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( May. 12th, 2009 09:47 pm)
To the stupid little boys who live in the building next to me:
I gleefully watched you move your crap out of your apartment and into the back of your pickup truck this evening after work. So glad to see you moving. I'm the one responsible for kicking up the fuss that put the final nail in your coffin. Good luck finding another apartment because your rental history is currently worth shit.
No love, me.

I got a raise today. Yay for that. She's actually giving me $100 more a week, which amounts to about $2.00 more an hour, give or take. I'm on salary, so I think of it in weekly terms. Looking forward to the extra monies. I'm slightly disappointed there has not been some sort of major payroll crisis since I took over. Things are plodding along, and I'm not even all that busy. The new-to-me office can be seen in this picture and this picture, which also features my tea cart by the bookshelf. The drab carpet and terrible wallpaper are an annoyance, but I can live with them.
I'm on the bandwagon. My Dreamwidth account is anogete, like it is here. I've done fuck all with it because I just haven't had the time or energy. Plus, creature of habit here, always going back to the LJ. I haven't yet figured out how to friend or subscribe or whatever it is you have to do, so you'd be doing me a favor by friending me there since I don't yet know how to friend you. Is there just a little button by the person's name?

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I really dig J.R. Ward's writing style. She cracks me up with the badass banter between the Brothers in her books. ::huggles Rehv and keeps him away from the scorpions and spiders:: Also, holy shit, I love Xhex to death. She's must be one of my all-time favorite female characters ever in the entire world. I absolutely cannot wait for the next novel centered around her and John Matthew.
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( Apr. 23rd, 2009 06:28 pm)
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On a not-so-magnanimous note, I'm in a foul mood over going to Jason's mother's house again for another family function. They need to restrict these things to once a freakin' month or something because I can't hang.
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( Sep. 11th, 2008 01:24 pm)
I've talked for pages (almost?) about how I recently moved to a new apartment which happens to look out over a beautiful undeveloped basin. The place is teeming with wildlife, including rabbits, quail, squirrels, various birds, and a wealth of native bugs. Because we live on the first floor, I was passingly concerned about bugs squirming their way into the apartment though itsy bitsy cracks around the doors. In the two weeks since we've been living there, we haven't seen any bugs inside.


I'm traumatized. I went home for lunch to let Ferguson outside for his mid-day business. The entryway to the apartment is tiled - about three feet wide and five feet long. There was nothing in the floor when I got home. I took Ferguson out, and when we returned it was sitting in the middle of the tiled entryway.

What was it? A gigantor bug with the biggest eyeballs I've ever seen on an insect. I squealed, danced around a bit, then went to get a tissue to pick it up and throw it away because I thought it was dead. It was not dead and, when I tried to pick it up, proceeded to scramble away. Holy crap, it's alive. So, I told Ferguson to keep an eye on it (like a dog knows how to monitor a bug) while I went to get a container suitable for catch and release. I ended up trapping the monster in a bowl and taking it outside, many many yards away from my door. I released it into the grass beneath a shade tree, and it burrowed down into the ground.


Then I proceeded to call Jason and explain that I may or may not have found a queen ant in our apartment, and that I certainly hoped this wasn't an indication of other ants that might be traipsing into our place. He assured me that I'd lost my mind and that, from my description, I'd encountered a Child of the Earth.

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Glad I put that behind a cut, aren't you?

So, when I got back to work, I looked up Child of the Earth on the internet and discovered that they are actually called Jerusalem Crickets. They aren't dangerous, but can bite. They live underground and are not considered to be pests like ants or other colony insects. I still have no effin' idea how the damn thing got into the apartment. It was at least two inches long and half an inch tall. There is no way it could have squeezed through a crack. I can only guess it followed me in when I got home. Which freaks me out to no end. Uninvited visitors are following me in the door!

I am glad I did not kill it, though. Apparently, there is a scientist in California who has spent years studying these guys. He wants you to ship them to him if they show up around your house. I did not know this until after I released my little (big) friend. I asked Mr. Jerusalem Cricket not to return to my abode, and I haven't seen him since. Maybe he took my request to heart.
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( Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:29 pm)
I figured out what the sculpture I spoke about in this entry is. I should have read the plaque at the head of the trail yesterday because it tells you all about it. It's a 5,000 pound, 22-foot solid metal sculpture by Ali Baudoin called Shrine to the Bear. It's supposed to represent a blade of grass (pampas?) that is used often as a symbol of that community. Ali Baudoin was born in Minnesota and moved to Albuquerque early on in life. Apparently, he's quite well known for his huge metal sculptures. I really like one called Rainbow Walker, but I believe it is in Huntsville, Texas.

Ferguson and I are back in our walking groove, and it makes me feel much better. Actually, I was feeling so good, I jogged the last mile back to the apartment. When we slipped in the gate at the complex, I saw the neighborhood dogs congregated outside near my building. Well, not all of them, but some. Luella was out there with her Papillion; a woman a couple doors down from us had her Pomeranian; and a girl that lives around the way was walking her Beagle. Ferguson had already met them all separately. The new addition to the gang is the Labrador that just moved in today. We all let the dogs play on the lawn for a few minutes before returning to our apartments. The friendliness and good attitude around here is a refreshing change. I'm not one of those neighbors that wants to be best buddies with people who live around me, but I do like to be on friendly and casual terms with people. Very few people would even say hello to me or anyone else at the old apartment. And they never walked their dogs, preferring to let them out on the balcony to do their business on the cement. What kind of life is that for a dog?

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with my choice of this apartment complex. Jason seems to be happy as well, seeing as how he's delved back into the Lovecraft book he was reading a month ago before we became uncomfortable at the other place. Like me, he can't read when life is in turmoil. So, his renewed interest in reading speaks volumes for his comfort level here.
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( Aug. 31st, 2008 07:44 pm)
You can ignore my last exhausted voice post. I was half out of my mind because I had not eaten anything that day except for a small bowl of Raisin Bran that morning. No food, moving heavy pieces of furniture, and the looming pain of not having internet or phone service do not go well together.

Everything has been moved from the old apartment and put away in the new apartment. I felt like throwing myself in the floor and wriggling around in hysterics and tears several times during the process, but I'm feeling much better now. Now, for the pros and cons (with pictures when available!)...


* Waking up this morning and having a cup of pomegranate white tea >outside in the misty morning air while Ferguson explored the shrubbery along the building. And all without seeing a single soul and in my pajamas.

* Two bathrooms. I, of course, commandeered the larger one for myself. Both baths have Roman Tubs with tiled walls, which are heavenly next to the crappy ceramic (tiny) shower stalls in the last place.

* The oven, which has a timer, light, and so many other features, including a self-cleaner. Our last oven was a piece of crap next to this one.

* The extra capacity washer and dryer. Yay for not having to take my comforters to the laundry mat.

* Ferguson making friends with two neighborhood dogs.

* Luella, the super awesome older lady (70+ years old?) who lives a few apartments down. We became fast friends yesterday when I was about to lose my mind. She walked by, gave me a sympathetic look, and confirmed that moving really did suck. It was just what I needed to hear to make me laugh again.

* The crazy amount of channels that DirectTV offers. I've been watching '80s videos on VH1 Classics for the past two days.

*The ice maker in the freezer. Yay for ice!

* Plenty of room for the library! The fish and gerbils/hamsters are hanging out in the there with the books, but there is still room for two more bookshelves. All the books are stacked two deep and two high when possible.

* The pond, which is a short walk down the basin that is my backyard. Jason was amazed that he could hear frogs down there last night. City boy.

* All the fantastic amenities this place has, including: a pool, a tanning bed, a dry sauna, a fitness center, and a business center. Not to mention the gated access to the complex so not just anyone can cruise through the neighborhood.

*The park and jogging trail across the road. Ferguson and I will be making liberal use of them until the weather gets too chilly.

* Keva Juice, Starbucks, a grocery store, and Hollywood Video, all of which are just two blocks away on the main street.


* The debacle with the phone and high speed internet. I'm not even sure what was wrong, but it is fixed now, It took a great deal of assertiveness on my part to get two different technicians out here to fix the damn thing. Living without internet for nearly three days was so sad, you guys. I missed you.

* My complete 'effing up of the DirectTV box and the long hold time to get a technical support fellow on the phone.

* The outsourcing of technical support positions to India. I'm usually fairly good with accents, but I cannot understand a word they say when the connection is so weak I have to strain to hear.

* Jason throwing away a fantastic pair of wedge heels I loved. It was an accident, but those babies cost me fifty plus bucks. I miss them already.

* Jason (accidentally) throwing away the remote for the television and VCR. Now I have to order a replacement online.

* Renting a U-Haul that was too damn small for all our furniture. We had to make two trips with it, which was a pain in the ass. Oh, and the stupid woman who took forever to rent two freakin' hand trucks at the rental place. I wanted to throttle her by the time she had argued with the clerk for fifteen minutes.

* Jason's mother and her constant nagging. She means well, but OH MY GOD, I can't deal with her when in stressful situations.

*Jason's constant whining over the lack of internet, like his voiced displeasure could fix the stupid situation.

* My aching muscles. They are recovering today, but I still wince if I move the wrong way.

So, more pros than cons, I think. That's good. In hindsight, everything went pretty well. But, at approximately 3:00pm on Saturday, I was nearly in tears over nothing going right. What a chick I am, right? And I'm going to go ahead and say what everyone says after moving. I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN. That's untrue, but that's how I feel right now.
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( Aug. 28th, 2008 11:34 am)
We're going to sign the lease today! Eeee!!! I'm under the impression the assistant manager will be giving us the keys and our code to the entry gate during our appointment at 5:00 even though we technically don't have the apartment until tomorrow. I've already packed up nearly all of the kitchen stuff in my car, so we can drop it off after getting the key. I told Jason we can come back to the old apartment to eat dinner before we take one more load of stuff up there this evening. The rest of the boxes are going tomorrow, and the larger pieces of furniture will be taken up in the U-Haul on Saturday. I spent the morning packing up all the bits and pieces we couldn't pack last weekend.

I spoke to another neighbor this morning. He's also moving tomorrow. Actually there are four of us in the block I live in that are moving on Friday and Saturday. When I took Ferguson for a walk this morning, I noticed that two people a couple buildings over are moving as well. I would think the apartment management would get the drift that they may need to improve their performance to avoid such a mass exodus.
- Why do I love this Jesse McCartney song so much. It's been stuck in my head all day.

- My next knitting project has been lined up. I even went to the craft store on Sunday to pick up some suitable yarn. I'm going to make the belle epoque knitted shirt from Knitty. How gorgeous is that? I might even feel like I'm in a Jane Austen novel when I wear it.

- I made cupcakes for the accountant this evening. He's retiring, and his last day of work is Friday. I won't be at work Thursday or Friday (moving!), so I'm going to miss his retirement lunch. He's completely bummed because I've somehow become his favorite person in the world. I figured I should do something extra special for him since I'll be gone on his last day. I made a gazillion cupcakes for the office, and I took a few of them and wrapped them individually in a little gift bag. I also picked up some decorations for his office which I hope I'll have time to hang tomorrow morning before he gets into the office.

- I'm so glad I've only got a few more nights left in this place. The new fellow that moved in downstairs left his alarm clock radio outside on his fenced-in backyard last night. The alarm on the radio went off at midnight and continued sounding for an hour. It was loud. Jason had no idea what it was, and he called security to tell them that an alarm was sounding somewhere on the premises. Security were assholes and didn't even bother to come out, so he called the police. Someone else must have called the police earlier because in five minutes, they rolled up to the building. They investigated the ridiculously loud alarm and then beat on this fellow's door for a good ten minutes before he crawled out of bed to turn it off.

EDIT: I just had a revelation. I *love* the BeeGees' music, but only when sung by other singers. Example.
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( Aug. 25th, 2008 10:09 pm)
[ profile] mist72 has a DA store! I ordered a print of this piece, and it arrived in the mail today. I love it, and I've already framed it in preparation for its place on the walls of the new apartment.

I'm going to make myself sick over this moving thing. Anxiety is my weakness. I'm so susceptible to being taken over by it. I just sit here and worry about every little thing that could go wrong. I've even thought about the gated entrance and how they leave it partially open during office hours. What if I can't drive the big bad U-Haul through the small entrance. Will my code to work the gate open the gate the rest of the way? If not, what will I do? How will I get my furniture in? Why the fuck am I worrying about something stupid like that?

And why did Jason and I get into some huge argument over a fan last night? A little four-inch diameter fan. We're cool now, but I threatened to sleep on the sofa over a fan. And I'm not completely to blame for this. He's high-strung right now, too.

Oh, and I got a grand total of two hours of sleep last night. Can it just be Sunday already? I want to transport myself into a future in which all my shit is put away in the new place.

Work was especially rough today. My personal workload was rather hefty, and I had promised to take on payroll this week since Payroll Girl is having a family crisis. Between that and the anxiety and constant worrying, I'm beat.

I have a love/hate thing with Robin Thicke and his song "Lost Without You". Part of me adores the song and thinks it is super sexy. And then there is the part of me that says, "For real? Do you hear those ridiculous lyrics? You want to stay warm and get out of the cold with me? You want to make eyes and get Norwegian wood with me? Dude. Seriously?

And, for the record, whoever told Robin Thicke to cut his hair: THANK YOU. World of a difference.
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( Aug. 19th, 2008 04:16 pm)
Why is this day so loooooong? Why is this week so long? Progress has been made on the big move front. The electric and gas are scheduled to be switched over, and I just spoke with the Qwest representative today regarding our phone/internet/television. The apartment complex does not offer cable; they have a contract with DirectTV, which is offered through the phone company out here. There is a dish on each building, and the apartments are pre-wired for it. I've been pushing DirectTV for a year now, and I'm finally going to get it. Jason has no choice in the matter. Ha!

The new girl (boss's daughter) may have West Nile. Eek. She came in yesterday with a gazillion mosquito bites on her arms, hands, legs, and feet. Apparently, El Paso is infested with bugs. The bites looked really bad and very swollen. After running a fever for the entire day, she went to the doctor. He suspects the flu or West Nile, but is pretty sure it's West Nile. Gross-o.

I love this video, and I love this song even more. It brings up memories from years ago when I spent my days cruising around po-dunk West Virginia between classes. I particularly like the line, "The last time I saw you act like this we were kids," since it is used in a chastising sort of way.

Most of the time, I feel like people of my generation (and younger) don't know how, nor do the understand the concept, of being unobtrusive and respectful. It's like everyone is jumping up and down, waving their hands in the air, and screaming, 'Look at me! Look at me!' It's obnoxious and clashes severely with my low-key mentality.

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I'm so addicted to I got into it a few weeks ago. A few days ago, it was featured on Oprah, and now they are having a difficult time actually keeping loan requests up on the website for long. People donate so fast that my head spins. It's great.

Anyway, I just sent in another $25 to my second borrower. Her name is Sarah Nsangi, and she lives in Uganda. I contributed to her loan request because she plans on buying yarn to make sweaters with it. A fellow knitter (and cross stitcher) from Uganda! I hope she does well.

My first loan was to Mok Sokhoan in Cambodia. I got a notice this morning that she's received the loan she requested. I cannot wait for another update on how she and her husband are doing in a month or two.

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