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( Jan. 24th, 2009 02:11 pm)
Jason now has anti-anxiety medication and a referral for a psychotherapy place. He's still unable to sleep and nervous, but he appears to be dealing with it a bit better. The doctor was quite pleased that he had decided to come in and get help. I only know this because Jason made me go back to the exam room with him for moral support.

In an effort to get his mind off things, he went to see Gran Turino with his dad this morning. I opted out and took Ferguson on a long walk instead. The weather was perfect--about fifty degrees with a slight breeze and overcast skies. It felt like autumn instead of winter, and the fresh air did me quite a bit of good since I've not slept well the past three nights either. Ferguson, of course, enjoyed himself immensely. He's a dog; anything outside would make him happy.

i took pictures of the prettiness )

Now that Jason has arrived home, I've swindled him into buying me ice cream. There will be extensive reading coming up this evening, which will make this a most perfect day.


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