I must have the next Black Dagger Brotherhood book. Like now. Because Rehvenge is my favorite. Why do I have to wait until Tuesday? Why can't some unsuspecting bookstore stick it out on the shelf today instead of following the rules?

I've been in a not-so-bad mood about work for the past few days. Payroll Girl found another job. She's been hitting the job search hard for about four weeks now, and finally found something on the base. I'm happy for her because she wanted out much more than I did. She's planning on giving notice this coming week. I'm questioning whether I want to give up my comfy job for another where I most likely won't have the perks I have now. Despite the drama-llama, I have it pretty damn easy. Where else can you openly play computer games and read books without getting reprimanded, you know? So, whatever... I'm still half-assing the job search.

During my hour-long walk yesterday, this happened...

What the crap? Seriously? I was just out for an hour. ::shakes fist at sun::

Also, during the walk I developed a playlist in my head of super awesome songs to take a stroll to on a nice spring day. Have a mix CD of this scrumptious songs...

spring strolling )

Many of the songs are quite rhythmic, which I find excellent for walking. Stick them on your favorite MP3 player and strut down the streets of your neighborhood. Just remember to wear sunscreen.
I finally broke down and bought matinée tickets to Watchmen last night. I love movies, but I don't enjoy going to the movies. It's a cold day in hell (which happens approximately two times a year) when I actually enter a movie theater. The film was fantastic; I really enjoyed it. They followed the graphic novel closer than I thought they would, and some of the scenes were beautifully filmed with perfect casting choices. I'm extremely critical about action films, specifically super hero ones, so I was worried they were going to give Watchmen a treatment like The Dark Knight. That would have just killed me because I hated that last Batman movie. But no, they did a very good job of fleshing out the characters and plot with surprisingly little unneeded action. Yay for a wonderful job of pacing, you lovely movie makers. Jason's not familiar with the book, but he loved the movie. I've spent the afternoon waving my copy of the graphic novel around, telling him that I know he wants to read it.

I still fangirl Rorschach like woah. He's one of the most solid, complicated, interesting, flawed, tortured characters I've come across in fiction. I love it, and if I was a stupid girl, I'd totally write some Mary-Sue/Rorschach. But I won't because that would bastardize his character and strip away everything that makes him what he is.

In slightly related news, holy crap, I'm still writing. Yay for that, too. And it's chaptered. It's been over a year since I've written anything with chapters. I was beginning to forget what 'Chapter 2' looked like.

And now for the domestic bliss portion of this blog entry in which I convince all of you that I can cook, even if my skills in the kitchen are slightly dodgy.

crushed heirloom potatoes )

Also, at the risk of the man himself (Prince) tracking me down and suing me for the measly contents of my savings account, I still uploaded this killer track for anyone who's never had the pleasure of hearing it before. Why? Because he says things like, "First I need a picture of your mother to verify the fact that there's not another one in the universe so supreme." Come on! So smooth! Oh, explicit lyrics and sexual content. Not work safe. It's Prince; you can't expect it to be clean.
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( Nov. 7th, 2008 08:04 pm)
I like Of Montreal, but they put out albums so quickly that I find it difficult to keep up. I acquired their latest (I think) album called Skeletal Lamping. A couple blogs threw out the word 'controversial' when describing this particular release. Of Montreal is experimental pop music, and the driving force behind the band is a man who enjoys cross-dressing on stage. I wasn't too surprised to see the controversial tag, but I was a bit surprised when I turned on the third song--I like to listen to the third song first--and heard, well... I'll let you listen for yourself...

For Our Elegant Caste

You can stream the song off the internet using the link above. Turn your speakers up before pressing play so you get the full, awesome shock value. It makes me smile just thinking about it. If I wouldn't offend nearly everyone, I'd use that chorus as my cell ringtone. I just can't see myself in line at the bank when my phone rings like that. Yikes. It's bad enough that I've been singing it under my breath all day.

Wicked Wisdom also cracks me up because at the beginning he says, "I'm a motherfucking headliner, bitch, you don't even know it." The sass with which he says this makes my day.
I finished the fourth Sookie novel by Charlaine Harris. OMG - the amount of love I have for Eric and Sam is astounding. Love. I was going to start reading The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, but I just can't seem to get into the reading mood after reading for the majority of the afternoon.

So, instead, you get random songs that have been tickling my fancy. Links will take you to a place where you can choose to stream the song off 'net or download it to your computer. So, you can sample it before you clutter your computer with my crap. But, trust me, all the songs are super!awesome. ;-)

free music! )

P.S. - How pretty is the Integra/Alucard icon? It's from a piece of fanart done by Solid&etc and the icon was made by [livejournal.com profile] cleo2584. Yes, Alucard does have a collar on, and Integra is holding his chain. I get some sort of perverse pleasure out of it.
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( Dec. 25th, 2007 06:38 pm)
Yeah, yeah, yeah... Merry Christmas and all that junk. Now to the good stuff...

I have never in my life paid the ridiculous amount of money that online shops charge for overnight shipping. I'm not a terribly impatient person, and I can usually wait three or four days for my items to arrive. Well, times are changing because I just dropped an additional $14 for FedEx overnight shipping on a CD.

I swear I can explain myself.

Bob Schneider released a CD-R not long ago with thirty-five tracks of him doing a live acoustic show. Bob makes me do crazy things. I'm not the kind of girl that screams at the rock stars, but damn if he doesn't make me want scream and throw my panties at him or something. I managed to rip two minutes of "Gameplan" off the net while it was streaming. Fuck me. This song alone is enough to merit the $14 shipping fee.

"Check it out now, baby here's the game plan. I'm--I'm gonna be your new man. I'm gonna start over. I'm gonna be a little bit better than, better than I used to be back in the 70's. And I can do it, baby. Baby, you can count on me."

The lyrics don't do it justice. What makes the song is his smooth-ass delivery. I'm fanning myself as I type with one hand.

[Listen to clip] if you dare. I don't want to be responsible for anyone spending fourteen bucks on shipping. Ignore the underwear-clad chick on the download screen page. Apparently, people really do try to talk to her when we all know she's an advertisement.


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