I decided there must be something to sleeping in front of the patio door in the sun. Ferguson does it all the time, after all. So, after a shit day at work yesterday, I came home and curled up with a pillow and blanket in the floor where the sun shines in through the sliding glass door. I slept until 9:00pm. I'm sure Jason wondered what I was doing, but he was a dear and didn't wake me up to ask.

Thankfully, I'm off work today. Ferguson and I went for a walk after breakfast, and then I went out and got a pedicure. My feet and legs are happy-happy. I dropped by Whole Food Market on my way home and picked up the ingredients necessary to make Mascarpone Cupcakes. It has become tradition that I bring dessert to all holiday parties at Jason's mother's house. She insists that I'm much better at baking. And, not to toot my own horn, but this is true. However, I do not like to try a new recipe out when I'm expected to deliver delicious tasties. So, I cut the recipe in half and made a few today while I wasn't busy.

mascarpone cupcakes - recipe and pictures )

I totally ate one already, but I shouldn't have. Jason wants to go eat on the patio of our favorite Mexican restaurant after he gets off work. After fresh fruit from Whole Foods and a cupcake, I'm too full to really enjoy eating a huge burrito.
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( Mar. 30th, 2009 10:45 pm)
I met Farmer Monte! I played it cool, but I was totally jazzed because he's like a celebrity to me.

Farmer Monte is the fellow who runs Los Poblanos Organics. He's an organic gardening guru. I get my weekly CSA produce boxes from Los Poblanos, and they are the best thing ever. Anyway, I switched the pick up location this week, and Farmer Monte was there. He bestowed me with a box of fresh fruits and veggies. Only I could get excited over meeting the guy who grows my veggies. Really. This week's box had asparagus in it, and I roasted the bunch this evening for dinner. A bit of olive oil, some sea salt, a dash of pepper, and some minced garlic make asparagus very happy. I could live off it.

recipe for delicious ragout )

Spring, please come to me. I hate this cold weather. Living in the foothills of the city has its perks (yay for hiking on the trails across the street), but one of them is not the high winds and chilly temperatures compared to where I work down by the river.

I'm making progress on my Doctor Who fic! It's written with the exception of the epilogue and a few bits and pieces I need to insert into the last few chapters. I hope to have the first chapter or two posted next week.
I finally broke down and bought matinée tickets to Watchmen last night. I love movies, but I don't enjoy going to the movies. It's a cold day in hell (which happens approximately two times a year) when I actually enter a movie theater. The film was fantastic; I really enjoyed it. They followed the graphic novel closer than I thought they would, and some of the scenes were beautifully filmed with perfect casting choices. I'm extremely critical about action films, specifically super hero ones, so I was worried they were going to give Watchmen a treatment like The Dark Knight. That would have just killed me because I hated that last Batman movie. But no, they did a very good job of fleshing out the characters and plot with surprisingly little unneeded action. Yay for a wonderful job of pacing, you lovely movie makers. Jason's not familiar with the book, but he loved the movie. I've spent the afternoon waving my copy of the graphic novel around, telling him that I know he wants to read it.

I still fangirl Rorschach like woah. He's one of the most solid, complicated, interesting, flawed, tortured characters I've come across in fiction. I love it, and if I was a stupid girl, I'd totally write some Mary-Sue/Rorschach. But I won't because that would bastardize his character and strip away everything that makes him what he is.

In slightly related news, holy crap, I'm still writing. Yay for that, too. And it's chaptered. It's been over a year since I've written anything with chapters. I was beginning to forget what 'Chapter 2' looked like.

And now for the domestic bliss portion of this blog entry in which I convince all of you that I can cook, even if my skills in the kitchen are slightly dodgy.

crushed heirloom potatoes )

Also, at the risk of the man himself (Prince) tracking me down and suing me for the measly contents of my savings account, I still uploaded this killer track for anyone who's never had the pleasure of hearing it before. Why? Because he says things like, "First I need a picture of your mother to verify the fact that there's not another one in the universe so supreme." Come on! So smooth! Oh, explicit lyrics and sexual content. Not work safe. It's Prince; you can't expect it to be clean.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2009 05:11 pm)
I took the day off just because I could. None of my co-workers called me, so I suppose the office didn't blow up without me. Jason also took the day off. We went shopping for used books, ate lunch on the patio of my favorite sandwich place, and took Ferguson to the park on our way home. My condolences go out to everyone who is covered in snow. It's sunny and 75 degrees here. I love it.

Because I had extra time to play around in the kitchen today, I made dessert. Jason's inordinately excited about the prospect of eating pudding.

grasshopper parfaits - pictures and recipe behind the cut )

I don't have twelve dessert glasses, so I just made the two and left the other ingredients in the separate bowls in the fridge for later use. I had to buy an entire pack of Oreos to make the damn things, so now I'm going to have to find a non-wasteful way of getting rid of the rest of the package without eating them myself. I do not need Oreo cookies. I do not need Oreo cookies.
These five-day-weeks are rough. I'm dead tired, and I don't know why. I've been getting decent sleep the past few days, and my routine hasn't changed all that much.

The only magazine I subscribe to is Vegetarian Times simply because it always gives me fantastic meal ideas, and they include nutritional information after each recipe to cut down on my having to calculate it while preparing the food. At any rate, I got this month's issue in the mail yesterday, and I spent part of my evening whipping up the Semisweet Chocolate and Peanut Bars they featured in a section on chocolate. They're delicious, but very rich. Luckily, they're also quite easy to make. A picture of the finished product is behind the cut as well as the recipe itself. There were too many bars, so I'm taking all but five of them to work tomorrow for the boys. I'm sure they'll devour them all before they retreat to the job sites.

chocolate and peanut bars )

Vegetarian Times also does a blurb/interview with a "celebrity" who is a vegetarian/vegan or something similar (as in raw foods or whole foods). This month was Jason Mraz. I wouldn't say I'm a fan of his because I don't own any of his albums or keep tabs on him. And, normally, I wouldn't say I'm attracted to him, but damn if he isn't attractive in the picture they used for the article. How cute is he?
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( Jun. 4th, 2008 07:55 pm)
I've had a breakthrough.

Since becoming a vegetarian ten years ago, I only miss two things: chicken nuggets and tuna fish. Morningstar makes a wonderful fake chicken nugget, which I have every now and again. A couple years ago, they also put out a product called Tuno, which was fake tuna. I loved Tuno; I made special trips to the whole foods store to buy Tuno; I consumed Tuno every single day. Then, one day, it disappeared off the shelves. Months later, I found out it had been discontinued, and I almost cried. Since then, I've been without a tuna substitute. That is, until today. I found a recipe all the internet vegans seemed to love, so I picked up the items I needed to make it at the whole foods store after work.

It takes like tuna! Or at least what I remember tuna to taste like. I haven't eaten any real tuna in ten years, so I'm a bit hazy on that.

the recipe if you are interested )
Generally, I don't make New Year resolutions. So, my decision to eat a bit healthier this year isn't exactly a resolution, but it did coincide with the beginning of 2008. I actually don't eat all that horribly to begin with. Being a vegetarian limits my options and ensures that I never eat at fast food restaurants simply because there's nothing on their menu I can have except a dinky side salad. However, I could be better about my meals, like eating more veggies and less cookies.

I dragged Jason to the farmer's market yesterday. His job was to hold the basket while I bought healthy things. I ran out of room in the basket, and we ended up leaving with $25 worth of fruits and veggies. This made our trip to the regular grocery store much less; it was only $20. All I had to pick up was cereal, yogurt, bread, milk, and a couple canned items.

The high bill at the farmer's market was because I needed all the veggies to make a delicious Tuscan Vegetable Soup.

pictures of the soup because my sunday was uneventful )

I have a neat microwavable thermos that I'm going to use to tote a serving of the soup to work for lunch. It will be the perfect meal with a wheat roll on the side. You can find the recipe for the soup here and the recipe for the wheat rolls here. Both are very tasty. Oh, and they both made a huge amount of food. The pot of soup will feed me lunch for two weeks. I'm going to keep this week's in the fridge and freeze next week's portions.

Other than taking Ferguson on a couple walks and watching a couple movies, I didn't do anything else this weekend. I'm definitely not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. Boo to that.

Oh, and isn't my Jean Havoc icon the cutest thing you've ever seen?


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