It's a damn good thing the office is closed on Friday because I'm close to losing my mind. I have such resentment toward my co-workers, and I have no idea where it came from. Weekends are not long enough.

I found my copy of Bat Out of Hell tonight. I remember when I was in elementary school, they were giving away a copy of Bat Out of Hell II at the school's carnival. The parents threw a tantrum because they believed it to be a horrible, devilish, explicit piece of trash. Being twelve, I believed them. Fifteen years later and Jim Steinman (the songwriter for those two albums) is one of my favorites. He can be heard performing the male half of the spoken word bit at the beginning of this song:

That intro always gets me. I love it far too much. Jim, why are you such a genius? And why did the English version of Tanz der Vampire get so effed up? You deserve better. And I deserve to see the damn musical without traveling to Germany or Japan.


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