I'm taking over payroll completely as of Monday next week. I've run payroll checks before, so that's not a big concern of mine. However, I'm terrified I will eff up the weekly tax deposit, 401(k) contributions, or other assorted accounting issues in the general ledger or job cost. I have a pile of notes and a series of check lists to follow when performing various tasks, but I'm familiar with a good deal of it already. It will all be okay. Positive thinking. Because of various issues, I have to move offices. I've wrangled two or three manly men from the field to come in tomorrow and move furniture for me so I can have a new (bigger!) desk and a large bookcase. In the meantime, I'm trying to teach the boss's daughter how to do my job. She's quick on the uptake, but she's nervous about doing the job herself. So, I imagine she's going to be leaning on me heavily for the next two or three weeks until she can get a couple check runs under her belt and falls into the routine of accounts payable.

And, now for something completely different. Andre 3000 will tell you about picking up women in Whole Foods, and then Lloyd will make you pass out about a minute in when he tells you, "Stop... Baby, bring that thing back."



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