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( Mar. 30th, 2009 10:45 pm)
I met Farmer Monte! I played it cool, but I was totally jazzed because he's like a celebrity to me.

Farmer Monte is the fellow who runs Los Poblanos Organics. He's an organic gardening guru. I get my weekly CSA produce boxes from Los Poblanos, and they are the best thing ever. Anyway, I switched the pick up location this week, and Farmer Monte was there. He bestowed me with a box of fresh fruits and veggies. Only I could get excited over meeting the guy who grows my veggies. Really. This week's box had asparagus in it, and I roasted the bunch this evening for dinner. A bit of olive oil, some sea salt, a dash of pepper, and some minced garlic make asparagus very happy. I could live off it.

recipe for delicious ragout )

Spring, please come to me. I hate this cold weather. Living in the foothills of the city has its perks (yay for hiking on the trails across the street), but one of them is not the high winds and chilly temperatures compared to where I work down by the river.

I'm making progress on my Doctor Who fic! It's written with the exception of the epilogue and a few bits and pieces I need to insert into the last few chapters. I hope to have the first chapter or two posted next week.


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