Most of the time, I feel like people of my generation (and younger) don't know how, nor do the understand the concept, of being unobtrusive and respectful. It's like everyone is jumping up and down, waving their hands in the air, and screaming, 'Look at me! Look at me!' It's obnoxious and clashes severely with my low-key mentality.

blah, blah, whine, whine )

i can haz a harry potter husband? )

dedication meme )
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( Jul. 25th, 2008 07:11 pm)
Well, crap. [ profile] sshg_exchange is having another round of fics. I haven't written much anything in the last couple months, but I still want to sign up. It's like a drug. I can't resist, even though I know I would fret over doing the prompt I'd get justice.

In related news, I lovingly put together a fanmix for Snape/Hermione relationship-ness. Half my flist 'ship it, and the other half of my flist probably give me the fish eye when I mention SS/HG. So, if you're in the eww-gross half, feel free to ignore or just think of this post as free music. Since there is virtually no SS/HG in canon, I'm going on the fanon version of the 'ship. The songs are a bit subdued because I just can't imagine Snape or Hermione fitting with NIN or even some emo band. I desperately wanted to include a few other bands, but the songs just sounded out-of-place with this collection.

preview/download songs with track listing and larger graphics )

I'm fiddling around with making another related fanmix with a different feel to it, but I haven't manage to find all the songs to compliment one another.
- There are too many raisins in Raisin Bran. I think they should cut back. However, it does taste wonderful with soy milk.

- My 401(k) doesn't look like it wants to cry anymore. I've almost gained back all the money I lost a couple months ago.

- Why is Rupert Grint so adorable? How old is he? 16?** God, I'm such a perv. Shoot me.

- We're getting a real receptionist at work. The current pseudo-receptionist (who can't spell) gave notice yesterday since she'll be tied up with school and unable to work the proper hours. I put an ad in the classified to run this weekend. Now, I just have to cross my fingers that we get decent applicants.

- I started writing a fic yesterday. It's over 5,000 words at the moment, but I'm not sure where I'm taking it. It's Draco/Hermione. I don't know how good it is because I've never written that 'ship before and I gave up on reading so many of the Dramione stories because Draco was suddenly a super suave fellow who secretly loved Hermione the entire time. It weirds me out. If anyone 'ships the Dramione and wants to read it to tell me if it's utter shit or not, please contact me. I suspect my flist is filled with non-HP readers or SS/HG, LM/HG 'shippers, though.

- At least it's Friday. I'm taking Monday off because I feel like it.

EDIT: **He's actually 19. I feel a bit better now.
I couldn't leave well enough alone. I went back to the store and got more letters so I could put the alphabet and numbers on the bookcase.

see )

While at Target, I treated myself to some summer sleepwear. I haven't bought anything girly in a couple years, so I got a couple short nighties and a frilly tank top with some even frillier boy shorts. I figured since I was being such a girl, I might as well throw in some pink panties. The last time I wore my pink polka dot panties, Jason made fun of me. I guess I'm not a very pink person.

I got the itch to knit something over the weekend, so I started on a HP Ravenclaw house scarf. I was even legit and got some bronze yarn instead of the silver they use in the movies. It's coming along quite nicely, but it isn't even halfway finished yet. It's terribly easy to knit, though. So, I can watch television while working on it. The majority of that sucker was done while watching There Will Be Blood on Saturday. Great movie, but I don't know if it deserves all the copious fandom love it is getting.

look, i'm a ravenclaw )
Since I've been unable to write anything recently, I thought I'd try my hand at this meme from [ profile] sunshade. You are supposed to let your music player randomly select songs for you and write a drabble for each song while that song is playing. Once the song is finished, you must stop writing. I can't do it. My problem isn't so much a lack of inspiration (though that is certainly there), it is more due to the fact that I can't write drabbles for squat. I feel like I need to explain, continue, elaborate. I can't just write a scene without explanation of how I got to the scene or some sort of conclusion (even if it is half-assed). This is probably why I rarely read drabbles. I have nothing against them, and I don't mind others writing them, but I'm one of those people who usually skips over then in favor of that next fic which has eight thousand words. Eight thousand delicious words. Something to sink my teeth into as a reader. Drabbles always leave me wanting more, and then I get sad because I can't click the next button for the conclusion.

Maybe this means I just can't live in the moment. I want to know the past and the future. I want plans. Plans. Oh god, how I love you, plans.

So, yeah... no writing for me. Although, I've been thinking about writing Draco/Hermione just to get this monkey off my back. I could even write it canon without too much difficulty (i.e. I wouldn't have to raise someone from the dead). This is keeping in mind that I've completely forgotten about the epilogue to DH. So, if you're a stickler, it would be canon minus the epilogue. We don't need no stinkin' babies.

Jason and I are watching Planetes, an anime series from a few years ago. It's good, but it just hasn't clicked with me. He loves it. I'm sad that there aren't any yummy characters for me to watch. Because I'm that shallow. In all seriousness, though, it is a very good program and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in a more realistic view of space exploration in the next hundred years. But no pretty boys. Sorry.
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( Apr. 16th, 2008 07:48 pm)
What's wrong with me? I've taken to reading Draco/Hermione fics. I hate Draco. Or at least I thought I did. I feel all dirty now.

I forgot to mention that Jason and I watched Der Untergang (Downfall) this past weekend, and it was absolutely amazing. Wow. It is an extremely powerful film. Even if you have no interest in the fall of the Third Reich, I still highly recommend it.
Following up on this entry, the first season of Robin Hood still hasn't finished downloading. My impatience is astounding.

I'm reading Le Morte D'Arthur, which I'm enjoying more than I had originally thought I would. However, is it possible, Sir Thomas Malory, to put a lid on the copious and extensive discussions of who exactly knocked whom off his horse, and who then who re-horsed that fellow?

The receptionist is the most annoying person in the world. She makes my eye twitch. It isn't that she's a bad employee or difficult to get along with. My problem is that she is so needy. So needy. She asks me if she can help me three to four times a day, which is pretty ridiculous and excessive. When she has a doctor appointment, she tells me about it fifteen times, and then gives me a frickin' schedule of when she plans to leave, how long it will take her to get there, and when she will expect to return. Appreciated and all, but I have other shit to attend to, and my world does not revolve around your multiple doctor appointments. She's a sickly one. Actually, she's not very sickly, but she loves to make a fuss over little things. Payroll Girl is gone this morning, and that means all the pressure is on me to appease Miss Receptionist. And I'm just really not in the mood today. I'm actually going out of my way to avoid her. I need to go fax a couple things downstairs, but I'm putting it off because she's down there, and I'd have to walk by her desk.

award nominations for moi? )
It looks like I'm going to write, despite my dry spell. I volunteered as a pinch hitter for the SS/HG Exchange on a whim since I've been itching to write something lately. I got an e-mail today requesting help with a last minute fic. I've got a choice of three prompts, two of which I'm considering. I'll sleep on it tonight and start on something tomorrow if I can stop flippin' coughing.

Has anyone heard Blake Lewis's album? It's adorable. He made an '80s boy band album. I'm completely in love with it. No, I'm not being facetious; I'm serious. I swoon, I swoon! He even reworks "Puttin' on the Ritz" and incorporates it into a song called "Gots to Get Her". If I could stay awake another ten minutes, I'd post mp3s my other favorites. As it is, I'm a few seconds from falling asleep on my keyboard. I love nighttime versions of medicines. This Theraflu is putting my ass to sleep.
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( Aug. 9th, 2007 01:28 pm)
when i was seventeen... )

The first chapter of my post-DH fic--Breathing Love--has been uploaded to TTP: here.
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( Jul. 30th, 2007 02:56 pm)
I have done absolutely no work today, but I did rearrange some papers on my desk so it looks like I've done something. My lack of work ethic is for a good cause, though. I just finished the first draft of my post-DH fic. I need to go through and clean it up, which will include adding some things in to make the plot flow properly. But, yay! Now I get to bug my lovely betas.

Jason and I went to the gun range on Sunday afternoon, and I hurt my pinky. No, I didn't shoot it off or anything. My gun is a subcompact, which means that the grip is itty bitty. My pinky won't fit properly and keeps flying off with the recoil. I need to get the grip extender to slap on the end of the magazine, but I'm procrastinating. At any rate, I've got a tiny red blister on my pinky now. :-( Feel sorry for me.
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( Jul. 27th, 2007 09:54 am)
I can't leave it alone. I just can't. I made another shirt. I actually saw it on CafePress in the WIKTT Archives store, but it isn't there anymore. A t-shirt and some transfer paper work just as well, as you can see.

my shirt has a spoiler on it, so it is behind a cut )

[ profile] dreamy_dragon73 has informed me that there is a new community holding a fic festival.

Because he deserves so much more.
[ profile] snape_after_dh

I've already copied and pared down the list of prompts to five possibilities. Two of them are screaming for me to write them, so I may end up writing both if time permits. I'm still working on the yet-untitled SS/HG one, but I hope to get another chapter written today since my beta responsibilities have been met.
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( Jul. 25th, 2007 08:04 am)
Yesterday, I learned that the burglary alarm in my apartment will go off if the power fails. The monitoring company called my cell at 2:45pm to tell me that the alarm had been set off. I ran home to find everything locked up tight and all the clocks blinking midnight. I suppose if a burglar tried to cut the power to my place to steal a television, then this feature would be helpful. However, I doubt this will ever occur, so it is just a nuisance.

And the worst thing? I was putting company time to good use by writing a bit on the fiction I started a couple days ago. Things were flowing well when the evil alarm company interrupted me. As for the fiction, it's coming along fairly well. I'm still dancing around, not sure what direction it is going in. I don't even have a solid plot. Maybe something will come to me after another chapter or so.

three paragraphs of the fic - spoilers for DH )

Jason's dad is coming over for dinner today. He's bringing the pizza. I was under the impression we were going to watch a video, but I don't know if Jason and I, being the weirdos that we are, have anything Jason's dad would be interested in seeing. Supposedly, Jason's sister is coming along as well, but I have my doubts. I get the feeling that she's very intimidated by Jason and I. This wouldn't be surprising, considering that we both believe her to be a worthless lump of a person. Her baby's attendance is still up-in-the-air. She may or may not come along. The dog may or may not come as well. I suspect we won't find out until they show up on our doorstep.

Gypsy, Jason's mom's dog, is still at the vet's office. Her survival is in question because she is so sick. The vet still isn't completely sure what is wrong with her, seeing as how her symptoms don't all point to one particular cause. The medical bill is climbing with each day, and Jason's mom is getting nervous about it. I'm sure it is well over a thousand bucks by now.

Meanwhile, the biggest drama from my family is the fact that my brother's can't seem to find a desk chair that won't break when they sit in it. My brothers are monstrously large--about six feet tall and at least 350 pounds. The scale ends at 350, doesn't it? I remember them telling my mother that they had made the scale go all the way around to zero again. It's not exactly something to brag about, you know? So, they're stuffing their faces and drinking soda directly out of the two-liter bottles. Rolling desk chairs with plastic legs won't hold them for more than a month before breaking. My mother thinks it's a crime that desk chairs aren't constructed better. I think it's a crime that she's not telling them to stop eating five ice cream sandwiches after dinner. My brothers think its a crime that desk chairs cost $150 at the office supply stores.
as always, spoilers )

more dog drama )
minor spoilers (i certainly hope you know by now) and fanficiness )

With all the Harry Potter hubbub going on, I didn't mention that I finally purchased the gun I'll be using for concealed carry once I officially get my license in the mail. I wanted something compact, but with a decent amount of power. I also wanted something reliable and simple that can stand to be placed in an ankle holster or shoved in a purse for days at a time. After shopping around for about a month, I decided on the Glock 26, which matched all of my criteria and then some.

pictures of da gun )

I'm actually very happy with it, even if it did reduce my checking account by nearly six hundred bucks. Jason also bought a Glock when we went to get mine on Friday. His is a Glock 23, a 40 caliber compact model that is larger than mine and slightly more powerful.

So, Friday was a crazy day. I got out of work early and went to the gun range to rent and then buy the gun I wanted. We returned home and had dinner. I twiddled my thumbs for a couple hours and eventually called my mom to spill my guts about how excited I was for DH. Jason made me sit down and watch two movies with him before we went to retrieve DH from the bookstore. And then I inhaled three chapters of the book before Jason made me turn the flippin' light out so he could sleep. Sleep? Sleep?! I have chapters to read! Needless to say, I slept for a few hours before reading more before he woke up. I would call him a bastard, but he was kind enough to close the door and leave me alone when I was sobbing over Chapter 33.

bonus picture of ferguson being awesome )
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( Jul. 22nd, 2007 12:27 pm)
cut because this has spoilers for DH )
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( Jul. 21st, 2007 11:35 pm)
Because I'm a maniac, I've already finished Deathly Hallows. Have no fear--all spoilers will be securely behind the cut. And I'm certainly not going to proof this, so if my grammar sucks or there are crazy typos, then sorry. My bad.

Jason and I arrived at the bookstore at 11:30pm because I didn't think I could manage being in a room with hundreds of other people for more than an hour, even if they are fellow HP fans. We bypassed the Sorting Hat and just got in one of the lines for pre-orders. Poor Jason lasted all of five minutes before getting creeped out by the two Dementors floating about the door, weaving in and out of the lines. He went to wait in the car away from all the "madness" and crowds. I ended up in line with a girl who was busting at the seams to get the last book. I think she told me her entire life story in about ten minutes. She confided in me that she was fairly sure Voldemort would be dying. No? You think? It'd be a pretty crappy ending if he didn't die. She also assured me that she thought Snape was really a good guy. Obviously, she didn't see my shirt, which proclaimed in two-inch letters to, "Trust Snape." We got along fairly well. She said that we were "meant to meet in line" for DH. So, I had someone to squee with when we finally got to the register and paid for our copies shortly after midnight. We parted in the parking lot on the assumption that we were both going home to read at least one chapter before passing out.

I managed three chapters before hitting the sack. I woke up at 8:30, rolled over, pulled the book off the nightstand, and shoved my nose in it. Jason woke up an hour later and laughed at me. He dragged me to breakfast at 10:30, but only after he promised that we would be back home in less than an hour. A brief break was taken from reading at 4:00 so we could go to the grocery store and make dinner. I had my nose back in the book by 5:30. Just as I was getting into the last 200 pages of the book this evening, he shut me away in the bedroom, telling me that he was going to watch a couple movies while I finished. So, I just finished.


Anyway, I'm sure I'll have more to say about the book at a later date. Right now I'd just past midnight, and I'm bouncing around, unable to think of much beyond the book I just finished. I'm going to sit here and listen to some angsty music and feel sorry for the people who died in DH.
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( Jul. 20th, 2007 03:20 pm)
The boss is drinking again. We found orange juice with vodka and an empty bottle of Grey Goose in his office--you know, one of those half gallon bottles they sell at Costco. Anyway, the other boss banned him from the office until he gets his act together. I told her that he'll never manage it. He'll die before he kicks the habit.

The place where I pre-ordered DH isn't handing out the wristbands for the line order. They have 450 copies on pre-order, so that means that I can't exactly show up at 11:45pm and hope to get out of there by 12:30am. Damn. They say they are having a party which starts at 8:00pm, so I was hoping to drop by and see if they are handing out numbers at the start of the party. If not, and the line is far too long, then I may wait until tomorrow morning. I'm not that crazy.

Until I finish the book, I'll be offline. I'll be answering e-mails via my cellphone if needed. Otherwise, I'll be buried in the book.
I'm not going to say where I read it, what it's called, or who wrote it, but this short passage pains me.

explicit sexual content. no click-y if you don't want to read badly written (and possibly painful) sex. )
Dear Harry Potter Fandom,

Please refrain from freaking out. If posts could twitch in a show of neurotic behavior, then the posts in the [ profile] spoil_me_dh community would surely be vibrating with craziness. The book will be out in just over three days. We will all know what happens then. No need to get your undies in a bunch over some fake copy on the net.

Oh, and if Snape dies, I'll cry. I'll probably cry if Hermione dies, too. Then I'll have to use some major brain power to work out another SS/HG fic. And I'd much rather use that brain power on the sexin' scenes.


P.S. - Could we possibly keep Lucius and Remus alive as well? I don't mind if Draco dies. He's a little snot anyway.
I took Ferguson to a dog park on Saturday morning, which was a huge mistake. Thankfully, Ferguson and I were not involved in the drama. However, a dog fight (actually, it was more of a skirmish) broke out. This led to a screaming match between the two owners. This almost led to a fist fight by the gate of the dog park. Sheesh. It's rare that I'm witness to such blatant and silly macho male posturing. One of them was even shirtless. I was not impressed, even when he jumped the four-foot fench to go after the other fellow. After they decided that they had screamed at each other enough, the owner of the smaller dog departed. The shirtless (and possibly drunk) owner of the larger dog decided to regale me with tales of how wonderfully friendly his dog is. It's good that at least the dog is friendly because he certainly fell short. I left within two minutes of realizing I was alone with a crazy lady and shirtless macho man. And the funny thing? I was only at the dog park for ten minutes. All of this drama crammed into such a short amount of time. Holy mackrel.

Jason and I saw The Order of the Phoenix on Saturday night. I'll not go into details, but it was most excellent. I have my minor complaints as does everyone, but, on the whole, I enjoyed it greatly. And Alan Rickman's voice makes me want to melt into a puddle on the floor. Jason has great fun teasing me about it. We rented Quigley Down Under a few months ago, and I was teased mercilessly throughout the first twenty minutes of the movie about how much I lurv "that guy who plays Snape." I should be more careful with what I say around him. He already uses my weird infatuation with William Hurt against me. And you'd be surprised at how many movies William Hurt is in.

My most detested co-worker came up to my office this afternoon to discuss the upcoming Harry Potter book. Is it wrong that, in this office, he has the most in common with me, but I can't stand being in the same room with him? He's so flippin' annoying that I can't handle even thinking about him. I tried to put on a happy face and chat with him about theories for the seventh novel and such, but it was just so forced. He's convinced that Dumbledore is still alive. I'm convinced that he's in denial. Thankfully, Payroll Girl interrupted our conversation by saying that all she knew about Harry Potter was, "that he's a boy who does magic, there's a hot guy who teaches him, and they play Quidditch by flying on brooms." Yes, I taught her everything she knows. Although, I'm not sure where she heard about Quidditch. I don't recall dropping that info on her lap. The hot guy who teaches Harry? Yeah, that was my doing. I told her all about Snape. But, now that I'm thinking about it, I may have neglected her HP education. There are many hot guys in the HP-verse. Enough to fill a large closet in my depraved dreams. Perhaps I should introduce her to Lucius and Remus. (P.S. - What's up with J.K. Rowling ending most her adult male names with 'US'? Severus, Lucius, Sirius, Remus, Albus, Filius, Mundungus, Cornelius?)

Jason says me that he'll go to the midnight release of DH if I let him put a paper bag over his head to hide from the crazies. I just might take him up on that offer.


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