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( Feb. 12th, 2009 03:13 pm)
I dug a few CDs out of my library that I haven't listened to in quite some time. One of them was Original Sin by Pandora's Box. It's a bit obscure--a Jim Steinman project after he split from Meat Loaf. The 'band'--Pandora's Box--was actually a group of four women that Jim Steinman handpicked to present the songs in this particular concept album. A different woman took the lead for each song.

At any rate, it's one of my favorite albums, especially since it is terribly melodrama with a bombastic sound. Plus, it has one of the best album covers ever.

Want to hear a song? It's called "Safe Sex", and it's probably my favorite of them all.

The best-known song on the album will likely be "It's All Coming Back to Me Now, simply because Celine Dion covered it several years ago with Jim Steinman's approval. I'm not a Celine fan, but I don't think the power of that song can be diminished by anyone with a decent voice. I do, however, prefer the Pandora's Box version.

Also, there are several spoken word bits on the album. One of which is called "The Want Ad". I've always been fascinated by it, so much to the point that I've memorized the words and intonation of her voice and can recite it at will.

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