I'm still accepting requests for free hand-knitted hats by moi. You can ask for one by going to this entry. I'm doing them in the order I received the comments in, so the first three are going out tomorrow or Tuesday. [livejournal.com profile] fishchick, I've skipped down to do yours since I already have the yarn. I promise I will get hats out to the rest of you who asked, I just need to pick up the right color yarn from the craft store. They should all be mailed out in the next two weeks, though.

I watched a couple episodes of QI online, and I'm blaming [livejournal.com profile] keladry_lupin for it. I laughed so hard my side hurt. Now I'm downloading a full season via bit torrent.

When I was a teenager, I was in total love with Duncan Sheik. I hear he's doing well, though I've not followed his career for several years. Last night I was sorting through my CDs (which are currently in a disorganized state) and found his debut album. During the summers, my family always drove to Myrtle Beach for a week. Everyone in West Virgina drives to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina for a vacation before school resumes. It's a day's drive--leave at five o'clock in the morning and you can get there before dinner. One summer I listened to Duncan Sheik's debut album on repeat for the entire drive. The rest of the family was enjoying oldies on the radio; I had my CD walkman and some cheap headphones that broke on the way back. I was devastated. The album always reminds me of being some sort of pseudo-angsty teenager, riding in a completely uncool van with my parents and brothers on the way to one of the tackiest beaches ever. And being happy about it because I love the ocean and knew I could weasel my dad into buying me a cheesy souvenir from Eagles.

It also didn't hurt that I thought Duncan was the most gorgeous person on the face of the planet. I spent the drive staring longingly at his album cover, convinced that if we ever met he would fall madly in love with me. Teenage girls, man. They live in a world of their own.

P.S. - I watched Jude this evening. What a downer. Great movie, but not so much for the light and fluffy. I'm totally depressed now, even if I did get to see Christopher Eccleston's naked ass.
I'm working on this monster-huge knitting project. One day it will be a gorgeous long-sleeve shirt inspired by Edwardian tea gowns. Right now it's a pile of yarn with only six inches of the bottom hem knitted. I get that sinking feeling when I look at it.

To quench my desire to knit, but not beat myself over the head with the current project, I'm offering to make hats for anyone who wants one. For free, no strings attached. So, if you'd like a hand-knit hat clicky on the cut.

i'm like a hat genie )

So, if you want one, just leave me a comment with the style and color(s). Oh, and I'm going to screen the comments in this entry for privacy's sake. Please, let me make you a hat. I'm good at it, I swear. :-)
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( Dec. 10th, 2008 10:18 pm)
I finished my hat! It was terribly large when I finished knitting it. The brim actually fell to my shoulders when I put it on, and two heads could have fit instead the width of it. However, as promised, after the felting was complete the hat was the perfect size. You can't see it from the pictures, but the back of it has a little slit with the black yarn continuing up from the brim to line it.

i have no idea why i look so vacant and brainless in this picture )

I've never before endeavored to knit a hat with the intention of felting it. I love the look, but I was just afraid the sizing would come out all wrong. Luckily, it didn't. I just felted it until it fit on my head nicely. Now I'm properly attired for winter.

P.S. - I still haven't started the fourth novel in J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood, but I've developed a total crush on Vishous. That's how you spell it, right? I love him, and I love the way he always says, "True?" That's such a minuscule quirk to obsess over, but it makes my heart go pitter-patter. Plus, he listens to thumping rap music. I can hang with that as long as it is quality stuff.
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( Oct. 15th, 2008 01:21 pm)
<> I should not sign up for NaNoWriMo. I've never done it before, and with my track record, I'd never finish the damn novel. But, I have this cute idea that mixes a bit of fantasy, comedy, and romance. I need to just put it out of my head because it'll never work out.

<> I hate, hate fixing computers. In hindsight, I wish I had refrained from telling anyone in my office that I knew a single thing about them. Now, I'm the one-woman IT department along with contract management and AP. Eff this. And, as if that wasn't enough, the owner/boss wants to send me for training on the accounting software. I don't want this responsibility! I don't want to fly up to Denver for two days of training. I hate freakin' computer classes. Whine, whine.

<> Why am I craving potato salad?

<> I promised a friend I would make her a bunny hat with ears and everything. I said I would do this three weeks ago, and I still haven't finished it. It never comes out to my standards, and I rip it apart to start over again.

<> I skimmed through the last episode of True Blood. So disappointed with the treatment of the characters. They're trying to ruin Sam! And everyone else while they're at it. Bastards.

<> I'm buying all of my Christmas presents from Etsy this year. Support the crafty folk!
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( Oct. 12th, 2008 01:27 pm)
On a whim, I stopped at the discount hair salon (Great Clips?) after my evening walk on Friday. I hadn't intended to get my hair cut when the day began, but by 6:30, it just felt like the right thing to do. I told myself I would return to the fancy shmanchy place, but I just couldn't bear to part with $50+ on a haircut, especially when one can be had for $12. I have books to buy; I can't be dropping that much money on my hair. We will say nothing of my addiction to $27-a-bottle shampoo. I'm weening myself off that as we speak. Yesterday afternoon, I slapped some dark red dye in it and came out with this...

obviously, i still want to be scully... )

And, no, I have no idea why I am holding a Starbucks cup. Apparently, I couldn't part with my double tall pumpkin spice latte for the few seconds it took me to snap the picture. The color is a bit darker than I usually go with, but I enjoy it. Within a few weeks, it will lighten up to a brighter red. I desperately want to dye my hair black, but I look horrible with black hair. I blame my stupid fair complexion.

And, boy, is it cold outside. I had to throw a doggie sweater on Ferguson so we could walk up to the park this morning. The low temperatures have inspired me to pick my knitting back up again. I've promised an old friend a rabbit hat. This is my third attempt at it because I can't seem to get the freakin' gauge right.
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( Sep. 12th, 2008 07:24 pm)
A third of the way through I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith. I have this sinking feeling that Cassandra is going to fall in love with Neil, not Stephen. And this will ruin my month. Why do I always fall for the other guy?

My new knitting project will be the death of me. I've worked on it for hours, and I only have about five inches of the shirt done. I'm knitting the torso in the round, which makes for slower progression up the body, but it is just taking so long. Gorgeous so far, though.

I found my two best friends from high school on Facebook. By the time I graduated, I deeply disliked both of them. Time heals all wounds, right? I don't dislike either of them right now, but talking to one of them, in particular, has reminded me why I cut off our friendship and how most people never really change.
- Why do I love this Jesse McCartney song so much. It's been stuck in my head all day.

- My next knitting project has been lined up. I even went to the craft store on Sunday to pick up some suitable yarn. I'm going to make the belle epoque knitted shirt from Knitty. How gorgeous is that? I might even feel like I'm in a Jane Austen novel when I wear it.

- I made cupcakes for the accountant this evening. He's retiring, and his last day of work is Friday. I won't be at work Thursday or Friday (moving!), so I'm going to miss his retirement lunch. He's completely bummed because I've somehow become his favorite person in the world. I figured I should do something extra special for him since I'll be gone on his last day. I made a gazillion cupcakes for the office, and I took a few of them and wrapped them individually in a little gift bag. I also picked up some decorations for his office which I hope I'll have time to hang tomorrow morning before he gets into the office.

- I'm so glad I've only got a few more nights left in this place. The new fellow that moved in downstairs left his alarm clock radio outside on his fenced-in backyard last night. The alarm on the radio went off at midnight and continued sounding for an hour. It was loud. Jason had no idea what it was, and he called security to tell them that an alarm was sounding somewhere on the premises. Security were assholes and didn't even bother to come out, so he called the police. Someone else must have called the police earlier because in five minutes, they rolled up to the building. They investigated the ridiculously loud alarm and then beat on this fellow's door for a good ten minutes before he crawled out of bed to turn it off.

EDIT: I just had a revelation. I *love* the BeeGees' music, but only when sung by other singers. Example.
I finished my super!awesome knitted cotton tank.

zee pictures )

Excuse the odd angle of the second picture, but I'm, apparently, unable to take a picture of my torso without cutting my head and/or back off. At least you can see how it looks on instead of lying atop a table. I lurve it lots.

Packing has begun. Our new bed is arriving tomorrow morning. I need to box up my books, DVDs/videos, and other assorted odds and ends this weekend. Next weekend I'll pull the art off the walls and pack up what I can of the kitchen. I'm so excited about moving, but it is so much work. Blah.

EDIT: a very cool quiz )
I finished Garth Nix's Sabriel a little over a week ago. After taking a pit stop to finish the next-to-last Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris, I picked up the novel (Lirael) that follows Sabriel. Anyway, this isn't really about that novel or the Charlaine Harris one. Okay, actually, I do have something to say about the Charlaine Harris one, but you might want to quit reading because spoilers are abound. So, I'm peeved that Quinn killed Andre. Completely and irrevocably irritated over that little fact. I really liked Andre. And I used to like Quinn until now. The bastard. Was anyone else sad to see Andre go?

Anyway, back to what I originally intended to post. Near the end of Sabriel, the main character's self-declared protector (and the only person left in the royal blood line) declares his love for Sabriel. How does he do it? By saying this:

"I love you... I hope you don't mind."

I've read a number of reviews of the novel, and a few of them mention this line or the relationship between Sabriel and Touchstone (odd name because he cannot remember his name). One girl said, "And his declaration of love for Sabriel is pretty much one of the funniest I've read this year. Oookay...I doubted that Romeo ever asked Juliet whether she minded at all. And sneaking into a lady's room in the middle of the night, tch tch."

Personally, I found the simple statement quite endearing and sweet, even romantic. Is this just me? Am I a sucker for the moment of insecurity when a character expresses his/her true feelings? As much as I latch on to strong-willed and confident characters, I love that little hint of hesitancy when it comes down to matters of the heart.

I finished the back to my knit v-neck tank. It's gorgeous, but I still have the front to tackle before I can post super awesome pictures of my super awesome cotton tank.

Oh! And there was a nice little write-up on Richard Armitage (my pretend boyfriend when Jason's not around) on Entertainment Weekly's website. The author even included a wonderful clip from Robin Hood, in which Guy (Richard Armitage's character) makes me swoon like no other. Gah. Just gah. His pants are conspiring to distract me from my life.
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( Jul. 16th, 2008 07:09 pm)
We may or may not move the office to another location. Boss 1 and Boss 2 are on the outs, and Boss 1 owns the building, so Boss 2 is keen to rent another place. It's much more confusing than it sounds, but typing it all out here wouldn't do a thing. I've been charged with the task of finding a suitable location for the office, mechanic shop, and equipment yard. This task is impossible. Two real estate agents told me just as much when I inquired.

I'm knitting again. I got the yarn to knit this gorgeous v-neck tank today. I did a swatch to check my gauge this afternoon so I can delve into the back of the sweater this evening. You all don't know how much I hate casting on stitches. Uck.

I spent way too much money at Cost Plus World Market. I picked up my mother's birthday present, which was my original reason for going in the store. I also bought tea paraphernalia galore, soaps, lotions, a nifty tote bag. One can never have too many tote bags, especially ones with sparkly elephants on them.

The annual visit to the OB/GYN is coming up. Not exactly looking forward to it to say the least.

Oh, and I'm such a softie. Payroll Girl's little boy is sick. He's only four, and we're X-Men buddies since we both like the cartoon. I felt bad for him, so while I was picking up the yarn for my knitting project, I bought him a little soft model plane he can assemble and fly around the house. I gave it to Payroll Girl, and she said he'd love it because he comes home with paper airplanes from daycare every day.
I couldn't leave well enough alone. I went back to the store and got more letters so I could put the alphabet and numbers on the bookcase.

see )

While at Target, I treated myself to some summer sleepwear. I haven't bought anything girly in a couple years, so I got a couple short nighties and a frilly tank top with some even frillier boy shorts. I figured since I was being such a girl, I might as well throw in some pink panties. The last time I wore my pink polka dot panties, Jason made fun of me. I guess I'm not a very pink person.

I got the itch to knit something over the weekend, so I started on a HP Ravenclaw house scarf. I was even legit and got some bronze yarn instead of the silver they use in the movies. It's coming along quite nicely, but it isn't even halfway finished yet. It's terribly easy to knit, though. So, I can watch television while working on it. The majority of that sucker was done while watching There Will Be Blood on Saturday. Great movie, but I don't know if it deserves all the copious fandom love it is getting.

look, i'm a ravenclaw )
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( Feb. 5th, 2008 10:43 pm)
I finished the hat and scarf for Markel. The hat was done using a basic cabled hat pattern, but I invented a pattern for the scarf since there are virtually no baby/toddler scarf patterns out there. It's nothing fancy - just a regular old cable running up the center and garter stitch around the edges to prevent curling. The yarn was unlabeled and had been sitting in the bottom of my yarn drawer for ages. Ferguson actually got into it about a year ago and ripped some of it to shreds. I managed to salvage enough to make the scarf and the hat with a bit left over.

don't be so blue )

What's up New Mexico Democrats? Hillary? For serious? I'm so disappointed in you. I thought were were all aware that she is deceitful, disingenuous, and fake as all get out. Shame, shame. If you voted for her, I'm sorry that she's fooled you into believing she's a good person.

This little Independent didn't get a say so since we've got a closed primary up in here.
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( Feb. 5th, 2008 07:18 pm)
I'm still in love with my new computer.

Work is super slow, and I've been using the extra time to knit a matching scarf and hat for Markel. I'm like a doting aunt. Don't worry. This still doesn't mean I'm even considering kids of my own. I seriously and honestly believe I have primary tocophobia. The thought of becoming pregnant actually makes me nervous, afraid, and physically ill. I find it absolutely disgusting and gross. I can't remember a time when I didn't. It's actually one of my worst fears, and if I ever found out I was pregnant, I would demand an abortion the same day I discovered my situation. I'm aware that this is not normal, but I'm not even joking when I say that I would flip my lid.

oh, and a meme - seven quirky things about me )
My mother sent me a tree. A living pine tree. It came in a tall box with twelve small Christmas ornaments and a set of twenty Christmas lights. She knows I don't decorate for Christmas, but she did it anyway. To tell the truth, I really like it. I've adopted the tree as my new plant. I've already re-potted it and given it a good water.

the tree gussied all up for x-mas )

I knitted Markel (niece) a hat for Christmas. I think all the super cutesy baby hats out there suck. They totally don't capture her personality. So, I made a 1920's-inspired hat with a big purple flower on the side. It is the most awesome hat ever. I want to make one for myself.

Click the picture for more detail...

It was made using some scrap yarn I hade. The hat itself is some extra yarn from my sweater (which I'm still working on) in wheat, and the purple yarn is a bit of leftover Cascade 220 from my mother's felted bag. I thought they complimented each other quite well.

I spent the evening washing a set of cookware my grandmother had Home Shopping send me. I have pots and pans galore, now. I also had to wrap Christmas presents and package them to be shipped out tomorrow or Saturday.
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( Dec. 3rd, 2007 03:44 pm)
I felt like shit this morning, so I called in sick to work. This means tomorrow will royally suck because I will have to catch up on my work from Friday and Monday. It makes me tired just thinking about it. My fever is goneI, though I'm still hacking up my left lung every few minutes. If someone could figure out a way to spoon the mucus out of my throat, I'd be really grateful.

I finished the majority of the sweater I've been knitting. I shaped the upper back this weekend and started on the shaping of the upper front today when I couldn't sleep. The picture below is of the cables that run down both sides of the sweater. I've already put it on, but it just falls off me without the shoulders. I may have knitted it a size too large, but that might work to my advantage. It will be a nice, comfy sweater I can throw on and lounge around in.

progress picture )
I absolutely love the cables that are knitted up both sides of the pullover I'm making. They're gorgeous and surprisingly easy to do. I've made crazy progress in the last two weeks, and I have about twenty more rows to knit before splitting the sweater for the armholes.

progress pictures that actually show something other than a blob of knitting )

Jason and I watched a recording of The Reduced Shakespeare Company performing Shakespeare's complete works. It was hilarious. If you're a fan of literature, especially Shakespeare, then I highly recommend it. I nearly spent the entire ninety minutes doubled over in laughter.

video clips of the performance )
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( Nov. 18th, 2007 06:13 pm)
I'm completely obsessed with that Rogue Hooded Pullover I said I was going to knit. Knitting it is addictive because the cables keep it interesting without making it too difficult.

a progress picture )

I knitted an earflap hat for Jason a couple weeks ago, but never posted a picture. He wanted something that looked dorky with a pointy tip on the top. I put it on this evening so I could show everyone. Jason refuses to model it for me, but I swear he isn't a made-up boyfriend. Judy snapped a picture of him at the chihuahua fundraiser earlier this year.

dorky earflap hat style with a bonus giger poster in the background )
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( Nov. 12th, 2007 11:19 pm)
I'm embarking on my personal knitter's Mount Everest. I've made the scarves and hats and various assorted knitted items. I've even made a simple sweater. I finally ordered the appropriate amount of yarn to make a Rogue Hooded Pullover from the girl from auntie's website. The website doesn't show it all that well, but it has those beautiful cables along each side as well as on the hood, cuffs, and neckline. This picture of a girl who has already knitted hers shows the sides of the sweater wonderfully.

At any rate, I'm totally committed to this. I will finish this pullover by the time spring rolls around. I'm already an entire five rows into it. The yarn is delicious and is called wheat. It's cream-colored with flecks of dark brown in it.

this will be a gorgeous sweater before you know it )

EDIT: I seriously need some Midol, but it's nearly midnight and I don't feel like going to the drug store. If I could get out of bed before 7:00am, I'd drop by before work. I'm not getting out of bed that early. As it is, I might have to suffer until noon tomorrow. ::eye twitches::
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( Nov. 11th, 2007 12:01 pm)
It's a bit late for Halloween, but I finally finished my rendition of Jackyll and hide. The pattern was very easy, but involved a great deal of repetitious stockinette and ribbing knitted in the round. I have no idea where or when I'd wear the Jack Skellington-inspired mask, but I really love the rolled up balaclava as a hat. I feel like I should be frolicking in the Himalayas when I wear it.

scary me - rowrrr! )

snow bunny me )

I also knitted Jason a ridiculous earflap hat that would rival the dorkiness of Jayne Cobb's hat, but with a pointy tip instead of the massive pom-pom.
I finished one of my Lolita Legs stockings after months of saying I was going to do it. I attempted several methods of photographing the stocking last night without posting my leg on the internet. In the end, the stocking looks like a glob of yarn without a leg inside of it. Plus, it's just my leg. It's not like I'm flashing a boob to my flist. This is a no-nipple zone.

picture of the stocking )

So, my problem is that the stocking keeps falling down my thigh when I lace it with a ribbon. I temporarily used a white elastic cord as a lace up the back, but it doesn't look pretty. I was thinking about dying the cord a different color to spice up the back of the stocking. White just isn't working for me.

I've done nothing today but order breakfast for the office and stare at my desk. A group of solicitors were harassing the poor receptionist a few moments ago. They were bullying their way through her so they could go into employees' private offices. The hallway outside my door looks down into the lobby. I walked out there and sent them packing. They wanted to sell tickets to basketball games at UNM. I told them that we all hated basketball before pointing out the No Solicitation sign on the door. So, that's the only other thing I've managed to do today. I'm on a roll.

My high school English teacher told us that if, on the first day of the month, you said, "Rabbit, rabbit," before opening your eyes and getting out of bed, you would have a good month. I've never managed to do this. I doubt anyone other than a terribly happy morning person would remember. When I wake, I'm not thinking about having a good month; I'm thinking about how I'm going to get out of bed and go to work when I feel like I could use another three hours of sleep. Plus, it's been cold and dark these past few mornings. This is not exactly the best weather for rising and shining. Not that I know how to do that on sunny, warm mornings either.

P.S. - What the fuck is it with me and the characters I like? I always end up liking the kinda-sorta bad boy who is emotionally stunted in general, but secretly has a heart of gold and a desire to be honorable (in his own way). I'm frickin' predictable. Titus Pullo from Rome is my new cause. (We're going to ignore that I find him very pleasing to the eye. Gaaaaa...) I've been wobbling back and forth on whether I like that program or not. At first it was pretty ridiculous. I didn't care for most of the characters, thought some of them were annoying to no end, and hated the excessive sex scenes I found to be unnecessary. It has taken me ten episodes to even figure out that I might like it. A little. I was expecting another Carnivale or Deadwood. Rome is definitely not up to the caliber of those two shows, but it's tolerable.


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