Dwight Yoakam will be performing at a casino just outside of Albuquerque at the end of the month. Payroll Girl and I flipped our fangirl lids over this and resolved to get tickets and go oogle him. The Jasons (her husband is named Jason also) do not have Dwight love, and we thought it best not to invite them. Alas, when we went online to the casino's website, the tickets were already sold out. Poo poo on that. The sexy will be so close, yet so far away.

Want to hear something awesome? The bit at the end about Catwoman is the best. Have I posted this before? I guess you can never have too much of a good thing.

my name's batman, but you can call me bob. and when i see the boy wonder, i just say, 'yo rob.' i used to wear a big cape and do the leotard bit, but now I'm wearing all these fuck-all-you-motherfuckers hoodies 'cause i don't give a shit. )

We went to the annual Chihuahua Easter Parade yesterday. It's the yearly fundraiser for the Chihuahua rescue I adopted Ferguson from. No, I did not make my poor dog (who fancies himself a stud) wear a ridiculous Easter hat of any kind. He did have his blue sweater on, though. There were several vendors selling treats and/or passing out samples. There were dog trainers and scary pet cremation people there. And a fairly large silent auction of several fun things, including a very weird painting of Jesus with a pack of Chihuahuas* sitting around him. No, not kidding. Jason was so amused, he took a picture. Ferguson had great fun frolicking with the other Chihuahuas, but he looks so huge compared to the pure bred ones. They're all dainty and three pounds. Ferguson is a muscular eleven pounds. He was popular with the girls, though. Margaret (who fostered him for a year before I found him and adopted him) was there. She crawled around on the floor to say hello to Ferguson, but he ran away. It was just so odd because he loves women. I can only assume he remembers her and does not want to go back to the strict regime of her house where all the dogs sleep in crates at night and do not get chicken jerky or stinky bully sticks. Spoiled little brat.

Someone stop me from writing Watchmen fanfic. I really don't need to do this. Really. I'm just going to shoot myself in the foot.

*EDIT: [livejournal.com profile] holczar13 has informed me that the Chihuahua dude is Saint Francis of Assisi, not Jesus. Which made more sense once I Googled Saint Francis. Because we all know that I have shit knowledge of religion. Harry Potter spells? Know too many of them. Denizens of the Underdark? I could name a few. Lars von Trier movies in the order in which he filmed them? So easy. The difference between Jesus and Saint Francis? Clueless. Actually, I didn't know there was a Saint Francis. I just thought they named hospitals that. You church-goers are cringing right now. Sorry.
Title: Turn My Wooden Heart (Chapter 1/13)
Author: Anogete
Characters/Pairings: Nine/Rose
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance
Rating: Adult, NC-17
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] tardismate and [livejournal.com profile] amberfocus
Summary: The Doctor and Rose find themselves wrapped up in a war between two tribes of people. As they sort out the conspiracy surrounding this war, they begin to question their feelings for one another.
Disclaimer: I certainly don't own anyone or anything associated with Doctor Who, but I do enjoy playing with Nine and Rose. ::pets them::
A/N: This fic is thirteen chapters with a short epilogue, and it is nearly complete. I'm going to try to post at least two chapters a week. Also, big thank yous to Tardismate and Amberfocus. You gals have been so much help, and I appreciate all you do.

chapter 1 )


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