Because I am the biggest hippie nerd ever, I have started buying my milk from Morning Fresh Dairy just a few hours north in Colorado. The local Whole Foods sells it. The Dairy grows their own food for the cows to ensure they are not given any hormones. They also bottle their milk in nifty glass bottles for freshness. The glass bottles can be returned to Whole Foods to get the deposit back and so they can be sanitized and reused. See my two bottles...

Is it pathetic that I'm so thrilled about milk in actual glass bottles?

I think I have identified almost all the birds hanging out at my feeder. My favorites are the Scaled Quail that enjoy eating the food that has dropped on the ground. They don't normally fly, but they do run away quite quickly if they see Ferguson come 'round the corner. The House Finches are the ones that monopolize the feeder most of the time. However, a Mourning Dove or two tries to squeeze in every now and then. Mostly, they just hang out on the ground with the Quail. The tiny Song Sparrows are another favorite of mine. They seem to enjoy rummaging through my bushes and finding all the dropped food. They'll also fight the House Finches for feeder space. There is one odd bird that I can't seem to identify yet. It's gray-ish in color with a bill length as long or longer than its head. It just looks so unusual to my untrained eye, though I'm sure it is somewhat common in these parts. I only see one of them, though. I get the feeling it is the same bird visiting my feeder, but I can't prove that. (Huge thank you to [ profile] shehops for mentioning the bird identification website I used.)

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The milk in glass bottles....just plain neat i think.

Oh oh oh...thank you for the link to the bird site...i can use that...i so love watching the birds that come our feeders when we have food to put in them. The prettiest i have seen here are the blue birds. Also, we keep at least one hummingbird feeder right in front of my kitchen window, so i can see them when i am washing dishes....which...happens a That is my favorite, seeing the little humming birds...they fight over the feeder A LOT though. Awesome site....glad you put links to it.

Enjoy your glass bottled milk and seeing even more birds at your bird feeders.


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I have a hummingbird feeder next to the regular feeder. I've only seen one little guy this year, but they should be coming more often beginning in May. They're very fun to watch.

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You should check your local Whole Foods (or other all natural foods store). They might have it or maybe milk from another dairy closer to you.

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I don't even drink milk anymore, but I remember the times when we got it straight from the farm when I was younger.
My best friend's mom (and her) moved to her Mom's new partners farm and we stayed there a lot when I was younger,
The next door neighbour had a lot of cows and we sometimes walked over with the old metal milk cans and got milk for the house - even I with my dislike for milk in general have to say it really truly is a lot better than usual store bought milk, and doing the milk run was so much fun when we were pretty small

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A grayish bird with a long bill could be a thrasher, or a mockingbird if it's also got white feathers.

thrasher (

Mockingbird (

I love hearing about the birds at your feeder!

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I think it may be a thrasher. I looked up a description of the size, and that seems to match well with how big it is. And the picture looks very much like the little guy visiting my feeder. I don't see him often, but he drops by every now and again. I've been filling the damn feeder up twice a day. They devour the food like they've been starved, which I know is not the truth. The lady down the way feeds them, too.

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Thrashers also eat from the ground and eat insects, so good birds to have around! My neighbors feed the birds and the squirrels, much to my dismay, but I enjoy the birds. I fed the goldfinches until I found that the thistle seed they eat was filling my yard and flowerbeds with thistles! I'm still trying to get rid of them. Also the birdseed attracts voles, which are so mouselike as to squick me out.


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