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( Apr. 1st, 2009 11:45 am)
I haven't talked about this much on here, but I love Rorschach from Watchmen. I've loved him since I read the comic, and I love the movie!Rorschach just as much because Jackie Earl Haley is the shit.


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You know you want to.

During the fledging portion of my relationship with Jason--the part where we weren't really sure if we were 'dating' or 'friends'--we tried to connect with music, something we both love. The problem was that our musical tastes were so different. One day, Jason sent me a song and told me it reminded him of me. I immediately took to it because it's gorgeous and ethereal without being flighty. I found the album it was on last night and remembered how much I love that song and how important it was for me back then because it was a tangible link between us, something we both found solace in. Here was this guy that listened to death metal/black metal/grindcore/hardcore, and he was giving me this beautiful little song that summed up the turmoil inside me.

meet me there, in the blue / where words are not and feeling remains / sincerity / trust me to throw myself into your door / i go in circles / running down / i dream to heal your wounds / but i bleed myself


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