I decided there must be something to sleeping in front of the patio door in the sun. Ferguson does it all the time, after all. So, after a shit day at work yesterday, I came home and curled up with a pillow and blanket in the floor where the sun shines in through the sliding glass door. I slept until 9:00pm. I'm sure Jason wondered what I was doing, but he was a dear and didn't wake me up to ask.

Thankfully, I'm off work today. Ferguson and I went for a walk after breakfast, and then I went out and got a pedicure. My feet and legs are happy-happy. I dropped by Whole Food Market on my way home and picked up the ingredients necessary to make Mascarpone Cupcakes. It has become tradition that I bring dessert to all holiday parties at Jason's mother's house. She insists that I'm much better at baking. And, not to toot my own horn, but this is true. However, I do not like to try a new recipe out when I'm expected to deliver delicious tasties. So, I cut the recipe in half and made a few today while I wasn't busy.

mascarpone cupcakes - recipe and pictures )

I totally ate one already, but I shouldn't have. Jason wants to go eat on the patio of our favorite Mexican restaurant after he gets off work. After fresh fruit from Whole Foods and a cupcake, I'm too full to really enjoy eating a huge burrito.


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