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Maybe my fangirly lurv of Rorschach has infected me with absolutist tendencies and a need to viciously defend my own personal morality. This would include throwing people down elevator shafts, which I might do if there were any in this building. Look...

Gah. He's ripping a piece of cloth. Oh, Walter. Why so hot? Why so hot even with a nasty bruise covering your cheek?

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I normally don't post political such-and-such on this blog, though I follow politics more closely than most and have stronger opinions on it than most. However, I think this petition is very important and it crosses party lines.

Petition to Audit the Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve controls our money supply by printing money, creating credit, and offering taxpayer-backed loans to whomever they feel would be helped by it. They are not accountable to anyone, and I think that's rather scary, especially in these current times. Actually, I don't think we should even have a Federal Reserve, but that's another matter. Right now, I'm definitely supporting an audit of the Fed so Congress and we as citizens have a clear picture of what is going on behind the curtain over there.

So, if you are so inclined, go sign the petition. It may, of course, get you on the (now defunct?) MIAC list of potential militia members since the petition originated with Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty. Woo, fight the power!


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