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( Jan. 16th, 2009 08:18 pm)
Breaking the Waves is one of my favorite films. It was directed (and I believe also written) by Lars von Trier, and it follows his Dogma 98 principles. Basically, this means that all scenes were filmed on location and no set was built for any scenes. There is also no artificial lighting, soundtrack, or sound effects other than what is picked up by the sound equipment while filming. Because of these stringent rules, the bumpers for each "chapter" have even more impact. They are all a single shot of a beautiful landscape with several seconds of a popular 1970's rock song playing. I'm not doing it any justice with this explanation, but some kind soul actually cut and pasted all of these chapter bumpers together for upload onto YouTube. I find each bumper incredibly fascinating for some reason, and I watch this video of them at least once a week. Obviously, I'm weird, but I don't think anyone could deny the beauty of them.



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