I'm on the bandwagon. My Dreamwidth account is anogete, like it is here. I've done fuck all with it because I just haven't had the time or energy. Plus, creature of habit here, always going back to the LJ. I haven't yet figured out how to friend or subscribe or whatever it is you have to do, so you'd be doing me a favor by friending me there since I don't yet know how to friend you. Is there just a little button by the person's name?

Jason came *thisclose* to getting into a fist fight with another resident last night/early this morning. ::bangs head on desk:: There are two boys who live in the next building over on the second floor. They live far enough away from us that their party lifestyle had not annoyed me, though I know several other residents have complained and called the police. Around midnight, they and a gaggle of their friends were standing on the lawn in front of my sliding glass doors. I heard them talking (loudly) when I went to take Ferguson out. They have a large dog who they do not put a collar or leash on and who has jumped on Ferguson before. It isn't aggressive, just an overly playful puppy. But a ten pound chihuahua cannot be jumped on my a forty pound lab. Just can't happen. It's happened once before, and I accepted the boy's apology. Anyway, the dog is out there with them, so I take Ferguson out the other way where the dog will not see us. Jason is annoyed they are yapping away, drinking beer in the common area. I'm not a beer person. If you drink beer, drink it in your house. NOT in front of mine, you trashy beasts. So, Jason pops his head out, asks them to be quiet. They agree. Meanwhile, I'm on the other side of the building with Ferguson. Suddenly the screaming of a distressed small dog breaks through the night and my adrenaline level goes through the roof. Has their lab mix attacked a smaller dog because they can't control it. Before I have time to react, the lab races around the corner and jumps on Ferguson. Ferguson turns his head around and snaps at her. I jerk him back and his collar breaks, leaving me standing there with two dogs dancing around me. The stupid kid runs around the corner with, "I'm sorry," already on his lips. It's his favorite fucking phrase. I tell him to put a leash on his dog. He gives me a line of excuses that include: (1) I just got home from work; (2) I'm new in town; (3) I come from Oklahoma where the dogs run free; (4) She is too excitable for a leash. I lectured him about the leash law and the apartment rules. He continued to be "real sorry." Then he told me that he can't afford a new collar. By now, Jason has showed up (in his freaking underwear and socks, btw). Jason said, "Dude, a collar is two bucks." The kid gets upset that Jason's involved now and tells us that he can't even afford that and do we want to give him two bucks for the collar. As he was walking away from us with the dog in tow, Jason said, "Well you could afford that beer in your hand." So, the kid turns around and says, "Fuck you." Jason's temper went from five to ten in a millisecond. I stepped between him and the kid and told him to get back into the apartment. After a couple more verbal jabs between them, Jason finally went back inside. The kid assures me that he will be moving out at the end of the month, but I still called and made a formal complaint with the office. What-the-fuck-ever. I've been assured they will be out of here by the end of the month. Loser boys who get off work and have friends over to booze it up? Get out of my life. You're useless.

I really dig J.R. Ward's writing style. She cracks me up with the badass banter between the Brothers in her books. ::huggles Rehv and keeps him away from the scorpions and spiders:: Also, holy shit, I love Xhex to death. She's must be one of my all-time favorite female characters ever in the entire world. I absolutely cannot wait for the next novel centered around her and John Matthew.
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