have for Eric and Sam is astounding. Love. I was going to start reading The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, but I just can't seem to get into the reading mood after reading for the majority of the afternoon.

So, instead, you get random songs that have been tickling my fancy. Links will take you to a place where you can choose to stream the song off 'net or download it to your computer. So, you can sample it before you clutter your computer with my crap. But, trust me, all the songs are super!awesome. ;-)

free music! )

P.S. - How pretty is the Integra/Alucard icon? It's from a piece of fanart done by Solid&etc and the icon was made by [ profile] cleo2584. Yes, Alucard does have a collar on, and Integra is holding his chain. I get some sort of perverse pleasure out of it.
My mother found my MySpace. o_O I got one a couple years ago because it was the easiest way to communicate with a friend of mine from back home. I didn't put any effort into it at first, but then I started finding old friends from my high school days, and I got sucked into creating a decent profile and uploading some pictures. It's been nice to talk to people I haven't seen in years. Anyway, my mother knew I had a MySpace because a few other family members had found it and friended me - cousins (hers and mine) and the like. This evening, I got a message that 'Kim' had sent a friend request. I immediately thought it was the boss's daughter who works with us now. I clicked on the profile and found my mother. So, now I'm friends with my mother on MySpace. I had to go through my profile and my minimal blog on there to make sure I didn't need to remove any incriminating evidence of my deviant behavior. Oddly enough, there wasn't anything that needed to be removed. (All of that stuff is on this LJ, no doubt.) On the other hand, I think it's neat for her to be able to see into this side of my life. I've never been very open with my mother about my interests just because she doesn't share them. She's not really opposed to them; she just doesn't seem understand them all that well. Her favorite movies all involve Martin Lawrence, for crap's sake. Plus, it will be a nice way for her to keep in contact with other family members. I left her a comment on her page, but I'm still a bit weirded out.

Jason and I just watched the tenth episode (Master of Monster) of Hellsing, the anime series. How can anyone watch that and not 'ship the hell out of Alucard/Integra. Just the thought of it makes me swoon. The bit in the dungeon when he is released from captivity by her and ends up taking a bullet in his arm to save her from her uncle? And then she uses his arm to steady hers as she aims her gun at her uncle to shoot him? Gah. My idea of romance is so twisted.

In related news, I'm going to publicly admit to my severe love of Eric from Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire novels. So, my problem isn't with vampires; it's just with Bill. Alcide has also grown on me in this third novel. I didn't think I'd like him all that much at first, but I can't help it. He's charmed me.

I started reading Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson because it came highly recommended. It's so ridiculously good, and now I'm even more disgusted with our government and the collective idiocy of nearly every single elected official in Washington. I want to make them all sit down and read this book. If they can read, that is.
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( Jun. 21st, 2008 06:06 pm)
I've not yet finished (forty more pages left) the first book in Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampires series. I know nothing about the rest of the novels (or even the end of the first novel). I'm completely spoiler-free, which is quite a big deal since that never happens with me. Anyway, I just want to say that I don't really like Bill. He's okay, but I don't await his scenes with bated breath. At times I actively dislike him, though I couldn't give you a specific reason. Who do I like? Sam Merlotte. I adore him. And if he's the killer in this first book, then I'm going to cry because I need him to be in the following books. I need someone other than Bill, basically. Tell me that Sam is in the other books, flist.

In other news... When they slap some tattoos on him and make him look a bit scruffy, Giovanni Ribisi is incredibly attractive.
I'm so nerdtastic. My shirts from arrived today, and I'm totally wearing one of them to work tomorrow.

you mean I have shirts that don't have fandom references? )

I put up a hummingbird feeder today. I've seen a little guy flying around the parking lot each morning when I go to work. I feel bad for him because I don't think anyone around here feeds the hummingbirds. So, I put the feeder outside this afternoon, and I filled it with a simple recipe of sugar water I found on the net. I hope I'll see him tomorrow morning at the feeder.

I started reading the first Sookie Stackhouse book this morning when I got bored at the office. I'm already 100 pages into it and totally in love.

lyfe jennings, why are you so awesome? )


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