First, I'm totally write fic again. Totally. It's Nine/Rose. It's a bit rough going, but I'm getting there and even enjoying it. Now I just need to find a beta, which is rather daunting since I don't know anyone in the Nine/Rose sector of the Doctor Who fandom.

Los Poblanos Organics that I mentioned in this entry? Totally joined it. Yay! It's a farm that participates in community supported agriculture. This just means that you pay a weekly fee for a box of whatever organic fruits and veggies they have available. You don't get to choose what you receive each week, but they promise enough fruits and veggies to feed a family of four. They post the contents of the upcoming week's box on their website so people can plan meals several days in advance. The boxes are delivered to your home or specific drop-off locations in the city on Monday morning. I had mine delivered to a bookstore a couple miles from my apartment. I dropped by after work today and picked it up.

yay for yummy organic foods )


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