I'm on the bandwagon. My Dreamwidth account is anogete, like it is here. I've done fuck all with it because I just haven't had the time or energy. Plus, creature of habit here, always going back to the LJ. I haven't yet figured out how to friend or subscribe or whatever it is you have to do, so you'd be doing me a favor by friending me there since I don't yet know how to friend you. Is there just a little button by the person's name?

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I really dig J.R. Ward's writing style. She cracks me up with the badass banter between the Brothers in her books. ::huggles Rehv and keeps him away from the scorpions and spiders:: Also, holy shit, I love Xhex to death. She's must be one of my all-time favorite female characters ever in the entire world. I absolutely cannot wait for the next novel centered around her and John Matthew.
I must have the next Black Dagger Brotherhood book. Like now. Because Rehvenge is my favorite. Why do I have to wait until Tuesday? Why can't some unsuspecting bookstore stick it out on the shelf today instead of following the rules?

I've been in a not-so-bad mood about work for the past few days. Payroll Girl found another job. She's been hitting the job search hard for about four weeks now, and finally found something on the base. I'm happy for her because she wanted out much more than I did. She's planning on giving notice this coming week. I'm questioning whether I want to give up my comfy job for another where I most likely won't have the perks I have now. Despite the drama-llama, I have it pretty damn easy. Where else can you openly play computer games and read books without getting reprimanded, you know? So, whatever... I'm still half-assing the job search.

During my hour-long walk yesterday, this happened...

What the crap? Seriously? I was just out for an hour. ::shakes fist at sun::

Also, during the walk I developed a playlist in my head of super awesome songs to take a stroll to on a nice spring day. Have a mix CD of this scrumptious songs...

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Many of the songs are quite rhythmic, which I find excellent for walking. Stick them on your favorite MP3 player and strut down the streets of your neighborhood. Just remember to wear sunscreen.
I finally broke down and decided to buy a Sigg bottle. The model I got was slightly expensive (a little over $25), but I freakin' love it. It's beautiful and very handy while working out. Plus, it holds a full liter of water, and I am a water-drinking fiend.

My original intention for this weekend was to read voraciously. I read a whole two chapters in Welcome to Temptation because I kept getting distracted by various other things. Damn responsibilities. I did finish the last novel available in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Sadly, I liked all the subplots much better than the snore-fest that was Phury and Cormia's romance. John Matthew and Xhex? Just the thought of it makes me squeal with delight. And Rehvenge? ::faints:: My new favorite. Even if his half-sister is blackmailing him into screwing her. Incest, eww. Rehv's book now, please? Now? Can I also have icons? BDB communities, anyone?

My mother tells me the same stories every single time I call her, and I only call her once a week. If I have to hear about the debacle at the Lions Club meeting that happened two months ago, then I'm going to beat my head against the wall. For real.

And just so you all know, the only reason Fleetwood Mac was anything at all was due to Lindsey Buckingham. He knocks my socks off without fail. Everything he writes gives me chills, especially "I'm So Afraid." Just that moment when his voice first cuts through the instruments, sounding fearful and in so much pain. Ack, it kills me.

Yeah... I totally bought a treadmill. My excuses are many. I don't like sharing the treadmill in the fitness center, and everyone is going to be up in that place come January 1st to begin their New Years resolutions. It's nice to walk across the apartment to exercise instead of going out in the cold. The model I wanted was on sale. Blah-de-blah. Excuses. I'm so excited about it, though. It's a folding model, so it won't take up half the library, which is where I'm going to be putting it. Yay for exercise!

I'm enjoying the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels more and more. I finished the third on Sunday night. Deciding which brother is my favorite is too difficult a task for me. Although, right now, I want to huggle Phury. Tell me someone else wants to huggle him too, the poor bastard.

I love, love, love Eric B. & Rakim's "Microphone Fiend". "E.F.F.E.C.T. a smooth operator, operating correctly." Gah, I love that. I also enjoy Rage Against the Machine's version. If you're not so much into the hip-hop or rap, then it might be more up your alley. The song is solid either way.
I sold several old DVDs and CDs to a media store today, and they gave me $40 in credit. I used some of the money to buy the first two novels in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. It's smutty vampire erotica. I'm several chapters into the first book, and I like it well enough, but I'm not in love with it. It is a quick and easy read, though.

So, I have this issue with vampires. I love the idea of vampires. Really, I do. It's just that every single time I pick up a book with vampires in it, I end up attracted to the character who happens to not be a vampire more than any of the fellows with fangs. Anita Blake? I liked Edward. Twilight? I liked Jacob. Southern Vampire? I liked Sam. You get the idea. The outcome of the quiz I just took shouldn't have been a surprise to me.

There's some silly quiz on the internet that determines which Brotherhood member is for me. I thought it best I take it before I read more of the books just so I don't inadvertently skew the answer. (God, isn't it ridiculous how seriously I take this quiz business.) Anyway, I took the quiz, and what did I get? I got the one human that the quiz offers as an answer. And the funny thing? I actually like him better than the vampires in the novels, but I didn't know he was going to come up on the quiz. I like to think of him as a young Skinner, who just frickin' makes my motor run.

So, yeah... I don't know why I bother with the vampire books. I always like the humans better.

On a side note--if you're looking for a quick read with hip vampires that wear leather and are tortured and emo in some way or another, then I recommend The Black Dagger Brotherhood. It is erotica, but some fanfiction would make published erotica blush, so it isn't something you haven't seen before in the archives of any fanfic site.

Oh, and the two exceptions to my weirdness? Alucard in Hellsing and Louis in The Vampire Chronicles.


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