A few months ago, I posted this entry about the produce guy at my local grocery store and how he follows me around and acts generally creepy, asking me questions and standing too close. Well, I think I may have discovered why, and I feel like an evil bitch. Like most grocery stores, they hire mentally handicapped people to bag the groceries and retrieve the carts. It never crossed my mind that one would be appointed to the produce department to stock the fruits and veggies. Plus, there was no indication in our previous (short) conversations that he was mentally handicapped. But I think he is, even if he is much higher functioning than some of the others. The last time I was in the store, I was bagging my own groceries because there was no bagger available for my cashier. He was in the produce department several yards away. When he saw me bagging, he rushed over to help. I was slightly annoyed that he was going so far out of his way to bug. He asked if he could help, so I relinquished bagging duties to him and swiped my credit card. Then he looked at the cashier and said, "She's my friend.". Awww... Just the way he interacted with the cashier and him saying that I was his friend made me realize that he's mentally challenged. He thinks I'm his friend! And now I feel horrible for being such a bitch.

I have insane amounts of birds around the feeder I put up a little over a week ago. For the past three days, I have filled it up completely each day. That means my lovely birds are eating eight to ten cups of food in a 24-hour period. It's seven o'clock in the evening, and I can still hear them out there.

It snowed today. The mountains are covered, and since I live at the base of the mountains, there is a dusting of it outside. It's been Spring for a month, and we're still getting snow. Disgusting.

I have a love/hate relationship with country music. I greatly dislike modern country, but I love the more traditional stuff--especially the Bakersfield sound. Lee Ann Womack's new album is wonderful and more traditional that most everything else being released at the moment.

What the hell? I want to move to an island and start my own country of people who like to stay out of others people's business. Why are politicians so nosy? Why are they so stupid? Why are they so power-hungry? It's disgusting. I feel like our government is some big, bloated, hideous monster that lumbers around and steps on me (and everyone else). They almost haz our interwebs, doods. Information? You want accurate information? No, no, no. You can only have the information the government deems necessary for you, especially in a time of upheaval. Act like good little citizens and do what the government says.

Speaking of government hate, Jason has angst over his income taxes. I tried to help him with them, but they've got quite complicated since he sold some mutual funds last year and moved all his investments from one company to another. Basically, it's a clusterfuck. So, I talked him into going to the H&R Block office down the street from our apartment. They have all his info now, and he has an appointment with the woman today after work. I knew enough to know what was wrong and what I couldn't do, so I told her. And I was totally right. She suggested I take their tax professional course and go to work for H&R Block part-time. If you are one of the top students in your class, then you will receive a job offer from H&R Block and can set your own hours to some extent. The class isn't all that costly, but it is time-intensive. Nearly 70 hours. o_O It's a thought, but I don't know if I want to tackle that. Though, it would be interesting to have a more extensive knowledge of tax law, if only to help people retain more of their own money.

Work is holy-crap-boring. I have an extremely bad attitude about it right now. So bad that I've been trying to invent excuses to skip work or leave early. And now is not the time to do that since the boss is in a fragile state. She could snap and start firing people any minute. Yikes.

The last of the knitted hats by moi are going out in the mail today. I hope everyone likes their hats even if it is kind-of-sort-of Spring and getting too hot for them.

I am in such a bad mood today. I should probably just go home and go back to sleep. Oh yeah, I have to work. Sucks.
I decided there must be something to sleeping in front of the patio door in the sun. Ferguson does it all the time, after all. So, after a shit day at work yesterday, I came home and curled up with a pillow and blanket in the floor where the sun shines in through the sliding glass door. I slept until 9:00pm. I'm sure Jason wondered what I was doing, but he was a dear and didn't wake me up to ask.

Thankfully, I'm off work today. Ferguson and I went for a walk after breakfast, and then I went out and got a pedicure. My feet and legs are happy-happy. I dropped by Whole Food Market on my way home and picked up the ingredients necessary to make Mascarpone Cupcakes. It has become tradition that I bring dessert to all holiday parties at Jason's mother's house. She insists that I'm much better at baking. And, not to toot my own horn, but this is true. However, I do not like to try a new recipe out when I'm expected to deliver delicious tasties. So, I cut the recipe in half and made a few today while I wasn't busy.

mascarpone cupcakes - recipe and pictures )

I totally ate one already, but I shouldn't have. Jason wants to go eat on the patio of our favorite Mexican restaurant after he gets off work. After fresh fruit from Whole Foods and a cupcake, I'm too full to really enjoy eating a huge burrito.
I haz birds! I put the feeder out yesterday evening, and when I came home for lunch today there were five very pretty little House Finches on it. They all were sporting a bit of red, so I can only assume they were all fellows.

So, I've noticed this odd pattern and I'm not sure what is causing it. I eat the same things each week. Monday night I have brown rice with veggies. Tuesday night I have veggie soup and salad. Wednesday night I have a couple slices of pizza and salad. I work out after I eat by either taking Ferguson out for a walk/jog or jogging on the treadmill. I've noticed that on the nights I eat pizza, I feel weak and wobbly after traveling about a mile and a half. I feel great starting out, and the first half of my walk/jog is the hardest because it is all uphill. However, at the halfway point, I start feeling exhausted and weak. This never happens on any other day. But it almost always happens on pizza night. So, is my body telling me that soup, salad, veggies, brown rice, and even tofu hot dogs are yummy and nutritious, but pizza sucks? I think I might have to modify my menu on Wednesday to something a bit better for me to prevent my body from crashing while I'm a mile and a half away from home. And the wind didn't improve my mood today. It's blowing steady at 30 MPH, but the gusts are up to 45 MPH. And in an arid climate like this, you just end up with a bunch of dust in your mouth when you go outside during evil!wind time. Sucks.

When I'm bored, I love to browse YouTube and find people who cover popular songs or write their own music. Olivia Thai is a favorite of mine. I love the tone of her voice, and she's so adorable. You can hear her singing her cover of Soulja Boy Tell'em's "Kiss Me Through the Phone" right here. Jason Chen appears in a couple of Olivia's videos and you can see him solo singing Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" over here. C-Note has been a busy boy, and I think he's making strides toward getting a record deal. Here is where he covers Lyfe Jennings's "Never Never Land". Ernie Halter is wonderful, too. You can hear him sing Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" right here. And my most favorite of favorites: David Choi. He's notorious for covering hip-hop and R&B songs and turning into acoustic guitar songs. Like his cover of The Dream's "Shawty is a Ten" .
Dwight Yoakam will be performing at a casino just outside of Albuquerque at the end of the month. Payroll Girl and I flipped our fangirl lids over this and resolved to get tickets and go oogle him. The Jasons (her husband is named Jason also) do not have Dwight love, and we thought it best not to invite them. Alas, when we went online to the casino's website, the tickets were already sold out. Poo poo on that. The sexy will be so close, yet so far away.

Want to hear something awesome? The bit at the end about Catwoman is the best. Have I posted this before? I guess you can never have too much of a good thing.

my name's batman, but you can call me bob. and when i see the boy wonder, i just say, 'yo rob.' i used to wear a big cape and do the leotard bit, but now I'm wearing all these fuck-all-you-motherfuckers hoodies 'cause i don't give a shit. )

We went to the annual Chihuahua Easter Parade yesterday. It's the yearly fundraiser for the Chihuahua rescue I adopted Ferguson from. No, I did not make my poor dog (who fancies himself a stud) wear a ridiculous Easter hat of any kind. He did have his blue sweater on, though. There were several vendors selling treats and/or passing out samples. There were dog trainers and scary pet cremation people there. And a fairly large silent auction of several fun things, including a very weird painting of Jesus with a pack of Chihuahuas* sitting around him. No, not kidding. Jason was so amused, he took a picture. Ferguson had great fun frolicking with the other Chihuahuas, but he looks so huge compared to the pure bred ones. They're all dainty and three pounds. Ferguson is a muscular eleven pounds. He was popular with the girls, though. Margaret (who fostered him for a year before I found him and adopted him) was there. She crawled around on the floor to say hello to Ferguson, but he ran away. It was just so odd because he loves women. I can only assume he remembers her and does not want to go back to the strict regime of her house where all the dogs sleep in crates at night and do not get chicken jerky or stinky bully sticks. Spoiled little brat.

Someone stop me from writing Watchmen fanfic. I really don't need to do this. Really. I'm just going to shoot myself in the foot.

*EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] holczar13 has informed me that the Chihuahua dude is Saint Francis of Assisi, not Jesus. Which made more sense once I Googled Saint Francis. Because we all know that I have shit knowledge of religion. Harry Potter spells? Know too many of them. Denizens of the Underdark? I could name a few. Lars von Trier movies in the order in which he filmed them? So easy. The difference between Jesus and Saint Francis? Clueless. Actually, I didn't know there was a Saint Francis. I just thought they named hospitals that. You church-goers are cringing right now. Sorry.
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( Mar. 20th, 2009 05:31 pm)
After a somewhat crappy work week, I decided to start the weekend off right by leaving the office an hour early and going to get a pedicure. I went to the same guy I've gone to the last couple times because I adore him, even if I can't understand half the things he says. And he painted pretty flowers on my big toes. My mother thinks pedicures are a waste of time and money, so I took that picture to e-mail to her. Just to irritate because I roll like that. And, yes, those are totally Payless sandels. Here's to cheap shoes. If I had unlimited funds, you can bet I'd be dropping cash on Steve Madden shoes, but (alas!) my funds are not infinite.

The more I listen to it, the more I think Lloyd's latest album (Lessons in Love) is absolutely genius. Lloyd, I love you!

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( Mar. 17th, 2009 09:40 pm)
Oh, gosh... this is such a great song. You must listen to it simply because it's called "You're a Cad".

Jason flitted off to some hardcore punk show put together by a friend of his. They enticed some band I'm unfamiliar with into town for a show in someone's rehearsal space near the Fairgrounds. Jason asked if I wanted to come with, but I'm not a hardcore fan and I'm not in the mood to deal with the guys who will be attending. Plus, it's Saint Patrick's Day. Everyone is out using the excuse to drink themselves silly. Not in the mood to deal with those people either. He's promised to be home by 11:00, though I suspect the show won't wrap up until nearly midnight.

My dad's birthday is coming up. What in the shit am I going to get for him?
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( Mar. 14th, 2009 12:10 am)
I just spent over $60 on Doctor Who books. o_O My life has been eaten.

What happened to being frugal? What happened to not spending money on frivolous things? What happened to paying off my student loan early? (OMG, debt, I hate you.) What happened to thrifty Amanda? Obviously, thrifty Amanda wasn't around tonight to tell the impulsive demon to stop clicking the 'Add to Cart' button on Amazon Marketplace. It's a sickness, I tell you. The economy is going down the tubes, and I'm like, "Oooh, look at the pretty books to feed my obsession. Must have."

I shouldn't have had the coffee this late. It was probably a bad idea.
First, I'm totally write fic again. Totally. It's Nine/Rose. It's a bit rough going, but I'm getting there and even enjoying it. Now I just need to find a beta, which is rather daunting since I don't know anyone in the Nine/Rose sector of the Doctor Who fandom.

Los Poblanos Organics that I mentioned in this entry? Totally joined it. Yay! It's a farm that participates in community supported agriculture. This just means that you pay a weekly fee for a box of whatever organic fruits and veggies they have available. You don't get to choose what you receive each week, but they promise enough fruits and veggies to feed a family of four. They post the contents of the upcoming week's box on their website so people can plan meals several days in advance. The boxes are delivered to your home or specific drop-off locations in the city on Monday morning. I had mine delivered to a bookstore a couple miles from my apartment. I dropped by after work today and picked it up.

yay for yummy organic foods )
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( Mar. 2nd, 2009 05:11 pm)
I took the day off just because I could. None of my co-workers called me, so I suppose the office didn't blow up without me. Jason also took the day off. We went shopping for used books, ate lunch on the patio of my favorite sandwich place, and took Ferguson to the park on our way home. My condolences go out to everyone who is covered in snow. It's sunny and 75 degrees here. I love it.

Because I had extra time to play around in the kitchen today, I made dessert. Jason's inordinately excited about the prospect of eating pudding.

grasshopper parfaits - pictures and recipe behind the cut )

I don't have twelve dessert glasses, so I just made the two and left the other ingredients in the separate bowls in the fridge for later use. I had to buy an entire pack of Oreos to make the damn things, so now I'm going to have to find a non-wasteful way of getting rid of the rest of the package without eating them myself. I do not need Oreo cookies. I do not need Oreo cookies.
I've been in such a terrible funk all week. I haven't worked out for days, nor have I read anything beyond news articles foretelling of doom and gloom since Sunday. I need to get back into the swing of things, but Jason's sister's damn graduation is tomorrow. I want to cry out, "It's P.I.M.A. for crap's sake! Who makes a big deal out of their P.I.M.A. graduation?" Plus, unlike the rest of the world, I work until five o'clock. Her graduation is downtown at six o'clock. I get terribly bitchy when I haven't eaten dinner before six o'clock. This means we're going to be late. Jason and I have already had the first of many arguments about this. He leaves work early on Fridays, so the time crunch isn't an issue for him. If I had had more notice about this stupid ceremony, then I might have been able to leave work early as well. As it is at the moment, we're in the middle of an audit. I can't just up and leave whenever I feel like it. And the kicker is, he doesn't even want to go. We both think this is bullshit, but we still have to bitch about it to each other. I'm not even going to think about the party on Saturday evening. Ugg. Part of me wants to orchestrate events so we are so late for the graduation that we miss the entire thing. That is the petty, manipulative part of me. I shouldn't let it win.

A local radio station and their morning show crew are broadcasting from the Children's Hospital here in the city. It's the premiere place to take kids for serious injuries and illnesses, and it is publicly funded. They are in the midst of their annual fundraiser, and they're allowing the kids being treated there to be interviewed on the air with their parents. Last year, there was a little boy named Luis who was very ill with leukemia. His health has improved, but he is still at the hospital for treatments quite often. The DJs were joking with him about how they aren't allowed in the play room because they are adults, and that maybe they would be allowed in if he were with them. The poor kid is sick and wearing a surgical mask, and he tells them to let him know when they want to go play, and he'll help them get into the play room. So, of course, I pulled my car over, got out my cell phone,and called to give them my card number for a donation. A few hours later, Luis and two of his friends in the hospital made a sign the radio station posted on their website. You can see the three of them in their little masks right here. Luis is in the middle. So, that made my day a bit better. :-)

I desperately want to go on a walk outside after work, but by the time I'm home and fed, it's too dark. The weather here is gorgeous--mid 70's with a bit of a breeze and sunny skies.

Oh, and Richard Armitage is unbelievably attractive. So attractive that it is bordering on disgusting. I might faint if I ever met him.
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( Feb. 4th, 2009 02:02 pm)
hmmm )
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( Feb. 3rd, 2009 07:16 pm)
I am fairly sure my current mood was derived from multiple sources, the foremost being my three-hour romp at the Motor Vehicle Department during two different instances today. However, the role of severe PMS cannot be discounted as another major contributing factor.

oh god, the bitching )

I'm an idiot. And I hate PMS. I also hate: the MVD, everyone who left me a voice mail message at work, half of my co-workers, the fact that I didn't work out today, my vagina, razor burn, leg hair, work in general, mildew in the shower, the world.

EDIT: And to top all this off... I sent my mother some of the pictures I had taken at the park--the ones I posted here last week. I linked each picture in my Photobucket separately instead of giving her the address of my Photobucket account. My mother was whining to my brother about having to click on each picture separately, and my effin' brother showed her how to modify the URL to access my Photobucket. Dammit! Traitor! Now my mother has access to all my weirdness, which includes all the pictures of fictional characters I go goo-goo over and possibly other embarrassing pictures I wouldn't necessarily want her to see because they may or may not be offensive. In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal. I'm not going to die of embarrassment anytime soon. But is nothing sacred, little brother? Can't your big sis have her fandom fun without you showing mom all her dirty little online sekrets? I didn't tell her about the anime porn you downloaded years ago. Not even the tentacle porn you had on the family computer.
I'm such a little follower. Several people on my flist have participated in this meme, and I felt it might be fun.

Ask me to take a picture of anything in my daily life. I'll take the picture and post in here on my journal. The request can be anything you like--my fridge, bookshelves, office, shoes, whatever.

I found a collection of short sci-fi stories by Gene Wolfe in a used bookstore last week. I wasn't feeling in a mood for a particular book when I finished Desperate Duchess this morning, so I picked it out of my stack. Sometimes a good gathering of short stories is just what you need.

And my icon? So effin' true. My heart is broken, Mr. Martin. I have a mind to drive an hour north to Santa Fe and hunt your ass down.

While we were walking Ferguson at the park, Jason's mother called my cell. Jason answered, and she asked if we wanted to come to her superbowl party today. His response? "Hell, no!" ::huggles Jason:: This is why we get along so well. We're reading sci-fi books in the silence of our apartment instead of at some sort of brash, nacho-cheese-filled superbowl party.
+ I love the butternut squash ravioli Lean Cuisine with the veggies. Love it. I need to figure out how to make this myself without spending an obscene amount of money on these tiny frozen meals.

+ Pepperidge Farm Sausalito cookies will be the death of me. Why are they so delicious? Why?!?!

+ Jason is still having trouble sleeping. Therefore, I am still having trouble sleeping. He, of course, has taken the day off work to catch up on his sleep. I don't have the luxury since a bid of epic proportions is going out this afternoon, and no one else knows how to put it together.

+ Work is a writhing mass of stupid. I'm attempting to get the company's insurance coverage and payments sorted out, and everyone before me has made a mess of it without taking notes. I feel like I've been handed a wad of knotted yarn. No matter how hard I try, I can't get it untangled.

+ My co-workers are competing for the title of Most Injured Office Employee this week. Everyone in here has some sort of problem from potentially broken ribs to the glands under their tongues being swollen. Me? My calves are just sore from my exuberant use of the incline function on the treadmill.

+ Instead of reading last night, I watched the fifth and sixth episodes of this past series of Spooks. Richard Armitage, why do you have to be as delicious as a Pepperidge Farm Sausalito cookie? I swoon even when you're telling me children's bedtime stories.
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( Jan. 24th, 2009 02:11 pm)
Jason now has anti-anxiety medication and a referral for a psychotherapy place. He's still unable to sleep and nervous, but he appears to be dealing with it a bit better. The doctor was quite pleased that he had decided to come in and get help. I only know this because Jason made me go back to the exam room with him for moral support.

In an effort to get his mind off things, he went to see Gran Turino with his dad this morning. I opted out and took Ferguson on a long walk instead. The weather was perfect--about fifty degrees with a slight breeze and overcast skies. It felt like autumn instead of winter, and the fresh air did me quite a bit of good since I've not slept well the past three nights either. Ferguson, of course, enjoyed himself immensely. He's a dog; anything outside would make him happy.

i took pictures of the prettiness )

Now that Jason has arrived home, I've swindled him into buying me ice cream. There will be extensive reading coming up this evening, which will make this a most perfect day.
I think Jason needs anti-anxiety pills or something. Something. I'm not going to disparage him too much because I certainly know how it feels to have chronic anxiety over the most insignificant things. I go through periods where the feelings pins me to the ground for months at a time before I can shake it off. Jason, however, seems to deal with this constantly. He worries over his finances (he has $20,000 in gold coins hidden in our apartment--no lie), packages being delivered to him (I cannot count the conversations we've had about whether a package he is expecting might become lost in the mail), neighbors (he obsesses over whether they have jobs, what hours they work, and who exactly does live in the apartment above us), not to mention other various things that come up on nearly a daily basis. It's ridiculous, and my attempts at calming him just seem to whip him into more of a frenzy. Of course, it is not always like this, but I'm at a loss for what to do when he is feeling extra special worrisome. I suppose the only thing I can do is suggest he make an appointment with his doctor about the anxiety issue.

As much as I like to think I don't have a 'type' when it comes to fictional characters, I totally do. Despite A Game of Thrones being the best thing I've read in a long while, I put it aside to knock out a few novels that popped up on my radar about three or four weeks ago. I picked it back up last night and settled in for some quality reading time. I'm totally in lurv with Sandor Clegane. Tortured anti-hero much? Oh, I can't even really say that because I'm all of halfway through the first novel and everything in the world can happen between here and the end of the fourth novel. I still lurv him, though. This doesn't, of course, diminish my love for Jon Snow in any way whatsoever.

oh, goodness, i love you elvis costello )
I finally broke down and decided to buy a Sigg bottle. The model I got was slightly expensive (a little over $25), but I freakin' love it. It's beautiful and very handy while working out. Plus, it holds a full liter of water, and I am a water-drinking fiend.

My original intention for this weekend was to read voraciously. I read a whole two chapters in Welcome to Temptation because I kept getting distracted by various other things. Damn responsibilities. I did finish the last novel available in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Sadly, I liked all the subplots much better than the snore-fest that was Phury and Cormia's romance. John Matthew and Xhex? Just the thought of it makes me squeal with delight. And Rehvenge? ::faints:: My new favorite. Even if his half-sister is blackmailing him into screwing her. Incest, eww. Rehv's book now, please? Now? Can I also have icons? BDB communities, anyone?

My mother tells me the same stories every single time I call her, and I only call her once a week. If I have to hear about the debacle at the Lions Club meeting that happened two months ago, then I'm going to beat my head against the wall. For real.

And just so you all know, the only reason Fleetwood Mac was anything at all was due to Lindsey Buckingham. He knocks my socks off without fail. Everything he writes gives me chills, especially "I'm So Afraid." Just that moment when his voice first cuts through the instruments, sounding fearful and in so much pain. Ack, it kills me.

I haz problem. It's not a huge problem, but I'm rather weirded out by the entire situation.

a tale of amanda and the produce guy at the grocery store: no, i do not want your cucumber )


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