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( Feb. 3rd, 2009 07:16 pm)
I am fairly sure my current mood was derived from multiple sources, the foremost being my three-hour romp at the Motor Vehicle Department during two different instances today. However, the role of severe PMS cannot be discounted as another major contributing factor.

oh god, the bitching )

I'm an idiot. And I hate PMS. I also hate: the MVD, everyone who left me a voice mail message at work, half of my co-workers, the fact that I didn't work out today, my vagina, razor burn, leg hair, work in general, mildew in the shower, the world.

EDIT: And to top all this off... I sent my mother some of the pictures I had taken at the park--the ones I posted here last week. I linked each picture in my Photobucket separately instead of giving her the address of my Photobucket account. My mother was whining to my brother about having to click on each picture separately, and my effin' brother showed her how to modify the URL to access my Photobucket. Dammit! Traitor! Now my mother has access to all my weirdness, which includes all the pictures of fictional characters I go goo-goo over and possibly other embarrassing pictures I wouldn't necessarily want her to see because they may or may not be offensive. In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal. I'm not going to die of embarrassment anytime soon. But is nothing sacred, little brother? Can't your big sis have her fandom fun without you showing mom all her dirty little online sekrets? I didn't tell her about the anime porn you downloaded years ago. Not even the tentacle porn you had on the family computer.
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( Feb. 3rd, 2009 08:34 pm)
After watching this clip from Shepard Smith's show on Fox News, I'm feeling much better. I love Shepard Smith, and I probably have the biggest crush on him ever.

The video is only a partial clip a few seconds into the segment in which he talks about the story. The audio and video don't quite sync up in the second half of the clip, but I posted it anyway. His inflection is what kills me. 'Look,' they tell police, 'it's tiny now.'



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