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( Mar. 12th, 2009 09:42 am)
I'm a huge fan of Greek yogurt. It's thicker and creamier than the yogurt we're accustomed to eating. I discovered it about a year ago, and I can no longer eat the little cups of Dannon or Yoplait. They taste like flavored water in comparison. The trick with Greek yogurt is to put a tablespoon of honey or agave nectar in each cup of yogurt and sprinkle a few pieces of raw walnuts in, as well. If eaten plain, the yogurt has a very bitter flavor. I've not had experience with other brands, but I have been assured that Fage (pronounced fa-yeh), a Greek company, is the absolute best producer of this yogurt. I buy their non-fat sort, and I've never been disappointed. Trader Joes sells the 17 oz container for about five dollars a pop, but I've not been to find Fage, or any brand of Greek yogurt for that matter, in the typical grocery stores. However, much to my joy, Costco is currently selling the large 35 oz container for seven dollars. Yay! If you're interested in eating healthy, but have never tried Greek yogurt, then I highly recommend it. I have it almost every day with a sandwich for lunch. It's extremely filling and tastes delicious.

In other happy, healthy food news, Los Poblanos has posted the contents of next week's organic produce box. I am getting: apples, kiwis, romaine, Italian parsley, carrots, navel oranges, russet potatoes, yellow onions, broccoli, celery, and strawberries. I'm disgustingly excited about the strawberries because they are the first of the season. I bought a salad spinner earlier this week because washing and drying massive quantities of spring greens for a side salad each evening was becoming tedious. Regardless of the annoyance, I've been in heaven with all the fresh produce this past week. I may have to plan on setting aside $100 a month to continue the boxes each week after this month ends.

I'm so sick of work. The weather is nice, and I have so many things I'd rather be doing than sitting in this drab office and listening to everyone complain about how slow the day is going.
I know most of you on my flist don't give two figs about Doctor Who fic, especially Nine/Rose, but I'm posting it here anyway. It's my LJ; I'll do what I want. ::sticks out tongue:: ;-)

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