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( May. 8th, 2009 09:22 pm)
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If you're looking for homemade treats for your doggie, then I highly recommend Tail Waggin' Temptations. I met the couple that make these treats at the Quixote Humane Easter Parade a few weeks ago and bought a small container of treats from them. Ferguson isn't much for dog bones, but he is in love with their peanut butter heart treats. I just ordered another box off their website, and it arrived a couple days later.

Glengarry Glen Ross is one of my favorite films. I'm such a fan of David Mamet's talk-y movies. Jason and I were quoting it this evening because we were watching Ed Harris in another movie. I popped on YouTube and found this:

(WARNING: Lotsa lota cursing and foul language in the clip below.)

There is so much great dialogue in this film that I could never list it all here, but one of my favorite parts is when Dave (Ed Harris' character) says, "Anybody who talks to this asshole is a fuckin' asshole." So classic. You can see it in the video above at the 1:26 mark.
A gaggle of these little guys (gals) hang out in the basin beside my apartment. When I started feeding the birds, they hurried up the hill and partook of the food as well. I rarely see them fly, but I know they can. They prefer walking around on the ground and running away when something scares them. They've taken to sitting on my porch and waiting for the food to drop down. What are they? I think they are quail. They run in packs, but two of them have taken a special liking to my porch. They aren't as dramatically-colored as the pictures of quail on the net, but they do have little whatchamacallits on the top of their heads.

Jason says he's going to shave off all of his facial hair. We'll see how that goes.

Ferguson and I just got back from our walk. I brought the camera to take pictures of the ridiculous snow on the Sandia Mountains in effin' mid-April. The weather is nice today--upper 50s with sun. It's due to climb up to the mid-60s later this afternoon.

the walk turned into ferguson picture spam )

I have a myriad of veggies left over from our produce box this week. It looks like we're having pasta with zucchini, asparagus, and kale for dinner.

I'm working on a top secret knitting project that is going to be Doctor Who related and made of complete awesome. Jason is super excited about it.
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The woman who lives on the other end of my building feeds the birds. There was a squirrel beneath her bird feeder when I walked by yesterday. !!!!! I love squirrels and there aren't enough of them around here. I also love birds and rabbits which are all in abundance in the basin my patio looks over. So, I decided to feed the birds/squirrels/rabbits/hummingbirds/whatever. The rabbit already gets lettuce, but I did need a bird feeder. Only I can make such a simple decision and turn it into an $80 shopping excursion. For real. I had to buy the super large pot with soil. Then I had to buy the flowers to put in the pot and the shepherd's hook. Not to mention the bird feeder and bird seed. Sheesh. However, I should have a teeming population of songbirds, hummingbirds, squirrels, and rabbits soon.

The little weirdo door to the left is a storage closet that I have filled with old pots and dried up soil.
Dwight Yoakam will be performing at a casino just outside of Albuquerque at the end of the month. Payroll Girl and I flipped our fangirl lids over this and resolved to get tickets and go oogle him. The Jasons (her husband is named Jason also) do not have Dwight love, and we thought it best not to invite them. Alas, when we went online to the casino's website, the tickets were already sold out. Poo poo on that. The sexy will be so close, yet so far away.

Want to hear something awesome? The bit at the end about Catwoman is the best. Have I posted this before? I guess you can never have too much of a good thing.

my name's batman, but you can call me bob. and when i see the boy wonder, i just say, 'yo rob.' i used to wear a big cape and do the leotard bit, but now I'm wearing all these fuck-all-you-motherfuckers hoodies 'cause i don't give a shit. )

We went to the annual Chihuahua Easter Parade yesterday. It's the yearly fundraiser for the Chihuahua rescue I adopted Ferguson from. No, I did not make my poor dog (who fancies himself a stud) wear a ridiculous Easter hat of any kind. He did have his blue sweater on, though. There were several vendors selling treats and/or passing out samples. There were dog trainers and scary pet cremation people there. And a fairly large silent auction of several fun things, including a very weird painting of Jesus with a pack of Chihuahuas* sitting around him. No, not kidding. Jason was so amused, he took a picture. Ferguson had great fun frolicking with the other Chihuahuas, but he looks so huge compared to the pure bred ones. They're all dainty and three pounds. Ferguson is a muscular eleven pounds. He was popular with the girls, though. Margaret (who fostered him for a year before I found him and adopted him) was there. She crawled around on the floor to say hello to Ferguson, but he ran away. It was just so odd because he loves women. I can only assume he remembers her and does not want to go back to the strict regime of her house where all the dogs sleep in crates at night and do not get chicken jerky or stinky bully sticks. Spoiled little brat.

Someone stop me from writing Watchmen fanfic. I really don't need to do this. Really. I'm just going to shoot myself in the foot.

*EDIT: [ profile] holczar13 has informed me that the Chihuahua dude is Saint Francis of Assisi, not Jesus. Which made more sense once I Googled Saint Francis. Because we all know that I have shit knowledge of religion. Harry Potter spells? Know too many of them. Denizens of the Underdark? I could name a few. Lars von Trier movies in the order in which he filmed them? So easy. The difference between Jesus and Saint Francis? Clueless. Actually, I didn't know there was a Saint Francis. I just thought they named hospitals that. You church-goers are cringing right now. Sorry.
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( Mar. 25th, 2009 09:58 pm)
Ferguson is a very well-behaved dog. He is not food/toy-aggressive with anyone. He has never tried to bite anyone, even little children who grab him. However, Jason likes to play with and tease him, acting like he's the other dog in the house. So, Jason has taken to acting as if he's going to eat Ferguson's bones. Ferguson then gets pissed and attempts to attack Jason. I filmed it for my own enjoyment, but thought I'd post it on here because my sweet little dog looks so mean and ferocious.

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( Mar. 16th, 2009 08:12 pm)
After a stifling day in the office, I had to get some fresh air after dinner this evening, so I took Ferguson on a walk to the park. It was all blue skies and sunshine with temperatures in the mid-60s. If you're not enjoying Spring yet, then I send my Spring mojo your way.

other pictures behind the cut, including ferguson attempting to point a rabbit out to me )

I had uploaded several of the Learn Welsh Podcasts to my iPod, and I listened to them while walking Ferguson. I'm sure everyone at the park thought I was nutty, running around calling out random phrases in Welsh.

My laundry is in shambles. I half-assed it last week and ended up leaving a load in the washer and another in the drier. I have two other loads piled in my bathroom floor. I hate laundry.
Poor Ferguson is a bit sick! He's a small dog (about ten pounds), so the three shots he received yesterday were a bit much for him combined with the excitement of coming to work with me. He started showing stress on the way home from work, and by the time we got into the apartment, he was out-of-it. He spent the evening wrapped up in a blanket, sleeping. The shots made his hips rather sore, and he was unable to jump up onto the furniture or walk very well. He even cried and whined when I picked him up a couple times. The shots also made him terribly tired and spacey. I felt like a heel all evening because he looked so damn pathetic. To make up for it, I brought him to work with me today. It's been snowing off and on today, and I didn't want the hassle of going home at lunch to check on him. Thankfully, he's doing much better now.

the high school meme stolen from everyone in the world )
I read Paul Auster's Leviathan this weekend. Auster is one of my favorite authors, though he is rather difficult to classify or describe to someone. Wikipedia says he blends absurdism and crime fiction, and I suppose that's a good enough description as any, but I don't think it encompasses the depth of his work. Anyway, I went into Leviathan knowing nothing about the plot other than what was on the back cover, and I was not disappointed. The entire ride was gorgeous and tragic and uplifting.

The novel is narrated to you by an author named Peter. He wants to tell you exactly how his long-time friend and fellow author, Benjamin Sachs, ended up blowing himself up on the side of the road in northern Wisconsin--how Sachs went from an outgoing, successful author living with a wife in Manhattan to sitting on the side of the road with a bomb in his lap in the middle of nowhere.

It was quite a ride, and I had a difficult time putting the book down. Though it has a sense of being surreal--as I feel all Auster novels do--the events leading up to Sachs' demise are believable in a bizarre, coincidental way. There are several major players in the novel, and they are all quite likable in their own way, yet always somewhat tragic in their relationships with others and themselves. At any rate, if you're looking for a quick read, then I'd highly recommend Leviathan. I don't think anyone would be disappointed with it unless they care little for the inner workings of a person's mind.

Ferguson has joined me at work today because I'm taking him to the vet this afternoon. He needs his yearly check-up and the evil!shots. Poor little guy. I hate to do it to him, but the shots are necessary to register him with the city and keep him healthy. Every time I go, they try to talk me into getting his teeth cleaned, but I'm so reticent about that because he has to be put under to do the procedure. Plus, it's a load of money, and it isn't like he has horrible teeth. I brush them every day with a special doggie toothbrush and poultry-flavored doggie toothpaste. I'm a good dog-mom, dammit.

My book thong died a horrible and abrupt death yesterday evening. It just ripped in two in my very hands. I almost cried because it has served me well and kept my place through so many books. I was so distraught I couldn't even throw it in the garbage; it's still on my side table all forlorn and damaged. So, it looks like I'm going to spend a portion of my lunch hour buying a replacement.
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( Jan. 24th, 2009 02:11 pm)
Jason now has anti-anxiety medication and a referral for a psychotherapy place. He's still unable to sleep and nervous, but he appears to be dealing with it a bit better. The doctor was quite pleased that he had decided to come in and get help. I only know this because Jason made me go back to the exam room with him for moral support.

In an effort to get his mind off things, he went to see Gran Turino with his dad this morning. I opted out and took Ferguson on a long walk instead. The weather was perfect--about fifty degrees with a slight breeze and overcast skies. It felt like autumn instead of winter, and the fresh air did me quite a bit of good since I've not slept well the past three nights either. Ferguson, of course, enjoyed himself immensely. He's a dog; anything outside would make him happy.

i took pictures of the prettiness )

Now that Jason has arrived home, I've swindled him into buying me ice cream. There will be extensive reading coming up this evening, which will make this a most perfect day.
After I did my sixty minutes on the treadmill, I called for Ferguson. He didn't come, and I didn't see him anywhere in the apartment. When I walked back into the living room, I saw his head, poking out of some old blankets I had piled in the armchair.

the lazy adventures of ferguson, the dog )

Seriously, I have no idea what I would do without this dog. He's the coolest, sweetest dog ever. He's actually asleep on my lap at the moment. I interrupted his nap, so it's the least I could do. If you want a dog, then for goodness sake adopt, don't buy from a pet store or breeder. There are wonderful dogs in public and private shelters that need homes. Ferguson was nearly euthanized because his owners could not afford to pay the vet bills after he was attacked and nearly killed by their larger dog. Luckily, the shelter signed him over to an animal rescue that got him the care he needed so I could adopt him. Please, please, please adopt the doggies that need homes.
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( Nov. 8th, 2008 09:43 pm)
Have I mentioned how much I hate parties? I have? Well, let me reiterate, I hate parties. This party, that party, those parties, all parties. Are there people at that party? Then I hate that party. I feel like three-fourth of the people in this world are psychic vampires, and they all happen to attend the parties I go to just so they can eat my energy and life force. Yes, I'm being paranoid, but I'm half out of my mind with exhaustion. Jason's mother decided that she needed to throw a huge 60th birthday bash. There were well over thirty people there, most of whom I don't know or only see two or three times a year. Did I mention how much I dislike hugging? Yes? Well, drat. I feel like Scrooge here. Or maybe Golem. I hates it, my precious.

The highlight of my day was hiking in the Sandias this morning. I didn't take a great deal of pictures just because I forgot I had the camera with me after the first few minutes. I dragged Jason along, even though he says he hates hiking. He's obviously a liar. Ferguson had great fun bounding through the brush. He's even in a couple of the pictures looking like he thinks he's a German Shepard when he's really just a ten-pound chihuahua.

the pretty pictures )

I haven't seen the past two or three episodes of True Blood. I took a step back because some of the changes were annoying me. How are things going with that? Have they ruined Sam? They were tettering on them when I stopped watching by making him super dooper jealous and protective of Sookie. Has there been more Eric?

I'm going to go take something for this creeping headache and catch a nap while Jason watches stupid B-movies.
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( Sep. 21st, 2008 11:37 am)
Jason's mother is hell bent on going to some wacky French restaurant in Uptown for dinner this evening. She's taking Jason and I out for his birthday. The thing is, I think the restaurant is a breakfast/lunch place, not a dinner place. As far as I know, they close at two o'clock in the afternoon. I've got my fingers crossed that this is true because I'm not a real big fan of French cuisine. Maybe we can talk her into making reservations at the Italian place across the street.

I toted my camera along on the walk Ferguson and I took this morning. Pictures of the lovely, sunny, and cool Sunday morning...

we saw a roadrunner, but it was much too fast for me to get a picture )

I'm so happy autumn is nearly upon us. Walks when the temperature is in the low 60s are such a pleasure.
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( Sep. 7th, 2008 12:17 pm)
What's on tonight? True Blood, that's what. For the record: so excited. So excited that I might even start liking Bill. At least until Eric shows up around the third or fourth episode. I don't subscribe to HBO or any of the premium movie channels, but DirecTV is offering a few weekend of HBO at the moment, so I'll be able to watch it tonight. In the future, I'll have to depend on all the tech-savvy fans out there who can upload the episodes to YouTube.

Ferguson has a love/hate relationship with the vertical blinds in the living room. They're easy for him to push aside for peeking out in the yard. However, they block the sun and prevent his favorite past-time: sunbathing. Yesterday, he figured out a way around them. Pictorial proof.

I picked up a copy of I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith this weekend. I've heard some good things about it from a few people, and it seems to be the sort of novel I'm in the mood for at the moment. Has anyone on my flist read it? What did you think?
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( Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:29 pm)
I figured out what the sculpture I spoke about in this entry is. I should have read the plaque at the head of the trail yesterday because it tells you all about it. It's a 5,000 pound, 22-foot solid metal sculpture by Ali Baudoin called Shrine to the Bear. It's supposed to represent a blade of grass (pampas?) that is used often as a symbol of that community. Ali Baudoin was born in Minnesota and moved to Albuquerque early on in life. Apparently, he's quite well known for his huge metal sculptures. I really like one called Rainbow Walker, but I believe it is in Huntsville, Texas.

Ferguson and I are back in our walking groove, and it makes me feel much better. Actually, I was feeling so good, I jogged the last mile back to the apartment. When we slipped in the gate at the complex, I saw the neighborhood dogs congregated outside near my building. Well, not all of them, but some. Luella was out there with her Papillion; a woman a couple doors down from us had her Pomeranian; and a girl that lives around the way was walking her Beagle. Ferguson had already met them all separately. The new addition to the gang is the Labrador that just moved in today. We all let the dogs play on the lawn for a few minutes before returning to our apartments. The friendliness and good attitude around here is a refreshing change. I'm not one of those neighbors that wants to be best buddies with people who live around me, but I do like to be on friendly and casual terms with people. Very few people would even say hello to me or anyone else at the old apartment. And they never walked their dogs, preferring to let them out on the balcony to do their business on the cement. What kind of life is that for a dog?

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with my choice of this apartment complex. Jason seems to be happy as well, seeing as how he's delved back into the Lovecraft book he was reading a month ago before we became uncomfortable at the other place. Like me, he can't read when life is in turmoil. So, his renewed interest in reading speaks volumes for his comfort level here.
The little natural pet foods store I get Ferguson's food at got a shipment of Doggles in, and I had to get a pair for Ferguson. He looks super cute with them on, but he's not too keen on keeping them on for long periods of time. They restrict his peripheral vision.

see the cuteness )

After finishing Michael Ende's The Neverending Story, I searched high and low on the internet for a replica of the AURYN from the book and movie. Surprisingly, I found one and bought it for only a few bucks.

picture of my AURYN )

I'm afraid I've turned into one of those film snobs. Jason is tough on movies, but I'm even worse than him. And I compare everything to Tarkovsky and von Trier, so nothing can measure up properly. I've even snubbed my nose at all of the movies being released this summer. Yes, that includes The Dark Knight. I want to get excited about it, but it just doesn't look interesting, which is strange because that shit is right up my alley. What happened to my carefree love of action movies? Jason and I watch at least three movies every weekend. In the last couple years, we've watched hundreds of them. At last count, there were only a handful (less than 10) of those hundreds which rated above an eight on my scale of one to ten. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy most of the movies I watch. But I always find so many faults, for which I detract points. A load of people loved Cloverfield. What did I rate it? One. I thought it was abysmal. The romantic storyline was ridiculous, contrived, and completely unnecessary. The action sequences were boring and predictable, not to mention it having a formulamatic plot and pacing. The characters were uninteresting and, at times, unlikeable. The "monster" was poorly thought-out and felt thrown together with elements added for no apparent reason other than to facilitate stupid points in the plot that were unnecessary and embarrassingly bad. The only reason it got a one was because some of the work with the hand-held camera was done well, and I give them props were even trying that. So, yeah - movie my flist loved, and I thought it was on par with some of the worst movies I've ever seen. Why can't I just enjoy movies?

Oh, and question for the anime lovers on my flist... What are your thoughts on Neon Genesis Evangelion? I've seen so many top ten anime lists with it at the top or quite near the top. I just don't get it after having watched the series. It thought it was pretty damn bad on several counts. Am I missing something?
Let's talk about how much I spoil my dog.

I'm a little bit ashamed to admit that I spent almost $15 on five cans of food for him. It's very good food, though. Human grade, even. I go to a specialty dog food store which specializes in only the best dog food available. A few weeks ago, they were giving out samples of Evangers dog food. I took some home, and Ferguson ate it up. I went back for more last weekend, and stocked up.

Typically, Ferguson gets a half a cup of dry dog food with a couple teaspoons of wet dog food. Evangers sells regular cans of dog food made with quality ingredients, but they also offer special cans of food that are hand packed. These cans aren't the loaf that normal dog food becomes, but expensive human food packed in a can for a dog. I got braised beef, mackerel, and chicken thighs. I haven't opened the beef yet, but check this out...

holy mackerel )

Anywho, if you're looking for a wonderful treat for your dog, then check out Evangers Dog and Cat Food Company. Their representative in Albuquerque was very nice, and Ferguson loves their food. I paid about $10 for a five-pound bag of dry food (pheasant and brown rice). The dinners (regular wet food) aren't all that expensive - about $1.50 a can. The hand-packed specialties are a bit more pricey ($2 to $3 a can), but I only give that as a treat on top of his regular food. I even microwave the frickin' chicken and gravy for him like a loon.

P.S. - I downloaded all of Muse's albums today. I love them. Why didn't I know I loved them before now?

P.P.S. - I think I just adopted another hamster from a girl on Craigslist. I need to stop.
Jason and I decided to make good use of our mutual day off. We got up early (gasp!) and went hiking in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains. I had never been to the particular trail head we went to this morning, but the it was gorgeous. I'm so happy we went and enjoyed the fresh air with Ferguson. The trail started out quite nice and gentle, but when we crossed over into the Sandia National Forest and switched trails, it got to be a bit more difficult. Definitely manageable and still enjoyable, but many more climbs and drops.

Here are a few pictures of our walk. For those who haven't seen Ferguson before, he's the dog in a few of the shots. It was a bit chilly this morning, so he had his muscle shirt on. He was also in full-out dog mode with his nose to the ground, hoping to catch a rabbit.

nature! )

I'm going to run off to Walgreens and pick my prints of the pictures up before I drop by the office. I shouldn't be going in on my day off, but I need to look over the applicants for the receptionist position. I'm also going to pick up Payroll Girl so we can go see Blackie, the Dachshund we saved.

I hope everyone on the flist is having a wonderful Monday, too.
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( Mar. 21st, 2008 06:24 pm)
I do want to start a new website, but I just can't get it to look like I want it to look. Actually, I don't know how I want it to look, but the way it looks right now is definitely not it.

The office was closed today, so Ferguson and I slept in until 9:30 while Jason went to work. We watched The X-Files during a late breakfast, and then we went on a walk to the park.

pictures! )
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( Feb. 24th, 2008 06:19 pm)
I want it to be spring so badly that I went out and bought awesome sandals to wear when the weather is warmer. I :heart: them.

the shoes and a bonus picture of ferguson looking super cute )

answer to the movie meme on thursday )
I'm dumping my credit card company. It's been real and it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Washington Mutual let me put a picture of Ferguson on the card. They're awesome like that.

This isn't really a picture of my card. It is just the example of what my card will look like when it arrives. You can fraudulently use the card number to your heart's content since it is a fake.

Too cute! Too cute!


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