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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 06:28 pm)
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On a not-so-magnanimous note, I'm in a foul mood over going to Jason's mother's house again for another family function. They need to restrict these things to once a freakin' month or something because I can't hang.
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Cost Plus World Market is selling meyer lemon pancake mix. I love it, but I don't need to eat five pancakes every day. Really.

My dad keeps e-mailing me crime statistics for the state I live it. This drives me insane. I suspect it is his not-so-subtle hint that I should move back home.

After two full weeks of delicious produce from Los Poblanos farm, Jason is on board with continuing the weekly boxes of organic fruits and veggies. This week brought some chard and beets in the box. I've never used either of them before, but chard isn't terribly intimidating. I'm going to throw it in a ragout with some white beans and potatoes. The beets are another story. I don't know what to do with them, really. I found a recipe for beet chips that involves frying some sliced beets, but I'd really rather avoid the pot of oil if at all possible. Any ideas from those of you more familiar with beets? I also received apples, oranges, kiwis, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, several pounds of zucchini, and spring greens.

Jason's sister called me in a near panic attack, asking if I knew how to get rid of mice without killing them. Apparently, there are mice living in the backyard, and her cat is having a good time with them. I suggested a humane trap, though I don't know how effective they are. She wants to take them to a place where they will have a good home. I doubt the mouse will really care as long as there is plenty of food to eat. She also is searching for a way to prevent them from coming back. She swears no food items were left in the yard or on the porch. And she hates the smell of moth balls. Anyone know of a way to scare the mice away without harming them or offending her nose with stinky moth balls?

I think this is one of the cutest songs ever.

This is a terribly dorky thing to blog about on a Friday night, but I must say that I want to cry. :-( Don't think this is going to be a serious post about my life. I'm just going to cry because of Doctor Who. Jason and I started watching the first season of the recent incarnation of the show last week on Netflix. I've put off watching it because David Tennant does absolutely nothing for me. I've seen a couple episodes with him in it here and there, but I've never been sucked in much. Jason wanted to watch it, though, so we're watching it. And, I love Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. I don't want him to go away after the first season. I don't want David Tennant. ::cries::

I'm sure I'll get over this eventually. I'm sure David does a wonderful job or everyone else wouldn't worship him. But, Nine, I'll miss you. ::cries more::

The graduation ceremony was dull. We were half an hour late, which worked to my benefit, as the speakers were wrapping it up when we arrived. There was great amounts of yelling and screaming and clapping. There was even a group of women behind me who screamed, "sexy" both times their friend walked across the stage. I suppose there's just no accounting for taste.

::runs off to read Nine/Rose fanfic::

Don't judge me! I haven't met Jack yet. That's the next episode.
I've been in such a terrible funk all week. I haven't worked out for days, nor have I read anything beyond news articles foretelling of doom and gloom since Sunday. I need to get back into the swing of things, but Jason's sister's damn graduation is tomorrow. I want to cry out, "It's P.I.M.A. for crap's sake! Who makes a big deal out of their P.I.M.A. graduation?" Plus, unlike the rest of the world, I work until five o'clock. Her graduation is downtown at six o'clock. I get terribly bitchy when I haven't eaten dinner before six o'clock. This means we're going to be late. Jason and I have already had the first of many arguments about this. He leaves work early on Fridays, so the time crunch isn't an issue for him. If I had had more notice about this stupid ceremony, then I might have been able to leave work early as well. As it is at the moment, we're in the middle of an audit. I can't just up and leave whenever I feel like it. And the kicker is, he doesn't even want to go. We both think this is bullshit, but we still have to bitch about it to each other. I'm not even going to think about the party on Saturday evening. Ugg. Part of me wants to orchestrate events so we are so late for the graduation that we miss the entire thing. That is the petty, manipulative part of me. I shouldn't let it win.

A local radio station and their morning show crew are broadcasting from the Children's Hospital here in the city. It's the premiere place to take kids for serious injuries and illnesses, and it is publicly funded. They are in the midst of their annual fundraiser, and they're allowing the kids being treated there to be interviewed on the air with their parents. Last year, there was a little boy named Luis who was very ill with leukemia. His health has improved, but he is still at the hospital for treatments quite often. The DJs were joking with him about how they aren't allowed in the play room because they are adults, and that maybe they would be allowed in if he were with them. The poor kid is sick and wearing a surgical mask, and he tells them to let him know when they want to go play, and he'll help them get into the play room. So, of course, I pulled my car over, got out my cell phone,and called to give them my card number for a donation. A few hours later, Luis and two of his friends in the hospital made a sign the radio station posted on their website. You can see the three of them in their little masks right here. Luis is in the middle. So, that made my day a bit better. :-)

I desperately want to go on a walk outside after work, but by the time I'm home and fed, it's too dark. The weather here is gorgeous--mid 70's with a bit of a breeze and sunny skies.

Oh, and Richard Armitage is unbelievably attractive. So attractive that it is bordering on disgusting. I might faint if I ever met him.
Jason was hanging around the kitchen yesterday after work while I was making dinner. He had went to his therapy session earlier in the day and obviously wanted to talk about it, so I asked him how it went. He said, "I drew a picture of you like the one I drew at my grandmother's house." Before Christmas, we were at his paternal grandmother's house and, out of boredom, he drew a picture of me looking angry and petulant. We both laughed about it because it actually looked rather accurate. Anyway, I laughed at him and called his bluff, saying that he most certainly did not draw another picture of me like that. Jason isn't the type to go for therapy of that nature, especially since he isn't an artist by any stretch of the imagination. He admitted that he had not drawn any pictures, but that he had spoken of me to his therapist. I didn't ask any follow up questions because anything he said, even if it was about me, isn't really my business. After a couple beats of silence, he grabbed me from behind and kissed me, then said that everything he told his therapist about me was positive. Then he ambled off to the music room to check his e-mail. It was a pleasant surprise, not what I was expecting. We get along very well, but I know I'm not the easiest person to live with. It's nice to know I'm appreciated. He was very lovey-dovey this morning, too. Usually, mornings consist of avoiding each other as much as possible and conversations carried by grunts and snorts. A kiss good morning is absolutely unheard of unless it's a weekend. Maybe the therapy thing is helping him more than I thought it would.

I half-heartedly worked on the paperwork for a bid yesterday at work. We submitted it in the early afternoon and found out minutes later that we have been awarded the project. The first project we've managed to snag in months. Even though it is a small one--only $400,000--it's still a step in the right direction. We really need to acquire more work if we want to avoid laying anyone off. It's a miracle that hasn't happened yet.

Jason and I have been watching Wolf's Rain, but I just can't seem to get into the flow of the show. I suppose this is because I don't particularly care about any of the characters and the entire presentation comes across as too kiddish--like I should be watching it at 3:00 in the afternoon on Cartoon Network. And I'm not into that sort of anime.

Holy crap, it's Friday, the 13th, you guys.

I've been tempted many a time in the past two weeks to write scathing comments about our government and the course they have decided to put our country on, but I've resisted. It would just end up being a rant of epic proportions in which nothing is resolved or changed. I fear for our collective future. Nineteen Eighty-Four, here we come.
I finally broke down and decided to buy a Sigg bottle. The model I got was slightly expensive (a little over $25), but I freakin' love it. It's beautiful and very handy while working out. Plus, it holds a full liter of water, and I am a water-drinking fiend.

My original intention for this weekend was to read voraciously. I read a whole two chapters in Welcome to Temptation because I kept getting distracted by various other things. Damn responsibilities. I did finish the last novel available in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Sadly, I liked all the subplots much better than the snore-fest that was Phury and Cormia's romance. John Matthew and Xhex? Just the thought of it makes me squeal with delight. And Rehvenge? ::faints:: My new favorite. Even if his half-sister is blackmailing him into screwing her. Incest, eww. Rehv's book now, please? Now? Can I also have icons? BDB communities, anyone?

My mother tells me the same stories every single time I call her, and I only call her once a week. If I have to hear about the debacle at the Lions Club meeting that happened two months ago, then I'm going to beat my head against the wall. For real.

And just so you all know, the only reason Fleetwood Mac was anything at all was due to Lindsey Buckingham. He knocks my socks off without fail. Everything he writes gives me chills, especially "I'm So Afraid." Just that moment when his voice first cuts through the instruments, sounding fearful and in so much pain. Ack, it kills me.

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( Dec. 22nd, 2008 10:44 pm)
+ In an effort to throw off this gloom and doom about the Christmas festivities at Jason's mother's house, I made some tasty cookies for my co-workers. Actually, I made them for myself, but I can't possibly eat forty-five cranberry orange shortbread cookies. My previous attempt at shortbread was a disaster, but these turned out quite nice.

+ I have two work out mixes on my new iPod. They are both embarrassing to the extreme. Work out music shouldn't represent your musical tastes, right? Right?!? A few of my favorites? This, that, oh god this, and this one, which I'm not all that ashamed of liking.

+ I've been searching for a good organic shampoo/conditioner for months. I've tried several brands, but they all destroyed my hair. Over the weekend I bought the lemongrass shampoo/conditioner made by MOP as a last ditch attempt at the organic thing before I returned to chemicals. After two days of use, I am hooked. It is by fair the best stuff I've ever put on my hair, and that includes the damnably expensive Pureology. If anyone is in the market for organic hair care products, check MOP out.

+ It is supposed to snow/rain tonight, tomorrow, and Wednesday. It would be most excellent if the roads were deemed unfit for driving on Wednesday night so I can stay home and read instead of attending Christmas Eve festivities at Jason's mother's house. It would also be fabulous if it would snow just enough to prevent me from going into work until 9:00 so I can make waffles for breakfast tomorrow. Wishful thinking...

+ Lee, a boy my mother used to babysit when I was a kid contacted me on MySpace a few days ago to apologize for acting like a "little prick" toward me when we were younger. I don't remember disliking him all that much, but my brother swears at one point in time I had a notebook entitled "The I Hate Lee Notebook," in which I wrote diary entries about how much I hated this kid. I have absolutely no recollection of this. I do, however, remember having haunted house parties in my room where I would turn off the light and cut out a paper version of The Blob to lay on my floor. Ooh, spooky.
I used part of the gift card on something I've been wanting for a while.

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Damn these social engagements. Damn them. We're leaving in a few minutes to go to Jason's paternal grandmother's house. We haven't seen her for two years, even though she lives in the same city. She's just very... weird. And she mostly speaks Spanish, so Jason finds it very difficult to converse with her since he speaks zero Spanish. I can muddle my way through some things, but I have no idea what to talk to her about. Luckily, Jason's dad and sister will be there as well. And Jason's aunt and uncle, who are very odd. They are deeply religious with approximately five gazillion crucifixes in their home. Everyone in the family suspects they have never actually had sex before, despite being married for nearly thirty years. How can one live without the sexors? How?
I thought I was going to have a leisurely, quiet morning since the roads were iced over and I was told not to come into work until later in the morning. Instead, I spent two hours answering calls from multiple coworkers on my cell phone. We were all playing phone tag, discussing the road conditions and such. If you couldn't tell, snow doesn't usually stick to the roads here all that much. There was a seven car pileup at an intersection I pass through each morning at around the time I would have passed through it. Luckily, I was flipping pancakes at home when it happened.

I have a MySpace. Two years ago, I said I was never going to get a MySpace, but I caved when a good friend of mine (who still lives in my hometown) wanted me to create an account so we could keep in contact. Through the site, I have found several classmates from my high school days. Truth be told, I'm amazed people remember me. I wouldn't remember the me from high school. I was painfully shy, awkward, nervous around people, and I never attended any school functions or parties. I'm no longer shy, awkward, or nervous, but I still don't like parties. Some things never change. Anyway, because I used my real name on the MySpace website, several family members found and friended me. I honestly don't mind that and rather enjoy keeping track of them through the site since I rarely talk to anyone but my mother on the phone these days. My issue? Some of these family members (adults, even!) are so hideously stupid and immature with the things they post that I feel as if I need to remove them from my friends list. What is the etiquette with this sort of thing? Is is proper to de-friend a relative on a social networking site, not for any sort of drama, but for the simple fact that if I have to see another ridiculous sex survey (written by a teenager) filled out by grown woman I might blow my lid? Why does my mother's cousin insist on sending me surveys in which she opines on whether she likes sex in the morning or at night and discusses exactly what her favorite position is? Do. Not. Want.

Oh, and on the TMI tip... Holy crap, does Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward make my pants dance or what? Butch, you sexy beast, you. The bit with the hand job near the beginning of the book... Gah.

I shouldn't like The Dream that much, but I listen to him like it's candy.
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( Dec. 5th, 2008 08:55 pm)
Done! ::hits timer and displays a smug smile:: My father's Christmas present arrived in the mail today. I have finished the presents shopping, and I did it all on Etsy. Actually, I do need to buy my brothers a couple video games off their wish list, but that's not a big deal since I can pick it up during a normal shopping outing. I secretly want the hat I bought for my grandmother. I'm not usually into the girly pink/lace/roses thing, but the hat is too gorgeous for words. I also wouldn't mind keeping the earrings and matching necklace I got my mother, too. If you're still Christmas shopping, I humbly (but highly) recommend you check out The crafty folk on there have beautiful handmade items, many of which would be perfect gifts.

I love Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons. Love. I can't even describe the happiness that flows through me at the guitar intro about twenty seconds in "Lets Hang On."

that little chip of diamond on your hand ain't a fortune, baby, but you know it stands )

I'm truly my father's daughter when it comes to music. I can remember sitting in the car and listening to Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons with him all the time. He's a sing-alonger, and if you've ever passed me in the car while I'm jamming out, you'd know that I'm a sing-alonger as well.
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( Nov. 29th, 2008 08:31 pm)
You know, I had forgotten how absolutely gorgeous and powerful the Lord of the Rings movies are. Jason and I went to dinner with his father, his father's "partner" (because people over the age of 40 don't like calling their SOs girl/boyfriend), sister, and sister's kidlet. We went to the Japanese Kitchen, which I cannot eat at, seeing as how the vegetables are cook about TWO INCHES FROM THE MEAT. Oh, gross. No can do. I drank a glass of water instead. Anyway, all social outings drain my energy, so when we got back to the apartment, I grabbed some leftover pizza and settled down to pass out. However, The Two Towers is on, and it's just fantastic. I can't stop watching it, even if I'm pooped.

Jason's sister wanted a knitted beanie, which I threw together last night and finished this morning. My next project is this Edna St. Vincent Millay Cloche. I've always wanted to knit and felt a fabulous hat, but I've never found a pattern I liked enough. Considering that my favorite hand-knit hat was lost in the move a few months back, I need to get this one going tonight. The weather is cold enough for it already.

I started the second book in J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series yesterday afternoon. I have less than a hundred pages left of the four hundred fifty page book. Obviously, I'm enjoying it. This is not exactly a surprise. My romantic weakness is the idea that only one woman can manage to connect with and/or bust through the facade of a certain man. My penchant for this sort of relationship is fairly obvious in nearly every pairing I latch onto. As for this particular series, I can definitely say I like the second novel better than the first.

A couple people on my flist posted the clip of Rick Astley performing on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. And I'd just like to say that Mr. Astley has aged oh-so-well. And I love that song. I could listen to it over and over again without tiring of it. And Barry Manilow covered it. I effin' love me some Barry. No, I'm not being ironic. The last time I was in Vegas, I oogled the side of the Hilton because they had a gigantic vertical banner on the side of the building with Barry Manilow's picture on it. Alas, we did not have the reservations or time to catch the show, seeing as how we were there for a stupid wedding of Jason's friend. A wedding that led to a marriage of approximately twelve whole months before the bride starting whoring herself out to various assistant managers at Chuck E. Cheese. For real.
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( Nov. 8th, 2008 09:43 pm)
Have I mentioned how much I hate parties? I have? Well, let me reiterate, I hate parties. This party, that party, those parties, all parties. Are there people at that party? Then I hate that party. I feel like three-fourth of the people in this world are psychic vampires, and they all happen to attend the parties I go to just so they can eat my energy and life force. Yes, I'm being paranoid, but I'm half out of my mind with exhaustion. Jason's mother decided that she needed to throw a huge 60th birthday bash. There were well over thirty people there, most of whom I don't know or only see two or three times a year. Did I mention how much I dislike hugging? Yes? Well, drat. I feel like Scrooge here. Or maybe Golem. I hates it, my precious.

The highlight of my day was hiking in the Sandias this morning. I didn't take a great deal of pictures just because I forgot I had the camera with me after the first few minutes. I dragged Jason along, even though he says he hates hiking. He's obviously a liar. Ferguson had great fun bounding through the brush. He's even in a couple of the pictures looking like he thinks he's a German Shepard when he's really just a ten-pound chihuahua.

the pretty pictures )

I haven't seen the past two or three episodes of True Blood. I took a step back because some of the changes were annoying me. How are things going with that? Have they ruined Sam? They were tettering on them when I stopped watching by making him super dooper jealous and protective of Sookie. Has there been more Eric?

I'm going to go take something for this creeping headache and catch a nap while Jason watches stupid B-movies.
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( Sep. 21st, 2008 11:37 am)
Jason's mother is hell bent on going to some wacky French restaurant in Uptown for dinner this evening. She's taking Jason and I out for his birthday. The thing is, I think the restaurant is a breakfast/lunch place, not a dinner place. As far as I know, they close at two o'clock in the afternoon. I've got my fingers crossed that this is true because I'm not a real big fan of French cuisine. Maybe we can talk her into making reservations at the Italian place across the street.

I toted my camera along on the walk Ferguson and I took this morning. Pictures of the lovely, sunny, and cool Sunday morning...

we saw a roadrunner, but it was much too fast for me to get a picture )

I'm so happy autumn is nearly upon us. Walks when the temperature is in the low 60s are such a pleasure.
My mother found my MySpace. o_O I got one a couple years ago because it was the easiest way to communicate with a friend of mine from back home. I didn't put any effort into it at first, but then I started finding old friends from my high school days, and I got sucked into creating a decent profile and uploading some pictures. It's been nice to talk to people I haven't seen in years. Anyway, my mother knew I had a MySpace because a few other family members had found it and friended me - cousins (hers and mine) and the like. This evening, I got a message that 'Kim' had sent a friend request. I immediately thought it was the boss's daughter who works with us now. I clicked on the profile and found my mother. So, now I'm friends with my mother on MySpace. I had to go through my profile and my minimal blog on there to make sure I didn't need to remove any incriminating evidence of my deviant behavior. Oddly enough, there wasn't anything that needed to be removed. (All of that stuff is on this LJ, no doubt.) On the other hand, I think it's neat for her to be able to see into this side of my life. I've never been very open with my mother about my interests just because she doesn't share them. She's not really opposed to them; she just doesn't seem understand them all that well. Her favorite movies all involve Martin Lawrence, for crap's sake. Plus, it will be a nice way for her to keep in contact with other family members. I left her a comment on her page, but I'm still a bit weirded out.

Jason and I just watched the tenth episode (Master of Monster) of Hellsing, the anime series. How can anyone watch that and not 'ship the hell out of Alucard/Integra. Just the thought of it makes me swoon. The bit in the dungeon when he is released from captivity by her and ends up taking a bullet in his arm to save her from her uncle? And then she uses his arm to steady hers as she aims her gun at her uncle to shoot him? Gah. My idea of romance is so twisted.

In related news, I'm going to publicly admit to my severe love of Eric from Charlaine Harris's Southern Vampire novels. So, my problem isn't with vampires; it's just with Bill. Alcide has also grown on me in this third novel. I didn't think I'd like him all that much at first, but I can't help it. He's charmed me.

I started reading Henry Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson because it came highly recommended. It's so ridiculously good, and now I'm even more disgusted with our government and the collective idiocy of nearly every single elected official in Washington. I want to make them all sit down and read this book. If they can read, that is.
I couldn't leave well enough alone. I went back to the store and got more letters so I could put the alphabet and numbers on the bookcase.

see )

While at Target, I treated myself to some summer sleepwear. I haven't bought anything girly in a couple years, so I got a couple short nighties and a frilly tank top with some even frillier boy shorts. I figured since I was being such a girl, I might as well throw in some pink panties. The last time I wore my pink polka dot panties, Jason made fun of me. I guess I'm not a very pink person.

I got the itch to knit something over the weekend, so I started on a HP Ravenclaw house scarf. I was even legit and got some bronze yarn instead of the silver they use in the movies. It's coming along quite nicely, but it isn't even halfway finished yet. It's terribly easy to knit, though. So, I can watch television while working on it. The majority of that sucker was done while watching There Will Be Blood on Saturday. Great movie, but I don't know if it deserves all the copious fandom love it is getting.

look, i'm a ravenclaw )
It's not a secret that I do not want children of my own. Even if my extreme fear/disgust of actual pregnancy wasn't a huge issue, I'd never be able to keep my sanity/happiness while caring for children under the age of seven. I'm just not cut out for it. I'd be arrested for locking babies (and toddlers) up in the closet for hours at a time. So, it's for the best that I remain childless. However, I don't hate children. I actually enjoy them for about an hour. Then I like to give them back to their parents and wash my hands. Children have germs. And they drool on themselves. Eww.

So, Jason's sister has a little girl named Markel. She calls me Auntie Amanda, so I guess I'm her aunt, even if Jason and I never plan on getting married. Her second birthday party is on Saturday, and I've been working on her present for a few weeks now. The poor girl has only a handful (less than ten) of books which are being held hostage in a basket out of her reach. She loves books, but Jason's mother and sister (who are jointly raising the child) don't seem to understand the importance of encouraging a love of books early in life.

Books are my thing. I love books of all kinds, and I can't imagine not having multiple bookshelves filled with my favorites. Even as a kid, I had an ungodly amount of them hidden in my closet on a makeshift bookshelf fashioned out of old milk crates. So, I couldn't let Markel live another year without books and a bookshelf. Over the last few weeks, I've been collecting used children's books from used bookstores in town. I have nearly forty books for her thus far. At lunch, I went shopping and bought a two-shelf bookshelf with some alphabet stickers so I could put her name on the front.

pictures because i'm a nerd )

I've already ran my plan by Jason's mother just so I know they have room for the bookshelf in Markel's room. It's going to be super awesome. I'm so excited about giving this to her. About half of her current ten books were given to her by me last Christmas. She threw all the toys to the side while she looked at the books on Christmas morning. I'm such a bad (good!) influence.

After putting the books on shelf, I feel like I should buy more. So, I might spend my lunch break tomorrow at the bookstore looking for some of my favorites.
I'm glad I found Jason because he's perfect for me.

(sitting in the car)
Jason: I never use periods when writing online.
Me: Why?
Jason: I just use commas because my thoughts flow.
Me: That just means you're indecisive.
Jason: So? So are electrons.

This makes more sense when I say that he's been reading books on quantum physics. A few weeks ago, he finished Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, and then commandeered my small selection of quantum physics books. He claims that quantum physics is "scary" and that it "freaks [him] out." His newfound relationship with quantum physics is where the odd electron reference originated. After he said it, I burst into uncontrollable laughter. He didn't get what was so funny.

Other than cleaning the apartment and the gerbil/hamster cages, I've done nothing much today. I'm on a mission to save Markel, though. Markel is Jason's sister's little girl. She's going to be two years old later this month. She has ten books, four of which were given to her by me. I think that's a shame, so I went to the used bookstore and bought her about twenty books. For her birthday, I'm going to get a little bookshelf for her to keep them in. Right now, they keep her books in a basket out of her reach. That's also a shame.
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( Mar. 18th, 2008 03:35 pm)
I want to start a website, but I shouldn't. Everyone, please smack my hand away from the mouse when I try to register for a domain.

The office will be closed on Friday. I was worried, but it seems the boss hasn't totally lost her marbles and isn't going to make us work on a day we usually have off. Well, she has lost her marbles a little bit. She sent someone out to purchase four new toilets for the office. We don't really need new toilets, but she thinks they will fix the problem we've been having. Really, I think we just need a plumber to clean the calcium buildup out of the pipes, but whatever... I'm staying out of it because we're getting nice, new toilets that will look much better than the ancients ones in there right now.

Jason wants to go to the shooting range after dinner. I'd rather go for a walk, but he's all hot about practicing, so I guess I need to go pick up some rounds before I go home or I'll have to buy the insanely expensive kind at the range.

I've been recruited to bring dessert to Easter Sunday dinner. Have I mentioned how much I hate Easter Sunday dinner? Hate. It's all eggs and pastels and ham and flowers. I get nauseous just thinking about it. Ugg. I wanted to ask if I could just drop off dessert and go home. Apparently, this plan of action would be considered rude and anti-social. Dammit.
My mother is in the throes of preparing for my grandparents' 50th anniversary party. She is going to do a slideshow of old pictures, so she spent Sunday scanning some of the better ones and putting them on her laptop. I got an e-mail last night with several that involve me or my brothers in some way. My two favorites also involve animals - a mountain lion cub and a sheep.

old school pictures )

The people I work with are on my last nerve today. I don't mind being at work; I just don't want to talk to any of them. I hate that everyone has to whine to me about their computer issues. It makes my eye twitch.


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