I've been in such a terrible funk all week. I haven't worked out for days, nor have I read anything beyond news articles foretelling of doom and gloom since Sunday. I need to get back into the swing of things, but Jason's sister's damn graduation is tomorrow. I want to cry out, "It's P.I.M.A. for crap's sake! Who makes a big deal out of their P.I.M.A. graduation?" Plus, unlike the rest of the world, I work until five o'clock. Her graduation is downtown at six o'clock. I get terribly bitchy when I haven't eaten dinner before six o'clock. This means we're going to be late. Jason and I have already had the first of many arguments about this. He leaves work early on Fridays, so the time crunch isn't an issue for him. If I had had more notice about this stupid ceremony, then I might have been able to leave work early as well. As it is at the moment, we're in the middle of an audit. I can't just up and leave whenever I feel like it. And the kicker is, he doesn't even want to go. We both think this is bullshit, but we still have to bitch about it to each other. I'm not even going to think about the party on Saturday evening. Ugg. Part of me wants to orchestrate events so we are so late for the graduation that we miss the entire thing. That is the petty, manipulative part of me. I shouldn't let it win.

A local radio station and their morning show crew are broadcasting from the Children's Hospital here in the city. It's the premiere place to take kids for serious injuries and illnesses, and it is publicly funded. They are in the midst of their annual fundraiser, and they're allowing the kids being treated there to be interviewed on the air with their parents. Last year, there was a little boy named Luis who was very ill with leukemia. His health has improved, but he is still at the hospital for treatments quite often. The DJs were joking with him about how they aren't allowed in the play room because they are adults, and that maybe they would be allowed in if he were with them. The poor kid is sick and wearing a surgical mask, and he tells them to let him know when they want to go play, and he'll help them get into the play room. So, of course, I pulled my car over, got out my cell phone,and called to give them my card number for a donation. A few hours later, Luis and two of his friends in the hospital made a sign the radio station posted on their website. You can see the three of them in their little masks right here. Luis is in the middle. So, that made my day a bit better. :-)

I desperately want to go on a walk outside after work, but by the time I'm home and fed, it's too dark. The weather here is gorgeous--mid 70's with a bit of a breeze and sunny skies.

Oh, and Richard Armitage is unbelievably attractive. So attractive that it is bordering on disgusting. I might faint if I ever met him.
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( Feb. 26th, 2009 03:35 pm)

So, I've been dealing with these movie studio people who are filming in Albuquerque. We're doing some work for them on a movie that is currently in the works--just miscellaneous stuff that involves demolition and keeping the road wet so the dust doesn't blow during filming. Anyway, I'm dealing with their AP people so we can get paid. The movie has been referenced on all the e-mails I've exchanged with their people, but it wasn't familiar, and I didn't bother looking it up. UNTIL NOW.

The movie is called The Book of Eli. Gary Oldman is in it. OMFG. I had no idea we were working on a movie that Gary Oldman is staring in. I had no idea Gary Oldman is a few minutes away from me. And Denzel Washington. Denzel, I love you. I helped make the roads less dusty as you traverse them in this most awesome of post-apocalyptic westerns. Yes. You heard me. It's a post-apocalyptic western with Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman.

EDIT: Oh, holy crap. Ray Stevenson is in it, too. He was Pullo, the best thing about the monstrosity that was Rome. And terribly freakin' attractive, at that.

I probably need to go down to the job site and monitor things, make sure our guys are running things smoothly and filling out all paperwork appropriately.
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( Feb. 26th, 2009 07:27 pm)
I'm in a better mood now. Gary Oldman and Ray Stevenson are in town, and I just got a pedicure. It's been so long since I had a pedicure that I forgot how wonderful it is. My toes are provocatively red and frighteningly uniform and cute. Jason's giddy at the thought, but I dare not tell him the person who gave me this pedicure was a man. A co-worker suggested one of two stores owned by a lady she goes to all the time. I went to the one on my side of town, and there were three twenty-something fellows in there dishing out manicures and pedicures. Jason has a serious foot fetish, so much so that he likens a woman's feet to her naughty bits. I suspect it would weird him out that I let another man touch my feet. I don't think he would be jealous, just uncomfortable with it. I won't lie to him about it, but I did omit the gender of the person who painted my toesies.


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