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( Mar. 11th, 2009 02:18 pm)
I'm in a slightly better mood this afternoon. I have crappity-crap work sitting on my desk, but I'm avoiding it by having some lemonade and browsing I signed up for two additional swaps which are so totally up my alley it is unbelievable. The first is for 'implicit lyrics'. I am to make a mix CD of songs that use metaphors, euphemisms, or turns of phrases to talk about sex instead of being explicit. Yay! I love those sorts of songs. The other swap is a mix CD of hip-hop/R&B/rap music. I've not run across too many people in fandom who listen to as much of that style of music as I do. I'm excited to see what my two partners send me. Actually, I don't even know anyone in real life who listens to hip-hop/R&B. To meet people that enjoy that sort of music, I think you have to hang out in clubs and bars. I don't, so there goes my social networking skillz.

"Does He Love You" always reminds me of spring. It just sounds so very pretty and light and sunny. The ironic thing is, the subject matter of the song is not that at all. It's about infidelity, growing up, freedom, commitment, societal norms, and love. Jenny Lewis assumes the role of a woman singing to a female friend of hers about how their lives differ and then converge. It's all very confessional and story-like, and it speaks frankly about some topics that I've always struggled with (i.e. the storybook life with safety and the excitement/freedom of a more adventurous way of living).



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