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( Jun. 18th, 2008 01:45 pm)
+ This piece of Hellsing fanart by Solid&etc is so gorgeous and wonderful. I drool...

+ The folks at the Mises Institute kick everyone's ass. Why aren't we listening to them when they are so flippin' smart. Everything I read there makes so much sense. This just goes to affirm that politicians (including both presidential candidates) know fuck-all about the economy.

+ The boss may or may not think I'm a devil worshiper in need of a Jesus intervention. I can't seem to keep my mouth shut when the subject of religion comes off. I think I might come off as a bit too dismissive and/or distrusting of the church, which she lives, breaths, and sleeps for.

+ I need a long weekend like no other. July 4th, come soon.

+ I've solved the Twilight fandom mystery. If you're cool, then you like Jacob. If you're a drama queen with a pea-sized brain, then you like Edward. I'm exaggerating, of course. But I've found that Jacob fans tend to be much more mature and thoughtful than the general population of Twilight fans.

+I've ordered some t-shirts with dearly departed, pioneering economists' faces on them. I'll be sure to post nerd-tastic pictures of them once they've arrived.

+ If you :heart: Forgotten Realms novels (which are being published by Wizards of the Coast now), then you should join a new community I've created. A like-minded fan and I have put together a lovely community for fangirling (maturely, of course) over the wonderful characters found within those novels. Jarlaxle, anyone?

+ I only managed to get two chapters of Fearless Fourteen read last night, but I'm enjoying it so far.

+ Lyfe Jennings is just amazing. I got his new album, and I'm in love. This one is a favorite of mine.
I'm reading Promise of the Witch-King by R.A. Salvatore. It's extremely good. I'm sure my love of it stems from the fact that Jarlaxle is one of the main characters.

The bit I just read deals with daydreaming. I thought Jarlaxle's thoughts on the subject were interesting enough to post here.

A bit of background, if you'd like to read the excerpt... Jarlaxle is a drow (similar to an elf, but with black skin). His race lives underground in elaborate cities where men are considered to be the lesser sex. They also have a reputation for being cold-hearted killers who like to plot and scheme. They are universally feared by all other races. Jarlaxle is an oddity in the the drow culture. He's dangerous and highly intelligent, but he is not cruel. He's also a bit of a dandy. He left the Underdark and started a life on the surface with an assassin he's acquainted with. The assassin, Entreri, begrudgingly becomes friends with Jarlaxle. Entreri is human and has spent his life as a killing machine, placing his self-control and competence above entanglements of relationships, be they romantic or simply friendly. This is a conversation Jarlaxle and Entreri have in the ninth chapter.

But those who dream by day... those, my friend, are the troublesome ones. )
I was terribly bored with my old default icon, so I've changed the default to Jarlaxle, the sexiest dark elf this side of Calimport.

The doctor's office just called to remind me of my appointment tomorrow. Gah. Not to be a whiner, but I really hate pap smears. My regular doc is out for the week, and I need to get this done ASAP so as to avoid a lapse in birth control pills. So, I get to show my bits to a new guy, which isn't exactly comforting. Never did I think the day would come when I'd say, "I want Dr. Gieri back." I will miss our conversation about my shy cervix. At any rate, the ten o'clock appointment will give me an excuse to take a long lunch that involves ice cream. Ice cream is mandatory after any sort of meeting with any sort of doctor.

Hopefully, I'll have part of my post-DH (SS/HG) fic uploaded to TPP sometime this week. I need to do a final read-through of the first chapter before I release it to the archive. I finally gave it a title--"Breathing Love"--which was taken from a poem by Lord Byron. Because we all know how much I have the hots for those Byronic heros. If I had endless amounts of cash, I would buy Atara Stein's book on the subject. I just can't rationalize spending nearly fifty dollars on a book, though.
I have this addiction to buying books. I can't stop myself. I'm sick. I need some sort of self-help, support program. Borders took thirty bucks out of my wallet at lunch today. What's up with paperback novels being priced at $7.99? Surely they should be less than that.

I'm still in character-love with Jarlaxle. Why doesn't my copy of Servant of the Shard have a cover that looks like THIS. 'Cause Jarlaxle (left) and Entreri (bottom, center) are looking pretty hot. There is so much potential for slash there. Crazy potential. Entreri's having a mid-life crisis, and Jarlaxle comforts with wild, monkey sex.

The boss gave me over $150 in cash today just because. The company had sold some excess steel, and the money had been sitting in the petty cash box for nearly a year. She divided it up between the three gals in the office. It will pay for my evil! application fee to the Dept. of Public Safety later this week.

Speak of which... I'm still eying the subcompact Glock. It's loverly and small enough to easily conceal. The fellow at the counter was making pouty faces at it because the grip isn't large enough to be comfortable for a man, but I think it would fit my hand nicely. I'm really attracted to their look and feel, plus they are oh-so-easy to break down and clean. And that's to say nothing of the insane quality behind the Glock name. The downside? It's over $500. I can afford it, but still... Sheesh. The Bersa was only $300. I think the fellows at Calibers like to do circle jerks over the Glocks, though. When I ask about one they get this glazed, lusty look in their eyes. Jason and I are going gun shopping on Friday and Saturday so I can narrow it down to two or three. Then I'm going to return to my Glock-lovers at Calibers and ask them to let me shoot the subcompact so I can get a feel for it. I'm definitely leaning that way, but I want to make sure I'm not passing over something I'd like better.

I renewed my drivers license yesterday. My time at the MVD was surprisingly pleasant. They've actually become efficient. I was in and out within thirty minutes.

Jason has been wrangled into going to see The Order of the Phoenix with me in a little over two weeks. I bought our tickets online for the late night showing on Saturday, the 14th. I'm not going to be a total dork and wear something ridiculous, but I do plan on stirring up some controversy with my "I Trust Snape" shirt. Perhaps I should wear the shirt that says, "Free Lucius." ;-)
I finished and polished up my Jarlaxle/Catti-brie fanfiction. It can be found here, among other places. Although, I don't think anyone on my flist is a Jarlaxle fan. You all would love him. He's oh-so-devious, a non-conformist, a total dandy with self-serving intentions, and a great deal of fun.

Last week I said I was going to knit a Harry Potter house sweater like the dork that I know I am. Here is what I have thus far:

This is actually the back portion of the sweater. The bottom two inches are 1x1 ribbing. The silver and green stripes are settled just above that, and the remainder of the back will be in the solid dark grey. The front will have the stripes, as well as the cuffs of the sleeves. I'm not rushing this one -- just taking my time with it and enjoying the knitting itself. Maybe I'll get it done in time for fall.

Jason had a mishp with the burgler alarm in our apartment last night. The motion sensor (which picks up a limited area around the door) caught him creeping through the kitchen for a drink of water at 3:30am. It went off, which woke me up. He was able to silence it, but neglected to actually disarm it. A few seconds later, the real alarm went off, waking the neighbors, I'm sure. He finally disarmed it, but had to drag my ass out of bed to call the alarm company and confess to him being a total idiot. I certainly didn't want the police banging on my door at 4:00am, asking if I'm okay. Suffice it to say, I was grouchy all day because of my interrupted sleep last night.
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( Jun. 9th, 2007 02:36 pm)
I've been looking for fic centering around or featuring Jarlaxle, a character from many of R.A. Salvatore's novels. I found several on

I wish some authors who write sex scenes would have a bit more patience when writing them. Otherwise, the scenes just come off as really frickin' clumsy and embarrassing. The example I'm about to give isn't from a fantastic story, but the sex was just... bad.

cut for graphic sex descriptions that are completely embarrassing and short-lived )

If any of my sex scenes come off that way, I trust that one of you will smack me until I come to my senses.
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( Jun. 4th, 2007 04:44 pm)
Don't tell anyone, but I might be secretly in lust with Jarlaxle from R.A. Salvatore's books. I feel like I'm cheating on my beloved Drizzt, even if he is just a character.

I'm copying [ profile] neriah. I got a beta yesterday. I went to Wal-Mart to look for that neat little Bender Ball they advertise on television. Maybe I'd actually do situps if I had a fun little ball to play with. Right? Humor me. They didn't have it, and I'm not ordering it off the infomercial because that's scam-city. Anyway, I was looking for a thermometer for the crab's tank when I saw the betas sitting along the wall by the aquariums. The only one on the top shelf was a male with white/purple fins. He kept tracking me as I moved around his cup. I couldn't resist. I bought a one-gallon tank, gravel, and some accessories for him. Jason gave me the look when I flounced in carrying another pet, but I told him to back off, that he wouldn't even notice poor Batou. You see, I had already named the beta in the store. I very well couldn't have left the poor thing there for some kid to buy and torture with a name like Mr. McFishyPants. Right? Right. A picture of him will be forthcoming. I haven't uploaded it to the net just yet.

I also have pictures of my loverly "garden" (read: potted plants) on my balcony. They'll be posted when I get around to uploading the suckers.
I finished Jacqueline Carey's Godslayer. I got all weepy, of course. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of fantasy.

My original intention was to start reading Kristen Britain's Green Rider novels, but I just didn't feel in the mood for them on Saturday evening. Instead, I picked up Homeland by R.A. Salvatore. It's a novel that follows Drizzt, the dark elf (drow). I read it years ago, but I felt like re-reading. I'd like to finish out the series in the order that they should be read. My first time through, I skipped around because I was borrowing them from the library. Now I own them all, and I can read them in the recommended order. And I can fall in love with Drizzt all over again. ::swoon::

(Why don't I have a Drizzt avatar? I seriously need one. Maybe I can fiddle around with some graphics while pretending like I'm working today.)

I suppose it is time I release the answers to the movie keywords listed in this post.

answers and such )


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