This is a terribly dorky thing to blog about on a Friday night, but I must say that I want to cry. :-( Don't think this is going to be a serious post about my life. I'm just going to cry because of Doctor Who. Jason and I started watching the first season of the recent incarnation of the show last week on Netflix. I've put off watching it because David Tennant does absolutely nothing for me. I've seen a couple episodes with him in it here and there, but I've never been sucked in much. Jason wanted to watch it, though, so we're watching it. And, I love Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. I don't want him to go away after the first season. I don't want David Tennant. ::cries::

I'm sure I'll get over this eventually. I'm sure David does a wonderful job or everyone else wouldn't worship him. But, Nine, I'll miss you. ::cries more::

The graduation ceremony was dull. We were half an hour late, which worked to my benefit, as the speakers were wrapping it up when we arrived. There was great amounts of yelling and screaming and clapping. There was even a group of women behind me who screamed, "sexy" both times their friend walked across the stage. I suppose there's just no accounting for taste.

::runs off to read Nine/Rose fanfic::

Don't judge me! I haven't met Jack yet. That's the next episode.


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