What the hell? I want to move to an island and start my own country of people who like to stay out of others people's business. Why are politicians so nosy? Why are they so stupid? Why are they so power-hungry? It's disgusting. I feel like our government is some big, bloated, hideous monster that lumbers around and steps on me (and everyone else). They almost haz our interwebs, doods. Information? You want accurate information? No, no, no. You can only have the information the government deems necessary for you, especially in a time of upheaval. Act like good little citizens and do what the government says.

Speaking of government hate, Jason has angst over his income taxes. I tried to help him with them, but they've got quite complicated since he sold some mutual funds last year and moved all his investments from one company to another. Basically, it's a clusterfuck. So, I talked him into going to the H&R Block office down the street from our apartment. They have all his info now, and he has an appointment with the woman today after work. I knew enough to know what was wrong and what I couldn't do, so I told her. And I was totally right. She suggested I take their tax professional course and go to work for H&R Block part-time. If you are one of the top students in your class, then you will receive a job offer from H&R Block and can set your own hours to some extent. The class isn't all that costly, but it is time-intensive. Nearly 70 hours. o_O It's a thought, but I don't know if I want to tackle that. Though, it would be interesting to have a more extensive knowledge of tax law, if only to help people retain more of their own money.

Work is holy-crap-boring. I have an extremely bad attitude about it right now. So bad that I've been trying to invent excuses to skip work or leave early. And now is not the time to do that since the boss is in a fragile state. She could snap and start firing people any minute. Yikes.

The last of the knitted hats by moi are going out in the mail today. I hope everyone likes their hats even if it is kind-of-sort-of Spring and getting too hot for them.

I am in such a bad mood today. I should probably just go home and go back to sleep. Oh yeah, I have to work. Sucks.
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( Apr. 14th, 2009 08:37 pm)
I really am considering the tax professional course from H&R Block. Jason and I went back today and met with the woman who was fixing his taxes. She congratulated me on correctly preparing everything (capital gains, foreign taxes, etc) but the bit that Jason decided to leave off. She went through the return with us and explained everything--all of which made complete sense to me. When we left, she told me that she expected to see me at a class because I had a knack for it. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but I asked her about the classes. They're actually extremely cheap--less than a hundred dollars. She said that if I contacted her at the beginning of the summer, she could get me a discount since she referred me. It's a monster of a course, though. Loads of work and eleven weeks long, meeting twice a week for three hours at a time. However, if you score well, then they offer you a part-time position during the peak season. From what I've seen, the pay isn't fantastic for a beginner. I make significantly more than a first year tax preparer, but once you prove yourself, your pay is greatly increased. And it can be done part-time after my regular job.

At any rate, I'm going to think about it over the next month. If I want to make the time commitment, then I'm going to contact her. The money isn't an issue, but putting in sixty-nine hours of class time and countless hours of 'homework' is a big decision.


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