One of our little Chinese hamsters died on Saturday morning. I'm not sure of the exact time; I saw her when I went to bed on Friday night, but she was gone when I got up on Saturday morning. She was the sweet one, too. I buried her in the basin behind my apartment. Ferguson attended the funeral service, though he had to be confined to a leash since dogs love digging up anything you bury. The hamster's sister is still alive and well, though I suspect her days are numbered. Dwarf hamsters do not live terribly long--two to three years. The little one's aquarium habitat was commandeered for Molly, our Syrian hamster. I rescued her from a college student who bought her on a whim, but had no place to keep her after the semester ended. The cage in which she arrived was damaged, though not enough to merit me dropping a load of cash on a new cage. So, I transferred her belongings into the little one's cleaned cage. Molly seems to be quite happy with the new digs. The gerbils are still as nutty as ever and a constant source of amusement for Jason and I. Ferguson still wants to eat them, of course.

I will not acquire any more rodents. I will not acquire any more rodents. I will not acquire any more rodents. Sadly, I can't seem to help myself when I see the ads on Craigslist from evil people who want to give away their cute hamsters and gerbils. I'm weak.

[ profile] fishchick rec-ed a series of historical romance novels by Eloisa James to me not long ago. Fortunately, I found three of the four in a used bookstore over the weekend. I devoured one of the novels (Duchess by Night) on Sunday and polished it off yesterday after work. It was lovely, and I very much enjoyed myself. I fear I've read it out-of-order, but I don't think it matters all that much. And, [ profile] fishchick, I love Villiers! I thought I was the only one, so I made my way over to Eloisa's website and saw several like-minds in the forum. Then I saw that the sixth novel was going to be his novel! Yay! ::fangirl flailing::


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